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Daniel Zaoui f660fc7456 Eolian: Integration of Entry 2014-03-23 10:56:44 +02:00
Daniel Zaoui 702396e282 Eolian: Integration of Disk Selector 2014-03-23 10:56:44 +02:00
Daniel Zaoui ebaeb19625 Eolian: Integration of Day Selector 2014-03-23 10:56:44 +02:00
Daniel Juyung Seo 0306188ecc test_genlist, test_gengrid: Added more callbacks to genlist/gengrid for a
better testing.
2014-03-23 16:53:08 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo fad3a2dfc4 list/genlist/gengrid: Handle on_focus event on focus set only for key

When you use mouse(touch) that triggers mouse up event, the
focus/selection movement is done by mouse up callback, so don't need to
handle on_focus event when mouse(touch) is used.

You can reproduce the bug by the following step.
1. launch elementary_test -> list focus, genlist focus, gengrid focus
2. focus an item (by touch, by key)
3. move focus to left button (by touch, by key)
4. click an another item (by touch)
5. previously focused item will be unfocused again even it was unfocused
at step #3/

Special thanks to Amitesh for the report.
2014-03-23 16:48:10 +09:00
zmike 5b07498ba1 genlist needs to iterate exactly once over a fixed list when deselcting all items
the selected items list can be modified during deselect from the smart callback, which can cause an infinite loop here

2014-03-23 03:11:14 -04:00
Daniel Juyung Seo 0008452aba gengrid: Commented out some temporarily unused code.
This code will be used later when the item selection on key press becomes
optional. So do not remove this.
2014-03-23 02:07:20 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo c8309645ed elm: Fixed shadow variable build warning.
declaration of 'access' shadows a global declaration
2014-03-23 02:05:18 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo e69fc96dee test_list: Added focus move policy set example to test_list. 2014-03-23 02:04:16 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo 46506cf22e focus: Added optional focus feature - focus movement by mouse_in.
Focus is moved by mouse click by default. This patch makes moving focus
by mouse_in optionally by configuration and API. Widget item focus
movement is not applied yet. Need to do that as well.

- configuration: "focus_move_policy"
- API: elm_config_focus_move_policy_set/get
- enum

2014-03-23 02:04:16 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo 88776125a9 test_genlist/gengrid: Renamed 'item focus' test to just 'focus'. 2014-03-23 00:49:41 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo 3881d02167 focus: Set the focus target as NULL on focus highlight init.
Only elementary object can be a candidate for elementary focus.
2014-03-23 00:42:59 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo a6063a3c9c test_genlist: Flourish genlist focus test case to reveal more bugs.
- Added focus highlight enable/disable option.
- Added a button to set the focus to 2nd item after 1.5 seconds.
- Added a button to select the 2nd item after 1.5 seconds.
- Removed unnecessary frame and lable for the test.
2014-03-23 00:38:01 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo 31e81c1ecd test_genlist: Merged 'Genlist Focus' and 'Genlist Item Focus' test.
There is no reason to have two different focus example for genlist.
2014-03-23 00:13:58 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo 3aef035f1d gengrid: Fixed broken gengrid item focus support.
This commit is a gengrid version of 7d43205a0.
Now it works so much better than before.
- Fixed the separate behavior between selected item and focused item.
- Fixed wrong focus set when gengrid is focused first time by mouse.
- Fixed wrong scroll movement when the focus highlight is disabled.
- Item selection sets that item focused. So when an item is selected, do
not need to set the focus again.
2014-03-22 23:51:52 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo 8129ae20ec genlist: Fixed broken genlist item focus support.
Now it works so much better than before.
- Fixed the separate behavior between selected item and focused item.
- Fixed wrong focus set when genlist is focused first time by mouse.
- Fixed wrong scroll movement when the focus highlight is disabled.
- Item selection sets that item focused. So when an item is selected, do
not need to set the focus again.
- Fixed wrong call for _elm_genlist_item_content_focus_set on deleted
2014-03-22 23:51:44 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo ba36abd6d8 list: Added missing return from my previous commit ac0b3c. 2014-03-22 21:50:21 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo cc006b547f mobile config: Added key bindings to mobile profile.
We can still use keyboards with Mobile profile when you attach your
keyboard with bluetooth or connect the keyboard physically.
2014-03-22 19:21:38 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo e61185831d test_list: Added clicked callback to buttons and made focus highlight optional. 2014-03-22 19:17:01 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo 27f98b1e01 genlist/gengrid: Used item callback infrastructure. 2014-03-22 19:10:27 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo 65c948ca93 list/genlist/gengrid: Call item_show not bring_in on focus.
Elm 1.9 does item_show not bring_in so let's keep the consistency. I
will make this optional later.
2014-03-22 18:38:00 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo 1d14a57a8b list: Fixed heavily broken list item focus/selection movement.
Item selection also sets the focus automatically so do not need to set
focus twice. This code needs to be changed later again when the
selection by key arrow becomes optional.
2014-03-22 18:37:45 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo 6d211692bb list: Select the first item when the list widget is just focused first time.
Select the first item if there is no last_focused_item,
 last_selected_item, and if this focus is done by key event.
2014-03-22 18:14:19 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo ec2d28fc32 list: Fixed formatting before fixing a bug. 2014-03-22 18:06:42 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo bb4a6d181d list: Fixed item focus logic correctly by checking mouse down instead
of highlighted_item.

highlighted_item will be NULL after the first click and it is not
useful. To avoid first item focus -> first item unfocus -> clicked
item focus on the first focus to list widget, this patch is needed.

Thanks for the report Ceolin.
2014-03-22 18:01:22 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo b9a1047845 flip, index: Renamed smart data member 'down' to 'mouse_down' and used

This commit is for consistency inside elementary.
2014-03-22 17:54:49 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo ab71bc5750 button: Check return value of _elm_config_key_binding_call.
This fixes severely broken focus movement.
2014-03-22 16:25:34 +09:00
ChunEon Park e2b6f3de71 win - revert the revert. 1974aff066a10df59750a6d52fd9933333eb0ee3
I missed this already puhsed in the 1.9 release. :(
2014-03-22 15:40:07 +09:00
ChunEon Park 3d087782a3 win - removed unknown type. 2014-03-22 15:19:28 +09:00
ChunEon Park ae4250b3c4 Revert "Revert "win: Add a API, elm_win_type_get.""
This reverts commit 1fae5b440457948a048007fbb24171f90e6aab30.

sorry i didn't intend reverting this commit.
2014-03-22 15:17:00 +09:00
ChunEon Park 9dee6ab954 Revert "win: Add a API, elm_win_type_get."
This reverts commit 313eaab843194083d5dee11f053a156f88c6c219.

we don't agree this unknown type of window.
it should be always known type.
2014-03-22 15:10:55 +09:00
ChunEon Park ae218acc29 Revert "elm_win: Unbreak the ABI break of window type."
This reverts commit 79d2df12fe5e4d57d7a6247975feac1f0793ec72.
2014-03-22 15:10:40 +09:00
ChunEon Park f28c0a5259 scroller content type is not always widget. 2014-03-22 14:40:48 +09:00
Jaeun Choi d6acf211cc elm_button: apply key binding
Summary: This patch applies key binding to elm_button.

Test Plan: elementary_test > Button > check key events

Reviewers: Hermet, raster

Reviewed By: Hermet

Differential Revision:
2014-03-22 14:31:49 +09:00
Subhransu Sekhar Mohanty 68b66830b4 naviframe : Fixed the overlap issue during multiple push.
Currently there is a overlap issue in naviframe in case of multiple push.
This issue will occur if the naviframe edc implements push,defered for
the item transition. The issue occurs becoz of cur,push,deffered is not being
called to the current and intermediate items during multiple item push.
To fix the above issue pass the data as current item that needs to be
out of the aviframe during creating the animator job.


Reviewers: Jaehyun, seoz, Hermet

Reviewed By: Hermet

CC: raster

Differential Revision:
2014-03-22 14:23:23 +09:00
nirajkr fcfeba5097 gengrid : Implementation for gengrid item focus support
Implemented the following API to support gengrid item_focus
          1. _elm_gengrid_focus_highlight_geometry_get
          2. _elm_gengrid_focused_item_get
          3. _item_focus_up
          4. _item_focus_down
          5. _item_focus_right
          6. _item_focus_down
          7. _item_focus_set_hook
          8. _item_focus_get_hook
          9. _item_focused
          10. _item_unfocused
          11. Changes in the smart_event, pan_calculation, smart_on_focus to support item focus

Reviewers: seoz, woohyun, singh.amitesh, raster

CC: raster

Differential Revision:
2014-03-21 17:00:46 +09:00
Carsten Haitzler ae26fa446f fix scrollbar to be clickable even if vieport is tiny compared to content
2014-03-21 12:20:43 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo aa94a311f5 test_dnd: Fixed memory leak. Free item's data on item deletion.
This fixes coverity CID 1193246:  Resource leak  (RESOURCE_LEAK).
2014-03-21 02:35:29 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo fadcf243ce access: Fixed memory leak.
This fixes coverity CID 1193244:  Resource leak  (RESOURCE_LEAK).

2014-03-21 02:33:22 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo 8f7c12fef7 index: Set variable to NULL after free.
Then NULL check for this variable is not valid.
This fixes coverity CID 1193250:  Use after free  (USE_AFTER_FREE).

2014-03-21 00:55:31 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo 51237d9606 atspi_object: Added missing comma.
This fixes coverity CID 1193238:  Missing comma in a string array
initialization  (MISSING_COMMA)

2014-03-21 00:49:52 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo a31c16d243 diskselector: Compare correct variables.
It was comparing the same variable.
Fixed coverity CID 1193236:  Pointless string comparison

2014-03-21 00:46:47 +09:00
Ryuan Choi 7fdf597440 test_web: Improve fullscreen test case.
Improved fullscreen api tests not to show other widgets when web page requires fullscreen.
2014-03-20 23:30:53 +09:00
Daniel Zaoui fc7bf80916 Eolian: Integration of Datetime 2014-03-20 15:19:50 +02:00
Daniel Zaoui bb7822e7e2 Eolian: Integration of Ctx Popup 2014-03-20 15:19:50 +02:00
Daniel Zaoui ba2a255b8c Eolian: Integration of Conformant 2014-03-20 15:19:49 +02:00
Daniel Zaoui 9a240dfedc Eolian: Integration of Color Selector 2014-03-20 15:19:49 +02:00
Daniel Zaoui ee1003af32 Eolian: Integration of Clock 2014-03-20 15:19:49 +02:00
Daniel Zaoui f1ff0f58bf Eolian: Integration of Check 2014-03-20 15:19:49 +02:00
Daniel Zaoui ede5646e76 Eolian: Integration of Calendar 2014-03-20 15:19:49 +02:00