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Clouseau is a UI inspection tool aimed to debug EFL applications.
efl (1.20 +)
1. mkdir build
2. cd build
3. cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/your_install_path ..
4. make
5. (sudo) make install
How to use it?
1. Run efl_debugd on the machine where the program to debug has to run
2. Run your program
3. Run clouseau_client -l / -r [port]
4. Choose the extension you want to use
5. Choose your application
clouseau_client can run in three modes:
- locally: it connects to the local daemon (efl_debugd)
- remotely: you have to establish a connection (SSH...) and to supply the port to use to Clouseau
- offline: this is for the case you want to visualize a snapshot saved earlier