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Prince Kumar Dubey 3cc8139906 From: Prince Kumar Dubey <> 12 years ago
ecore patch from Jihoon Kim to remove Evas dependency in imf 12 years ago
edje From: Prince Kumar Dubey <> 12 years ago
eet And the matching changelog. 12 years ago
eeze not sure how this happened, but it's totally wrong 12 years ago
efreet efreet: typos 12 years ago
eina whitespace-- 12 years ago
eio eio: fix maintainer-clean 12 years ago
embryo Embryo: fix compilation on Windows CE and link with Evil 12 years ago
emotion emotion: warning-- 12 years ago
escape Escape: Only require libtool 2.2, since it seems 2.4 isn't very popular yet... 12 years ago
ethumb ethumb: add some linker and preprocessor flags, patch by Philippe Reynes, a bit modified by myself 12 years ago
evas Currently, only software engine checks animation flag during rendering. 12 years ago
evil wrong test 12 years ago