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EPhysics 0.1.0





  ecore (at least 1.2.99)
  ecore-evas (at least 1.2.99)
  evas (at least 1.2.99)
  bullet (at least 2.79)
  elementary (at least 1.0.99, required to build ephysics_test)

EPhysics is a library that manages Ecore, Evas and Bullet Physics into
an easy to use way. It's a kind of wrapper, a glue, between these libraries.
It's not intended to be a physics library (we already have many out there).

WARNING: if you are building Bullet Physics instead of using a package,
use cmake build option. Autotools seems to be unmaintained.



  $ ./configure
  $ make
(as root unless you are installing in your users directories):
  $ make install

If elementary is installed, it will build and install a test application as
well, that showcases EPhysics capabilites. Run

  $ ephysics_test

to see these examples.



Tests require elementary to be build.

List of test applications:
 * ephysics_test => List with many tests to exemplify specific features
 * ephysics_logo => Example of logo / loading screen made using ephysics
 * ephysics_sandbox => Application to set many different properties to bodies
                       and see they interacting.

ephysics_test supports to launch a specified test on command line, like

 $ ephysics_test "Jumping Balls"

Also, it can run only the test, avoiding the main menu, with parameter
--test-win-only or -to (it must to be passed before the test name):

 $ ephysics_test -to Camera

The other programs don't accept parameters.



To generate documentation, doxygen is required.

  $ make doc

will create a ephysics/doc/html directory. You could start looking at