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2016-01-26Add floating point precision to shaders for gl_2d.cJean-Philippe Andre
2015-08-20Wiki pages multimedia_tutorial created: tuto + 2 images + code cClément Bénier
2015-08-18Wiki pages effects_tutorial created with 3 different tutos: ecore_animator, e...Clément Bénier
2015-08-04Wiki pages preference_tutorial created: 3 tuto pages + 12 images + code c, epcClément Bénier
2015-08-04Wiki pages gl_2d_tutorial created: 8 tuto pages + 4 images + code cClément Bénier
2015-08-04Wiki pages menu_tutorial created: tuto + images + code c,h,edcClément Bénier
2015-07-18popup tutorial: added sample code.Amitesh Singh
2015-06-30Wiki pages naviframe_tutorial created: tuto + image + code cClément Bénier
2015-06-30Wiki pages form_tutorial created: tuto + images + code cClément Bénier
2015-06-30Wiki pages panes_tutorial created: Initializing, Creating, Configure, handlin...Clément Bénier
2015-06-25Wiki pages genlist_tutorial created: set-up, modifications + image + code cClément Bénier
2015-06-22Wiki pages basic_tutorial created : button, label, list + images + code cClément Bénier