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~~Title: Documentation~~


==== Enlightenment and EFL Developer Documentation ====

Enlightenment has developed from a window manager into a set of libraries
that support a large number of exciting applications.
Aimed primarily at slick graphical presentation and optimal runtime we
created the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries and have created the following
documentation to help everyone get involved - thanks for stopping by.

====Getting Started====

If you are going to use EFL, we encourage you to actually work with
EFL from [[|git]] mostly because it allows
you to either track stable branches to get latest fixes long before a
release is out, or to track latest features and development
continually. This is also the case if you want to contribute. Of
course you can use stable packages for your distribution as well.

=== Getting EFL ===

Many operating systems have packages of EFL, Enlightenment and many of our apps.
The specific information for each platform is available from [[/docs/distros/]]
and sub-pages.

We also track the current available version of EFL and our apps on each
distro/platform, you can see the latest information at
[[|Table of current version of EFL]]


====EFL Documentation====

The EFL is currently undergoing a significant redesign to give a better
developer experience when building apps using our platform. We will be
announcing the new API shortly to get early feedback from developers but
for now we recommend using the stable API and it's Bindings.

You can find all the documentation for our [[/develop/legacy/api/c/|stable C API]],
and bindings to [[|C++]] and 
We also have a preview available for our [[develop/api/|Beta API documentation]].

==== Themes / Edje / EDC ====

A core part of Enlightenment and EFL is the design/theme abstraction layer. This is handled by the Edje library and a series of tools that can compile/package up theme files and compress them, decompile them, and even provide some GUI editors too.

  * [[/about-eflete|Eflete]] - GUI Theme design tool
  * [[/about-enventor|Enventor]] GUI Edje file design tool
  * [[themes/start|Getting started]] with Edje and themes at the EDC file level
  * [[themes/knob_example|Edje theme example]] A knob theme for the Elementary slider widget


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==== Developers ====

That's it for the basics - hopefully you are now up and running with
the EFL (and perhaps Enlightenment too!) and looking to learn more.
If you want to find out more or get a guide to some of our detailed topics you can check out the [[/develop/legacy/program_guide/]] or work through the stable API [[/develop/legacy/tutorial/ | Tutorials]] Here is a collection of guides and tutorials to help you get deeper into
working with our libraries and building great apps.

Be sure to [[/contact]] to show what you've built!



We are really excited that you would like to get involved in EFL and
Enlightenment development! If you followed the instructions in
"Getting Started" then you are most of the way to being part of the team.
To start with it's easiest to see which area you would like to work on and
get involved in bug reporting, fixing or other types of [[/contrib/|contributing]]. 
From there you can get to know the team, how we work, and earn a place on the team as a core developer :)