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Bruno Dilly dfd91827ee EPhysics: implement body velocity get
Implementation of functions for retrieving both the linear and angular
velocity on x, y and z axis.

Patch by Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 73182
2012-07-03 02:15:28 +00:00
Cedric BAIL ef1660849b emotion: fix wrong month.
SVN revision: 73181
2012-07-03 02:14:24 +00:00
Bruno Dilly eb857cbfe1 EPhysics: split the callback enum for body and world
Should avoid a mess in the future.

SVN revision: 73179
2012-07-03 02:09:34 +00:00
Bruno Dilly 068e1711b0 EPhysics: implement event callback del full for body
SVN revision: 73178
2012-07-03 02:09:21 +00:00
Bruno Dilly d983ac3ae5 EPhysics: implement event callback del full for world
match data pointer

SVN revision: 73177
2012-07-03 02:09:12 +00:00
Cedric BAIL ebdc0f07a1 emotion: add infra to properly track pending object on shutdown.
SVN revision: 73176
2012-07-03 01:58:13 +00:00
Vincent Torri 10b93e5e1e Eet: no need for an eina check
SVN revision: 73175
2012-07-02 22:55:32 +00:00
Jonas M. Gastal 6c32e237c6 Build fix for DSO linking issue of eio example.
SVN revision: 73171
2012-07-02 21:45:45 +00:00
Jonas M. Gastal d50b4a686f Unbreak eet examples(they need Eina).
Previous commit caused build(not system) error for examples.

SVN revision: 73169
2012-07-02 19:38:54 +00:00
Jonas M. Gastal 0dfcfa4a7e Unbreak examples build system.

SVN revision: 73168
2012-07-02 14:48:25 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler fd72d84dcc textgrid - use evas coords for cell size. more correct indeed - thanks
tom. als warning--

SVN revision: 73159
2012-07-02 12:35:53 +00:00
Stefan Schmidt 5554aa63f0 eeze/doc: Copy images also into latex folder and use srcdir for EXTRA_DIST
SVN revision: 73157
2012-07-02 12:22:39 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 005f6ba959 formatting
someone RECENTLY edited this file with tabs. stop it. seriously.

SVN revision: 73155
2012-07-02 11:30:45 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz a45fd44206 changelog for previous commit
SVN revision: 73142
2012-07-02 09:25:09 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 9409b232ed correctly handle resolver failures during connection, should fix super long-standing bug which caused crashes when no network connection was present
SVN revision: 73141
2012-07-02 09:24:02 +00:00
Stefan Schmidt e02f746b90 eet: Real fix for the zlib detection on old systems.
Reverting my band aid and bring in the real fix provided by Vincent.

SVN revision: 73139
2012-07-02 09:17:05 +00:00
Stefan Schmidt 3f86d486cc eet: Go back to plain header check for zlib as band-aid
Older version of zlib, used in Fedora 10 and Ubuntu 10.04, does not have a pc file. It would be
better to bring this into m4 macro but I fear touching it. Vincent, it would be great if you could
handle this as well.

Without this you get this error:
configure: error: "Cannot find zlib.PC. Make sure your PKG_CONFIG_PATH
environment variable contains include lines for the location of this

SVN revision: 73138
2012-07-02 09:07:32 +00:00
Sebastian Dransfeld beb582c531 efreet: fix memory leak
Don't allocate event structure unless we have a cache change.

SVN revision: 73133
2012-07-02 08:17:02 +00:00
Jihoon Kim 402ea79bdc change the minimum version of ibus because of API compatibility
SVN revision: 73119
2012-07-02 02:01:15 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 7c8d0f697d with user-dirs - expand env vars. i suspect we have to deal with
escapes too.

SVN revision: 73115
2012-07-02 00:01:16 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 65d1ef4715 comp sync back on by default. need to solve this another way.
SVN revision: 73114
2012-07-01 22:44:55 +00:00
Vincent Torri c3d63e1aad Eet: fix CFLAGS value when --enable-assert is used
SVN revision: 73113
2012-07-01 13:34:52 +00:00
Vincent Torri ffc3e8ea82 Eina: fix CFLAGS value when --enable-assert is used
SVN revision: 73112
2012-07-01 13:34:34 +00:00
Jihoon Kim ad0427d107 ibus-immodule: support async mode. especially there is problem when korean input in sync mode. It's known issue in ibus
SVN revision: 73111
2012-07-01 12:57:52 +00:00
Jihoon Kim 9a5adec16f ibus-immodule: fix formatting
SVN revision: 73110
2012-07-01 12:42:46 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 39c97e1969 eeek no one ever substs DEBUG_CFLAGS. let's just do it so we compile
again. bad commit vtorri?

SVN revision: 73109
2012-07-01 12:33:45 +00:00
Vincent Torri b415c1dd55 Eet: remove --enable-coverage option.
Now, coverage is detected with just --enable-tests.

 Buildbot maintainers : please remove --enable-coverage option to
 eet (more EFL will be supported later)

SVN revision: 73108
2012-07-01 12:01:46 +00:00
Vincent Torri 5859a1ded5 Eina: remove --enable-coverage option.
Now, coverage is detected with just --enable-tests.

Buildbot maintainers : please remove --enable-coverage option to
eina (more EFL will be supported later)

SVN revision: 73107
2012-07-01 11:48:06 +00:00
Vincent Torri 344b3f5d84 Eet: add nice m4 macros to check functions and libraries. Will be usable easily in the merge, per EFL lib
Please, test. config.h is the same (except useless macro HAVE_ICONV_H) and compilation is correct on linux and mingw here

SVN revision: 73095
2012-07-01 09:47:48 +00:00
Daniel Juyung Seo 54f22b1e7b ephysics README: Updated bullet version. EPhysics works well with Bullet 0.79 as far as I know.
SVN revision: 73093
2012-07-01 08:47:05 +00:00
Vincent Torri e240b3cf96 typo
SVN revision: 73092
2012-07-01 08:46:43 +00:00
David Walter Seikel 57ce7d92db Let it build with cmake 2.8.1 and older.
SVN revision: 73087
2012-07-01 06:25:31 +00:00
Sebastian Dransfeld 77e10fd65b efreet: Finish off nls support
SVN revision: 73067
2012-06-29 22:44:00 +00:00
Bruno Dilly ea31a552ef EPhysics: add linear slop setter / getter for world
Constraint solver can be configured using some advanced settings, like
the solver slop factor.

Linear slop on sequencial impulse constraint solver is used as a factor
for penetration. The penetration will the manifold distance + linear slop.

SVN revision: 73066
2012-06-29 22:24:33 +00:00
Bruno Dilly 05988c9feb EPhysics: remove annoying tick dbg msg
SVN revision: 73065
2012-06-29 22:22:43 +00:00
Bruno Dilly d9df210c2a EPhysics: modify copyright notice
SVN revision: 73064
2012-06-29 22:22:35 +00:00
Bruno Dilly d9ab86d252 EPhysics: unregister test log domain
SVN revision: 73063
2012-06-29 22:22:28 +00:00
Iván Briano abb7d24442 Remove the right element from the list
SVN revision: 73062
2012-06-29 22:04:42 +00:00
Iván Briano c90e6ed6de Let's not fall into an infinite loop with blocked

SVN revision: 73061
2012-06-29 22:04:34 +00:00
SVN revision: 73060
2012-06-29 22:04:23 +00:00
Iván Briano d744044de7 Don't block waiting for response to font_load before
requesting glyphs, the server can handle dependencies

SVN revision: 73059
2012-06-29 22:04:13 +00:00
Iván Briano 05e634b68a Add support for a request to depend on another
SVN revision: 73058
2012-06-29 22:03:57 +00:00
Sebastian Dransfeld 8fc3cd2a34 Revert "eina: fix eina_file_iterator"
This reverts commit 375d652df6430e08874412650e6f8aecfcbdca51.

SVN revision: 73056
2012-06-29 20:47:55 +00:00
Sebastian Dransfeld 2087ba893e changelog
SVN revision: 73055
2012-06-29 20:41:03 +00:00
Sebastian Dransfeld 979ef9217c eina: fix eina_file_iterator
Remove false check. When we reach the last line we want to return it.
This check will happen the next time we hit the next function.

SVN revision: 73054
2012-06-29 20:37:33 +00:00
Sebastian Dransfeld 4f0bcd9b29 efreet: parse user-dirs.dirs
SVN revision: 73053
2012-06-29 20:35:47 +00:00
Sebastian Dransfeld a6fc2bf1bb efreet: use alloca
malloc + dir in same function -> alloca

SVN revision: 73052
2012-06-29 20:35:23 +00:00
Christopher Michael 0d1c4661ab Evas: Support cserve2 for xcb engine.
SVN revision: 73033
2012-06-29 12:01:34 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 725a3ed4db change my email address
SVN revision: 73032
2012-06-29 10:58:49 +00:00
Cedric BAIL 54e102fcc4 eina: also track lines index.
SVN revision: 73029
2012-06-29 10:45:58 +00:00