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~~Title: Enlightenment E16~~


==== About E16====
E16 is predecessor of the current E22 Enlightenment Window Manager, which is rather complete rewrite than incremental update of E16. Although most of the current development focus goes to E22, E16 is still under independent active development and some users prefer it to E22. In this sense E16 will keep its name while incrementing the versions from 1.0.0 unlike the mainstream Enlightenment manager, which is likely going to increment its E-suffix number. This page should summarize the links related to E16.

==== Download ====

We place all of our releases here:

  * [[|]]

==== Releases ====


We provide original source code "tarballs" as the canonical release of what we make. It is left up to distributions and individuals to make specific packages to their operating system. See your distribution packages for details.

==== Library of Themes ===
There is a large [[|collection of themes]] (see [[|gallery]]), which can be used together with E16. You can find there also [[|themes]] for oldschool Eterm.

The documentation project for theme creation - [[|Etherdox]].

==== Compilation ====

Before compilation you need to have proper dependencies installed, mainly the imlib2 library. 
For example on Debian (stretch) the following deps will be helpful before the compilation:

Untar downloaded e16 tarballs (mainly you want e16 and themes) by ''tar zxf downloaded.file.tar.gz'' and then go into the directories created. Please see the README file in this directory for each project for additional information on dependencies, configuration etc. Just remember that all our release tarballs come with configure set up so to compile you just need to do this in the source directory:

<code bash>
sudo make install

If ''configure'' fails, you are likely missing a dependency - provide it. It should tell you what that dependency is. 

=== Running e16 locally ===
Note that you can build and run E16 only with local user privileges -- just provide arguments to ''configure'' such as ''--prefix=/home/user/e'' or similar and run E16 from there. How to run it varies across different systems but often putting the path to binary into ~/.xinitrc will just work.


==== Master source repositories ====

Our source code is developed collaboratively in a pretty typical open source manner. Our master branches in git are where all new development goes into as it happens, but the main [[|E16 branch]] is generally pretty stable.

All our git repositories are in section E16 listed on:

  * [[|]]

If you have issues please refer to our [[contact]] page to get in touch with us.