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~~Title: Download~~


==== Download ====

We place all of our releases here:

  * [[|]]

==== Releases ====

Our latest source code releases are (Elementary, Evas Generic Loaders and Emotion Generic Players have been merged into the EFL since version 1.18):


We provide original source code "tarballs" as the canonical release of what we make. It is left up to distributions and individuals to make specific packages to their operating system. See your distribution packages for details.

When compiling from source, build in this order:


==== Dependencies ====


==== Build Environment ====


==== Compilation ====

For every tarball you download untar it with ''tar zxf file.tar.gz'' and then go into the directory created. Please see the README file in this directory for each project for information on dependencies, configuration etc. Just remember that all our release tarballs come with configure set up so to compile you just need to do this in the source directory:

<code bash>
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig # needed on Linux to update linker library database

If ''configure'' fails, you are likely missing a dependency - provide it. It should tell you what that dependency is. **NOTE** that you can provide arguments to ''configure'' such as ''--prefix=/opt/e'' or similar. 


==== Master source repositories ====

Our source code is developed collaboratively in a pretty typical open source manner. Our master branches in git are where all new development goes into as it happens, thus they are technically "unstable". We try and keep master working and usable daily, as developers generally are living off master themselves, so bugs affect developers directly and immediately. Sometimes issues happen, but they tend to get fixed rapidly.

If you want to track the latest and greatest, please see our git repositories below and follow the [[/docs/distros/]] guide on compiling from upstream source. If you have issues please refer to our [[contact]] page to get in touch with us.

All our git repositories are listed on:

  * [[|]]