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1~~Title: About Rage~~
2==== Rage ====
4[[download|Download Rage Here]]
6Code quality - [[|Coverity scan status]]
8{{:icon-rage.png?nolink |}}
10Rage is a video and audio player written with Enlightenment Foundation
11Libraries with some extra bells and whistles.
13{{ :rage-browse.png?&400|}}
15It is a simple video and audio player intended to be slick yet
16simplistic, much like Mplayer. You can provide 1 or more files to play
17on the command-line or just DND files onto the rage window to insert
18them into the playlist. Or just run it with no arguments to get a video
19browser mode like a media center. You can get a visual representation of
20everything on the playlist by hitting the / key, or just hovering your
21mouse over the right side of the window. Mouse back over the left side
22of the window to dismiss it or press the key again. It has a full
23complement of key controls if you see the README for the full list. It
24will automatically search for album art for music files, if not
25already cached, and display that. It even generates thumbnails for the
26timeline of a video and allows you to preview the position on
27mouseover of the position bar at the bottom of the window.
29{{:rage-music.png?nolink |}}
31It has a special music mode where it will try and fetch album covers
32by searching for them if missing (and caching them locally for future
33use). Make it easier to see what music is coming up next just by
34recognizing the album cover or image in the playlist.
36{{ :rage-play.png?&400|}}
38Your playlist isn't just still thumbnails, but a full live playback of
39the video in-place. No need to decipher what the media is from a
40single badly chosen thumbnail, but actually watch whole sequences to
41know what is there. Scroll through massive lists all you like.
43If you want to seek to a specific part of the video you know well,
44just hover the mouse over the seek bar and get thumbnails of that part
45of the timeline. **WARNING!** Spoiler alert!
47If you want a simple video player like MPlayer, but with a few more
48visual niceties, then Rage may be for you. Almost all of the nuts and
49bolts it relies on for video playback and UI are provided by EFL
50itself or by something EFL wraps, like GStreamer, Xine, VLC etc. Since
51it uses EFL, Rage will work in X11, Wayland, even the raw framebuffer with fbcon or drm/kms.
53{{:rage-list.png?&400 |}}
54{{ :rage-thumb.png?&400|}}