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5# Setting Up a C Development Environment # 5# Setting Up a C Development Environment #
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7Installing the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries for C development is a simple task on common platforms. The following documentation walks you through the process step-by-step, beginning with selecting your development platform's operating system. 7[Installing the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries]( for C development is a simple task on common platforms.
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9## Operating Systems ## 9The following documentation adds to that by describing how to install and run the right tools and prepare for building apps using EFL.
10## Compiling EFL Applications ###
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11* [Ubuntu]( 12With EFL installed, you can start compiling the applications you write using Enlightenment technologies:
12* [Arch Linux]( 13
13* [Debian]( 14```bash
14* [Fedora]( 15gcc -o your_app your_app.c `pkg-config --cflags --libs eina efl elementary`
15* [FreeBSD]( 16```
16* [openSUSE]( 17
17* [macOS]( \ No newline at end of file 18Where ``your_app`` is the name of the app you want to build and ``your_app.c`` contains the source code of your application.
20If the compilation is successful, this will create an executable application called *your_app* in the directory. You can run this app like any other program.
22## Troubleshooting ##
24If you get errors when you compile the examples in this guide, you may be using an out of date version of EFL. Update your libraries installing from [EFL's git repository](#Installing_from_Git).
26If you are having problems compiling and installing EFL, you can come and seek advice on the [any of our IRC channels]( or [post a ticket to our Phabricator]( \ No newline at end of file