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+=== EFL 1.21.0 beta 2 ===
+ * //2018-08-09 - by Stefan Schmidt//
+This second, and hopefully last, beta release for 1.21 brings a number of fixes over the first beta release.
+The number of known issues shrunk to just a few left overs we are working on right now. We appreciate any tester of this to let us know about problems. This goes for packaging, testing with efl based applications, integration into your systems, etc.
+|LINK| SHA256|
+| http://download.enlightenment.org/rel/libs/efl/efl-1.21.0-beta2.tar.xz | c287808d6b89d1a6f0b157616e859167309357fed3f6e2dea69b744dcbe680bd |
+ * build: fix rpath for binaries which use ecore-x dependencies
+ * elm/genlist: remove conditional in _calc_job for verifying show_item code (T6368)
+ * elementary image: don't calc size using empty ones.
+ * evas image: fix screen flickering issue at partial + image preloading
+ * edje_cc: change .mo file write location to be relative to the .edj file
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