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Release 0.24.0:
* New and improved shot module with editor and cropper
* Reduced number of setuid tools (merged many into single system tool)
* External monitor backlight and brightness controls via (lib)ddctil
* Improved resolution of EFM thumbnails to 256x256 by default
* New and improved crash handling guru meditation
* Restarts are now seamless with fade in and out and zero glitches
* Wallpaper import generates multiple resolutions for better efficiency
* Regularly malloc_trim if available to keep mem down
* All restarts are now handled by enlightenment_start, not e itself
* Enforce pointer lock to screen in X to stop pointer out-of-bounds
* Pager plain is gone - use the regular "miniature preview" pager
* Music control auto-runs your selected media player if not there
* Handle exception for steam games to find the right desktop file
* Polkit auth agent support as new core module - no extra daemons
* Drop comp fast effects - Should be edje transition factor + theme tags
* Easier config of specific desktop wallpaper straight from pager
* Startup should be smoother with IO prefetch thread
* New special blanking timeout for when locked that can be shorter
* Bluez4 gone now as Bluez5 is done and working fine
* Down to zero outstanding coverity issues
* The usual batches of bug fixes and minor improvements
Release 0.23.0:
2019-08-24 00:28:13 -07:00
* New padded screenshot option
* Meson build now is the build system
* Music Control now supports rage mpris dbus protocol
* Add Bluez5 support with totally new and redone module and gadget
* Add dpms option to turn it off or on
* Alt-tab window switcher allows moving of windows while alt-tabbing
* Lots of bug fixes, compile warning fixes etc.
* Massive improvements to Wayland support
2017-09-12 11:03:23 -07:00
Release 0.22.0:
* Greatly improved Wayland support
* Improvements to new gadget infrastructure
* Added a sudo/ssh askpass utility gui
* meson build system
* tiling policy improvements
* integrated per-window volume controls
Al 'netstar' Poole (7):
Enlightenment - BSD - Cleanup sysctl code for batteries.
Enlightenment - BSD - Fix typos in battery sysctl float compares.
Sysinfo Gadgets: Add sysctl/bsd support to the remaining sysinfo gadgets.
Batman: Add multi-battery support for bsd based distros.
Sysinfo: Make memusage and cpumonitor work better on BSD.
Sysinfo: Fix interger overflow on BSD.
Modules: Fix compilation and remove warnings for BSD
Al Poole (21):
fwin: prevent segv when the vaarg abi messup with unused parameter.
OpenBSD non-PAM lokker authentication.
efm - fix popup if file is a fifo
Add temperature support for DragonFly BSD.
bsd patch from netstar fixing threaded tempget
Enlightenment: Factor all sysctl battery code for bsd into e_mod_sysctl.c
Fixes issues w/battery and batman living together
modules: temperature: Fix spelling for temperature module.
Fix macro namings in relation to endianness.
Fix compiler type warnings (snprintf)
E keyboard settings - use the same icon as the keyboard settings dialog
Add user to AUTHORS.
E -> Enlightenment_thumb -> Media -> Thumbnail Creation.
sysinfo: Fix BSD build.
sysinfo: fix single-core OpenBSD results.
FreeBSD: fix broken build.
Efm: file properties, fix widget sizing issue.
battery: fix typo.
filepreview: add support for album artwork in preview when applicable.
filepreview: show mime type icon when not video and no artwork.
filepreview: unbreak netstar's changes.
Al netstar Poole (1):
Make sysinfo gadgets work with BSD
Alexander Pyhalov (1):
actually check if PIE is supported for SUID
Amitesh Singh (1):
e widget entry: fix the compilation warning
Andreas Metzler (1):
10_typo_restore_LDFLAGS.diff: Fix typo in configure.ac (upstream), causing empty LDFLAGS.
Andy Williams (6):
Fix compiling with WL off
scale: Allow user to choose scale not multiplier
luncher: update aspect ratio calculations
luncher: Smoothing animations
luncher: Fix some wobble
Add Change Wallpaper item in Desktop menu.
2017-10-23 05:40:12 -07:00
Bertrand Jacquin (2):
po: Bump copyright extension
po: Bump copyright extension
2017-11-02 05:59:37 -07:00
Carsten Haitzler (202):
2017-09-12 11:03:23 -07:00
e ibar/ibox fix starrting/started signal emittion
e temp module - kill tempget process not terminate to ensure death
e - fix dnd problems coming from getting top object in comp canvas
e ibar/ibox port to elm box - fix assumption on resize
e ibar - fix devilhorns fix to use the right widght and hight for separator
e - fix major memory bloat when in gl mode - dont create shm segments
e comp - set alpha after setting native surface to avoid random crash
Revert "Fix getting top object in comp canvas"
e sudo gui support - add askpass util for sudo askpass support
e askpass - also set SSH_ASKPASS like with sudo
askpass env var - dont use 32byte buffer for path but use stringshare
ok - make pwople who \have not stared at c macros as long as i have happy
e ipc - fix cleanup of ipc socket on shutdown
update e po files
protect against non-nul terminated string from mmap in filepreview
e exec - fix exec of enlightenment_open to use actual e prefix
po - upate
explicitly use eina list types passing into EINA_LIST_FREE()
e fm - fix popup to not crash by referring to possibly deleted data
cpufreq - move cpuinfo polling into thread to not block mainloop ever
wizard - do not set scale to 1.2 forcibly. use dpi as the def prof says
e_util_defer_object_del - ensure order of deferred deletions are right
e tempget module - mode to using threads instead of tempget binary
temperature module - more non-eeze system fixes
temp - udev pol - do in mainloop and suffer as appropriate
e cpufreq - dont emit message for min/max/cur freq if they didnt change
temp module - avoid a bit of cpu sendingh edje message if temp same
client handling - add support for window stacks needed for views/manager
e config - don't keep adding lunchers until you burst. only if not found
e module - remove duplicate modules at load all time from config
tasks - add stack "hiding" support and only show top stack item
stacks - fix crash for pointer warp when client is null
e wl - fix build break with wl.
e window menu now skips stack windows except top one
e winlist/at tab - understand stacks and filter accordingly
tasks + stacks - use base icon not top one to be simpler to implement
e winlist/alt tab - use bottom/base win for icon but active for title
ibar - support window stacks
tasks - fix fresh segv added in stack support
ibar - protect against getting invalid icon ptr on obj deletion
tasks - calculate min width properly given a known height of a gadget
ibar - fix segv on prop change after adding stack support
efm - warning - change invalid #if toe #ifdef as this is right
e - fix float warnings cmp where they actually may cause issues
temp module - fix #if to be #if defined as it should be
xkb module - fix possible use of uninitialized var
efm - fix ifs to be ifdef as they should be
e bindings - fix warnings about possible use of undefined var
e comp object - fix shadow var warning (valid) for ec
e comp object - fix valid warning of shadowed var (ambiguous)
warnings - disable y2k and format non literal and float comparison
e sys - remove system action dialogs as comp actually does this
appmenu - make appmenu work with click+release and not hide on focus out
desklock - allow for fadein/out effects in theme for locking/unlocking
e icon header - clean up formatting
e icon - use new skip header async preload to make icon loads async
ibar - fix seg with ibar icon task menus are up while desktop files change
desklock - make blocker transparent again - a theme issue not code
e_icon - handle load failure and dont display icon object
e_icon - remove icon cache code - its disabled anyway with ifdefs
e - wl mode - stop consuming 100 percent cpu
e window stakcs - fix bugs with stacks by doing stack stuff in idle eval
e widget bgpreview - stop using livethumb as it cuases performance issues
Revert "e widget bgpreview - stop using livethumb as it cuases performance issues"
e widget bgpreview - use e thumb to get quality back and speed too
e_thumb header - remove tabs
e thumb - support signal emits and desk pan msgs for thumbs
e dialog - fix unreszable dialogs to not be 1x1
e sys - make timeout for sys loging 3 instead of 15 seconds
enlightenment_sys - eina_init BEFORE switching uid - safer
e - wayland - fix double-resize if e wants a different initial size
e ervything md5 code - fix warnings about alignment
e fileman config - fix definite alignment bug with cast char to int ptr
e theme conf config - fix casting char fileds to int ptrs
e ptr cast via void fix to reduce warnings
efm ipc - fix unaligned int read on ipc decode
e comp x - fix property fetch to use int ptr from the start
e xsettings - fix warnings about unaligned ptr access
e comp - wl - add void cast to reduce warnings
e thumb - silence alignment warning - valid code
e notification - silence alignment warning
efm - fix warnings for progress time display
e desklock logging - fix types for critical error logs
evry module - fix warning about comparing signed to unsigned
e mixer pulse backened -f ix warning about use of uninit var
e comp object - fix warning where a void cast is as goos as the old one
e comp - fix stupid cast to from eina rect* to char* to eina rect* again
e comp - quiet some warnings for casts that are ok
tiling module - fix some warnings with casts and alignment
efx - fix unaligned ptr fill that is actually a bug
efm - fix nuisance warning about enlightenment
e thumb - fix alignment warning nuisance
e client mixer - stop messing with mute + volume state just for display
e mixer module - run pulseaudio if connect fails
e client volume - use the overall state of all sinks for display
fix crash in syscon when you press pr 2x in a row quickly to shutdown
e stacking support - enable beta api to get access as quick fix
e randr2 - fix freeing of stringshare by making it a stringshare
e thumb - extend extension that might have media metadata image thumbs
fix fullscreen no blank logic in e's dpms code
further fixes to screensaver/banking with window states like fullscreen
e cpufreq - stop checking status nullness - silence coverity
e start - remove mtrack ... no one using it (not even me)
e comp object - stop being cricical where pixmap and win size dont match
Revert "e comp object - stop being cricical where pixmap and win size dont match"
e - allow env var to turn off aborting at any CRI issue
e - remove doofus-like code from mike with regards to making e crash or not
e - fix entry wrapper - e entry was plain. elm is markup. do it properly
add new powersave features for supporting a live sleep mode
support connected standby (non-s3 sleep/freeze) that new lpatops sport
Revert "move x11 suspend window grabbing to comp_x, ungrab on resume"
e - fix desklock + grabs with hiding pointer on screen powerdown/up
e - make some comment notes on broken lock display on saver etc.
mouse hiding - only grab pointer not pointer and keyboard - simple
e blanking - add new special "locked timeout" that can be shorter
Revert "reduce include deps for enlightenment_imc binary" This reverts commit ee71ea63ec02a1bd7acfb11d9dea38eb3e499147.
powersave usage - dont use usleep at all. pwoersave sleep replaces it
pointer freeze - delay by 10 sec... because anim is used for hiding
fix meson build for appmenu module - missing src files
add build dir to ignore
meson - fix config install to install cfg files in right places and perms
meson build - fix mixer build because the defines are only for existence
powersave sleep - use fd's and seletc. ecore pipe cant be used
e comp - stop trying to set size again and again to the same
e meson build - fix PACKAGE_DATA_DIR to include project name at end
e powerrsave sleep - add fd get
module build - clean up and fix meson install of pretty much all modules
randr - discovered new output names that are display panels in laptops
doc - add doc dir content to meson install to match prev autofoo
e build - make 2 modules (music contrl and pager plain) consistent
meson - clock and ibar - use same template as most modules now
e module build - make ibar and clock really simple and generic
meson build generics - ooops. missed files. add now
meson generic module build - dashify the option string
build - remove policy mobile module
move option if further out in generic module build foreach
e module build - make build files far more generic and far smaller
wireless module - dont segv e if connman daemon restarts
meosn build modules - more modules build with the generic builder harness
meson build - do a little tidying of the main meson.build in root
e - fix eet image format test to actually use key when loading
connman module - lower err's to warns as this actually happens
fix autofoo build to match renaming scheme used for meson
gadget recalc - if you add a job...del and add again
xwayland module - fix fallthrough annotation
fix fallthrough warnings
batman - fix buffer warning by hanving big enough stack buffer
e bindings - fix warning about uninitialized val
batget - fix warnings about buffer sizes
mod filemane - remove ancient instance theme path code not used...
mouse cinbings config dialog - fix warnings
fix fallthrough warnings and tag as fallthrough
e - do workaround with in events due to flags to get ptr focus right
e - conf_display - fix meson build break which dropped a src file
meson build - geolocation - indent the same as other files
meson build - fix use module defines to be upper case again
move sysaction specific configure val detection to the etc subdir
e meson build - refactor and clean up config and some module only cfg
meson build - trim down some data file build files a little
meson build - reformat and trim build files a bit to be more compact
meosn build - go back to requires_e it's uses in main meson.build
e_start - remove evas deps - don't need them.
meson - make modules with helper binaries simpelr to build
meson build - simplify 3 more wl modules to use generic parent harness
meson - remove uneeded array definition for files
meson - wl module builds - make them all consistent
meson build - minimize teamwork meson build too like other modules
meson build - simplify wizard module build like others
meson build - mixer - simplify for module build setup
meson build - simplify and cleanup evrything module
e - add vkbd for convertibles (tablets, laptops ... phones)
e x11 focus fixup - dont do the fixup if input grabbed
filepreview - properly set min size on cells not in a broken way
e mixer - handle pulse exit/disconnect and not keep e client sinks
vkbd - fix seg with multi touch
vkbd - fix 2 finger floating drag
xsettings - fix warning for buffer that could be a bit small
e sys - add listening to prepare for shutdown/suspend from systemd
vkbd - forgot to mark text in vkbd to scale... do that
vkbd - begin someinfra to support wayland
mixer - fix segv on shutdown
e actions - add actions for moving focus around - feature request
e client focus - fix focus if moving focused window to new desk
e client focus - fix focus if moving focused window to new desk - long
vkbd - merge in commented out wl code from weekeyboard
window focus - fix focus switch action next/prev walk dead code
fix up window+screen positioning fixup so it doesnt catch other clients
fix nested wayland in x11 mode with getting canvas zone geometry
Revert "Sysinfo gadgets: Revert all uses of faulty e_powersave_sleeper."
Revert "Temperature module: Don't use e_powersave_sleep. It doesn't work for ticks faster than a second."
e powerszve - fix sleep timeout for select to be correct
pkgkit unknown string - fix typo
e start - fix path prepend/append if already in path assuming clue
2017-09-29 10:45:26 -07:00
tiling - ensure notification struct is 0'd before use
use safer ecore_exe flags that close stdin/out/err if possible
2017-10-23 05:40:12 -07:00
e sys - handle phantom wakeups from sleep on some devices
battery modules - actually set ac power flag based on ac presence
smart suspend - honor suspend on ac or not flag as it should
2017-11-02 05:59:37 -07:00
ptr grab/ungrab for blank/unblank - log stages and work done for debug
e main - xdg runtime dir fixup - dont overwrite same buffer
nvidia driver workaround atexit handlers for pam auth
2017-09-12 11:03:23 -07:00
Cedric BAIL (6):
filepreview: avoid race condition when destroying txt file preview with slow hard drive.
fix text preview to use eina_strbuf_append_length that doesn't call strlen and crash.
Revert "protect against non-nul terminated string from mmap in filepreview"
connman: avoid random memory walk in case dbus data aren't provided by connman.
wl_drm: do not say you have wl_drm backend in config.h when you have not.
alert: protect use of drm code inside the proper ifdef.
2017-09-29 10:45:26 -07:00
Chidambar Zinnoury (8):
2017-09-12 11:03:23 -07:00
e desks config: Bring some flip settings back.
e desks config: Group all flip-related settings to their own tab.
e: Dont show two consecutive menu separators if there is no need in client menu.
e fm: Add a separator only if there is something before.
e fm: Dont check every other line whether the location is writable when creating menu.
2017-09-29 10:45:26 -07:00
e remote: Fix scripts execution rights.
e about: Year++.
e menu: Fix missing realize when using key-activation to the right.
2017-09-12 11:03:23 -07:00
2017-11-02 05:59:37 -07:00
Christopher Michael (60):
2017-09-12 11:03:23 -07:00
'cur_group' variable is unused here if we are not building for wayland
add missing EINA_UNUSED for unused function params
remove unused variables from _ibar_resize_handle
use proper variables to set size_hint_max on ibar
e ibar - fix "old man" fat finger typo ;)
remove need to create different dialog windows under wayland
Revert "e - fix major memory bloat when in gl mode - dont create shm segments"
wl_fb: Check that e_comp_wl_init does not fail.
add key_up and key_down methods to sreen interface
Remove unused variables from ibar_resize_handle function
add missing EINA_UNUSED for function parameter
Update wayland readme file
update wayland readme for gl-drm
disable elementary softcursor mode for wayland compositing
reset elementary softcursor config on shutdown
Revert "disable elementary softcursor mode for wayland compositing"
Revert "reset elementary softcursor config on shutdown"
don't crash is surface resource has no e_client
Revert "don't crash is surface resource has no e_client"
check if a client is internal or not before deleting
cleanup unused variables and parameters for pager module
fix missing definition of DRM_FORMAT_XRGB8888
mark unused function parameter in Luncher as EINA_UNUSED
add missing EINA_UNUSED for unused function parameters
removed unused variable from luncher code and add missing EINA_UNUSED
use ecore_evas_screen_dpi_get when updating e_scale value
use ecore_evas_screen_dpi_get to get screen dpi under wayland
remove unused variable in Luncher module
verify valid client comp_data before accessing it directly
Revert "verify valid client comp_data before accessing it directly"
verify shell client delete functions are operating on wayland clients.
mark Ecore_Thread parameter as EINA_UNUSED
remove unused variables in e_comp_wl
make mouse pointer visibility syn with hotplug/un-plug
add missing EINA_UNUSED for unused function parameters
fix formatting
fix comparison between signed and unsigned int expressions in xkbswitch module
fix shadowed variable declaration
Use proper coordinate adjustment
remove EINA_UNUSED for used function parameter
update touch enabled/disabled based on seat capabilities
fix formatting
send wl_touch events when we handle mouse buttons
Revert "send wl_touch events when we handle mouse buttons"
remove old ecore_drm1 code from wl_drm module
re-enable getting and setting output rotations in wl_drm
minor formatting fix
minor formatting fix
minor formatting fix
wl_drm: Fix potentially uninitialized variable
fix potentially uninitialized variables
remove unused variable in e_exec.c
bump efl minor version check for ecore_drm2 API function usage
fix wl_drm detection in e_signals.c
reverse order of shell binding in wl_desktop_shell module
Revert "reverse order of shell binding in wl_desktop_shell module"
wl-drm: Properly retrieve output geometry and propertly set output mode
wl-drm: Add screen position to debug output
2017-11-02 05:59:37 -07:00
wl-drm: Fix issue of not being able to set output mode
Revert "wl-drm: Fix issue of not being able to set output mode"
2017-09-12 11:03:23 -07:00
Davide Andreoli (29):
mem gadget: respect the aspect ratio of the theme
mem gadget: no need to send 2 consecutive int_set msgs
cpu gadget: fix orientation of the box
cpu gadget: fetch aspect ratio from the theme
cpu + mem gadget: use new vertical layouts
net gadget: fix 2 obvious cnp errors
net gadget: those signals are not used/needed anymore
mem gadget: improve proc info fetching
mem gadget: formatting, fit into 80 cols
mem gadget cleanup: rename vars
mem gadget: pass the new fetched info to the theme
mem gadget: implemented a new info popup
mem gadget: try to improve values calculation
mem gadget: fix a typo
mem gadget: adjust a little bit the values calculation
sysinfo: do not use autoclose on popups
sysinfo: fix popup position when using the cumulative sysinfo gadget
sysinfo gadget: remove frames in popups
pkit gadget: use elm widgets directly
pkit gadget: use genlist instead of list
pkit gadget: a better initial config
pkit gadget: add ability to install updated directly from the gadget !
pkit gadget: cosmetics, no functional changes
pkit gadget: show a nice progress bar while working
pkit gadget: a new help "mode" that show the icon meanings
pkit gadget: show the button only if a packager manager is configured
pkit gadget: popup title in bold
pkit gadget: do not autoclose the popup
PKit gadget: more accurate progress bar
2017-11-02 05:59:37 -07:00
Derek Foreman (84):
2017-09-12 11:03:23 -07:00
Properly send kbd focus to xdg_shell popups
Make sure the same keyboard resource doesn't end up on the focus list twice
Fix xdg_shell focus logic
Fix wayland clients not deleting when they're hidden
Fix test for object visibility when deleting wayland clients
Fix getting top object in comp canvas
Fix wayland extension global creation
Add versions to wayland extension setup macros
Don't send keyboard leave events to unfocused clients
bump ecore_drm2 dependency, update to latest beta API
Fix error print when wl_wl fails to start
Fix xwayland binary location detection
Don't kill self during shutdown
NULL out xwayland fd handlers after deleting them
Add myself to the AUTHORS file
Find wayland protocols and wayland scanner at configure time
Add the capability to auto-generate protocol code and headers
Auto generate wayland protocol
Block session recovery for internal windows
Remove EVAS_CALLBACK_HIDE on shelf when freeing
Fix out of tree builds
Increase area of tilers for regions
Fix massive wayland input region brokenness
Fix wayland opaque regions
Stop passing dimensions to _e_comp_wl_surface_state_init
Fix wayland deferred buffer free crash
Check for deleted client in e_pixmap_image_is_argb
teamwork: Use emile SHA1 functions
Fix crash on xdg shell unbind
Fix keyboard tracking when leaving an xdg shell window
Fix crash when exiting an xdg shell application
More aggressively prune keyboard focus list
Stop sending key up/down events on focus change under wayland
test dmabuf pixmaps properly
Fix wayland frame callback times
Use a monotonic clock for frame callback times
Stop sending wayland motion events when the mouse is grabbed
Replace all timer_add with timer_loop_add
Replace all timer_reset with timer_loop_reset
Dispatch wayland frame callbacks in the correct order
Remove tests for wayland damage_buffer presence
Replace some ecore_time_get users with ecore_loop_time_get
Don't require dmabuf buffers to be writeable
Fix wl_drm session activation callback
Fix wl_drm session (de)activation callback
Remove some duplicate operations
Revert "Stop misuing EVAS_NATIVE_SURFACE_VERSION macro"
Fix unused var compiler warning in wl_drm
clean up some code
Clear the native surface structure before initializing it
Refactor wayland buffer releasing
Don't delete busy E_Comp_Wl_Buffers
Allow enabling experimental hardware plane support
Initialize the Evas_Native_Surface to 0 for dmabuf tests
Test dmabuf via native_surface_set even in software render
Remove old test for dmabuf validity
Remove some duplicate dmabuf validity checks
also apply xdg-shell v6 client del hooks to external clients
Make wayland clients render when only visible from mirrors
Fix clamping on screen blanker timeout
Fix xwayland selection crash
Don't block wayland client updates during screen saver fade out
Fix geometry for drm outputs
Update to recent ecore_drm2 changes
Add a compatibility layer to protect against ecore_drm2 api change
Stop doing complicated things after a segfault
Remove ecore_drm support
Resynch with weston's dmabuf implementation
Remove more pre-ecore-drm2 stuff
Bump wayland-protocols requirement
Handle wayland frame commits with no surface damage better
Drop wayland-protocols requirement to 1.9
Remove bogus EINA_UNUSED
Fix video explosion on rpi3 during screen blank
Fix crash when processing a wayland client cursor set after death
2017-09-29 10:45:26 -07:00
Fix wayland frame callback failure
Set close on exec for stdin
use safer ecore_exe flags that close stdin/out/err more often
Stop queuing wl_buffer release events
Revert "Set close on exec for stdin"
2017-11-02 05:59:37 -07:00
Fix xwayland related crash when mousing out of a window
Clear stored root window id when shutting down X
Fix crash on wayland logout if xwayland hasn't started yet
2017-09-12 11:03:23 -07:00
Flavio Ceolin (1):
emix: when in alsa mode only operate on master
Jean-Philippe ANDRÉ (3):
bg: Fix bg with single jpeg images (no edj)
pulse: do not leak strbuf
config: Add env var to skip profile save
JengHyun Kang (1):
e_comp_wl: break from meaningless loop
Joshua McBeth (1):
add dbus message 'org.enlightenment.wm.Window.SendToDesktop'
2017-09-29 10:45:26 -07:00
Leif Middelschulte (1):
support proxy settings provided by Connman.
2017-10-23 05:40:12 -07:00
Marcel Hollerbach (81):
2017-09-12 11:03:23 -07:00
e_comp_wl: introduce api to set index of keymap
e_xkb: use the new e_comp_wl_input_index_set api
readme: update keyboard entry
e_comp_data: NULL out source once it is freed
e_comp_wl: destroy e_drag when source disappears
e_alert: define EFL_BETA_API_SUPPORT before any include
e_dnd: move the ungrab to the object free
xwayland: show the dialog after ecore_wl2 is in sync
ibar: try to get a better min size
tiling: place popup on the current active zone
tiling: be more accurate on the description
mixer: introduce Barrier checks
mixer: introduce emix_max_volume_get
ibar: multiply size with scale
mixer: lock up the slider for the case a drag is in progress
wizard: make page 065 translatable
mixer: we changed that name when we merged the mixer in
update german translation
The potfile has changed,
mixer: do not set back the value from emix once the drag is finished
luncher: delete the popup if there is already one
luncher: do not add clients twice
luncher: free the timers
luncher: do not add clients twice
e_gadget: fix destroying of drop_objects
gadgets: free that data when notify and main is done
cpuclock: NULL status if its freed
e_exec: split up the free of the instance
luncher: fix hash table usage
luncher: null out the watchter when the watcher is stopped
e_sys: bring back system actions after resume was called
tiling: dont use floating state when toggling
Revert "Revert "mixer: do not set back the value from emix once the drag is finished""
tiling: insert a client in the place where it is currently placed
tiling: do not pass parent as relative
tiling: make windows placable by dragging them arround
tiling: refactor the window tree
tiling: save the split type per desk
tiling: handle the tiling state correctly when on multimonitor
tiling: handling dragging from desk to desk
tiling: drop move requests from tiled clients
tiling: only start a drag when the cursor is really moved
tiling: update the indicator where the icons are dropped
tiling: display the hint on the zone if there is no client below
tiling: fix zero sized zone
enlightenment_askpass: do not appear in a menu
mixer: be prepared for sinks without any volume
tiling: extra can be NULL here
tiling: fix compile warning
emixer: use a better name for the sink inputs
mixer: the name has to be a stringshare
mixer: do not leak a allocated string
meson: we need -rdynamic here not -export-dynamic
meson: also install the tiling-theme
e_startup: check for efreet errors
meson: we should probebly configure the xsession file correctly
meson: use file instead of doing the relative path by hand
meson: port music-control
meson: port geolocation
meson: underscrorify the module name
pager: do not define Config twice
meson: add HAVE_DRM2 and HAVE_WL_DRM
meson: we need to link dl
meson: build again without wayland
e_comp: stop including e_comp_x here without a reason
e_comp_wl: move types into typedef section
tiling: only use the insert function
tiling: fix insertion in the tree
leave the E_Comp_Wl_Data define in e_comp.h
tiling: show notification if a client cannot be tiled
everything: use correct edje api
tiling: change description
mixer: find a better name
tiling: give a better error message if a client doesnt fit
everything:declare this object as const
meson: install emixer correctly
2017-09-29 10:45:26 -07:00
meson: specify that modules have unresolved apis
meson: teamwork uses emile
meson: wl_drm uses elput
meson: wizard also link_with here
2017-10-23 05:40:12 -07:00
meson: the keyword is value, not default!
2017-09-12 11:03:23 -07:00
Mariusz Bialonczyk (1):
modules/temperature: cosmetics: typo fix (celcius -> celsius)
2017-11-02 05:59:37 -07:00
Massimo Maiurana (9):
2017-09-12 11:03:23 -07:00
Updating italian and spanish translations
Updating italian translation
Updating slovenian translation
Updating italian translation
Updating italian translation
Updating danish translation
Updating danish translation
Updating italian translation
2017-11-02 05:59:37 -07:00
Updating italian translation
2017-09-12 11:03:23 -07:00
Michael Bouchaud (8):
e_client_volume: add sink_name_get API to e_client_volume
e_client_volume: add E_EVENT_CLIENT_VOLUME_SINK handler
e_client_volume: display a control per stream in the popup volume
e_client_volume: forget to remove the separator
e_askpass: compliant with GIT_ASKPASS for querying username
e_askpass: fix a typo
e_client_volume: check volume setted after a slider drag
e_client_volume: Don't set client volume to max after a mute.
Michaël Bouchaud (yoz) (14):
mixer: fix the volume conversion calc into pulseaudio backend
E_Client: add an abstraction api to control volume by app
mixer: use the new e_client api to export volume control by app.
e_remember: add e_client sound volume support
e_client: add a volume control to the window theme
mixer: add volume control to e_client menu
Revert "mixer: lock up the slider for the case a drag is in progress"
mixer: fix coverity issues
mixer: fix a typo spotted by coverity
mixer: Don't sync volume sink with e_client if they have more than one.
mixer: close the file descriptor on error.
xkbswitch: rewrite the config panel to improve the gui design
mixer: use VOLSET macro in volume output set
Revert "mixer: do not set back the value from emix once the drag is finished"
2017-11-02 05:59:37 -07:00
Mike Blumenkrantz (879):
2017-09-12 11:03:23 -07:00
unset release mode
handle e_comp_x init failure more effectively and perform cleanups
set x11 randr iface for wl_x11 based on wm presence, not composited state
match wl_wl output sizing in wl_x11 when running in an existing wm session
set unmax flag for xdg shell unmaximize
set/unset smart parent as e_widget when adding sub-objects
adjust xdg-shell window menu coords by client's coords
only check x11 configurerequest geometry changes when applicable
improve quickaccess relaunch help dialog text
move new version of e_comp_top_window_at_xy_get() to dnd, restore old version
clear wl subsurface data during delete only if subsurface is not also deleted
add xwayland compat for efl 1.19+
bump efl wayland req to 1.18 now that it's out
Revert "track/manage size hints for zoomap child objects"
track current bryce geom, force recalc on gadget site upon change
clean up some string leaks in wireless gadget popups
delete previous wireless popup when activating editor from connection list
use stringshare_add() for evry files plugin mime types
another case of stringshare misuse re:efreet_mime_type_get()
ignore xwl clients when flagging wl surfaces as internal
add drop handlers for gadgets
add event handler for evry event type, not #define value
do not attempt to populate gadgets during type_add if site has not yet been populated
add docs for E_Comp struct members
remove E_Comp->name
remove more useless E_Comp struct members
bump modapi
move 'unmaximize' smart callback to after geom calc in client_unmaximize
use comp canvas win by default for any drop handler with an E_Object
set the spacer rect as the drop handler base when creating gadget drop handlers
handle e_comp deref during e_dnd shutdown to avoid crash
always use compositor object stacking when performing internal drags
clamp bryces to a lower canvas layer
use same layer in bryce editor for "above window" setting
set gadget added flag any time a gadget is created or wizarded
add separate codepath for handling layout of moving gadgets
force smart calc on gadget sites at key points during move operations
attempt to retain gadget size when executing move operations
adjust gadget drop coords for pointer offset
check visibility of gadget site 'events' member to determine drop availability
add backspace/delete for clearing all lockscreen gadgets
always use largest available size for free-oriented gadgets
add gadget doc note for gadget_destroyed callback re:object lifetimes
force bgpreview widget to resize after a wallpaper update
always delete gadget's display object and ensure gadget object is null
clean up gadget drop handlers correctly
do not update bryce layer when restacking to a higher layer than CLIENT_ABOVE
remove extraneous recalc trigger when deleting a gadget
bump to require efl 1.18.99
do not consume key events in comp autoclose key callback if desklock is active
add e_util_open(), unify all callers of enlightenment_open
remove x11 input window from desklock grab process
remove (wrong) setting of layer for time's clock gadget popup
do not show wireless gadget popups if desklock is active
force shape queue when gadget util ctxpopups change visibility
print object type in shape debug if name does not exist
clamp gadget util ctxpopups to E_LAYER_POPUP at the lowest
handle "unmaximize" smart callback differently depending on fullscreen state
remove unused variable
force zone useful geometry recalc on desk flip if prev/next desk has obstacles
split wl_desktop_shell into separate files per shell
enforce bryce resizing when orientation changes
add EINTERN function for renaming gadget sites
fix bryce check for shelf existence on orientation/anchor to break when expected
add zone number to bryce names
do not check for shelf/bryce existence in opposing anchorages during bryce wizard
further improve bryce portability across zones
also do full bryce rename when moving between zones
add new flag for zone edge objects to allow shape cutting while repeating events
force bryce visibility during editor activity
add gadget_site_(un)locked smart callbacks for forcing gadget site visibility
call gadget_popup smart callback when configuring gadgets
handle gadget_popup smart callback on gadget's display object
set ON_HOLD flag when triggering gadget mouse buttion actions
remove unused attribute from used param
trigger bryce menus from right click if event has not been consumed
fix bryce upgrade path from 0 -> 2 re:naming
set ON_HOLD flag more accurately when activating gadget actions
avoid extra recalc when resizing a bryce on its oriented axis
add gadget site sizing workaround to avoid elm box sizing desync
rename bryces when changing anchors
loop bryce autosize recalc when gadget site has not yet calculated its size
only find the session recovery remember if ec->remember is not it
apply non-session recovery remember to client when creating recovery remember
correctly handle applying of non-SR remember in remember config
reject successive zone_geometry_dirty() calls
trigger zone geometry events when updating zone/desk obstacles
force min size on wireless popup during show
create substruct for E_Comp to put canvas objects into
bump modapi
add workarounds for ctxpopup geometry for use in input shape tiling
force recalc on bryce scroller when doing recalc on gadget site
handle no-orient gadget visibility based on site->events visibility
force gadget site recalc on gadget object creation to ensure sizing
copy gadget position from pointer gadget -> drop gadget when executing drop
calc new gadget size based on ratio of size:target site size
add generic handler for desktop gadget layers
Revert "correctly handle applying of non-SR remember in remember config"
Revert "only find the session recovery remember if ec->remember is not it"
Revert "update secondary remembers when a session recovery remember is updated"
Revert "prevent editing of session recovery remembers"
redo session recovery handling to use separate E_Remember
bump modapi
allow client frame changes when switching from frame -> no frame
optimize out re-applying of borderless client theme
block remembers of e_sys windows
use eina_streq for string comparison in e_zone_for_id_get()
fix use after free when renaming a bryce
clamp bryce position to its parent zone
avoid potential divide by zero during bryce startup
do not modify bryce zone/name during startup
center desktop gadget editor popups upon the zone they have activated
track desktop gadgets based on their zones
attempt to handle non-orient gadget resizes based on anchor corners
allow scaling gadgets using wheel events during initial placement
delete current dragging gadget during edit if escape is pressed
attempt to recalc gadgets which overflow their container
do not apply pager rotation when placed on desktop
do not apply efx anchoring to move effects if a resize effect is not active
use only aspect sizing in luncher
update luncher aspect hints whenever icon list is modified
do not create new luncher cfg id for demo gadgets
add smart callback for when gadgets get reparented
do not return early from _bryce_position()
add bool return for e_exec_phony_del() to return deletion success
feed mouse-up when dropping a gadget site before enabling events on the site
use only aspect hints for new pager gadget
force gadget site recalc from style object if gadget's hints change
return correct values from bryce post event callbacks
determine wl pixmap argb solely based on image_argb flag
avoid crash when calling e_pixmap_image_exists on wl pixmaps without buffers
add more parens for previous pixmap commit
add special case for returning pixmap argb of unusable wl cursor pixmaps
move bryces to E_LAYER_DESKTOP_TOP when not above windows
center menu-triggered volume popup on same zone as client
force bryce repositioning onto target zone during startup
use only zone coords when moving bryce to its zone during editing
clamp e_place calcs to zone geometry
break out e_place_desk_region_smart() area calcs into separate function
break out repeated code from _e_place_desk_region_smart_area_calc() into separate function
add docs for e_place_desk_region_smart() calc code
reset initial internal wl client states when hiding (but not deleting)
unset wl client surface pointer on surface destroy
remove wl client pixmap aliasing on del
always free wl pixmap buffer list on non-cache image clear
unalias internal wl client pixmaps in elm win hide trap callback
handle e_scale correctly in bryces
keep bryce starting size unscaled
unset cur_mouse_action upon deleting client menu
send orientation signal to bryce scroller theme
only unset cur_mouse_action on client menu delete for the right action
focus confirmation option in efm delete dialog
disable bindings during desklock
reject non-printable characters from lokker entry
make confirm dialogs autoselect the confirm option
add e_client_util_top_parent_get()
add e_comp_object_coords_inside_input_area()
xdg6 support
require an elm win to apply auto-visibility for internal wins in wl surface commit
clarify some wl surface checks to require elm wins
make fake mouse-out upon focus-out conditional on pending pointer warp
prevent divide by zero when calculating gadget aspect sizing
handle xdg-shell maximize/unmaximize calls correctly
stack subsurfaces above their parents upon creation
correctly handle xdg surface deletion and pointer clearing
destroy xdg role surfaces if base surface is destroyed
handle illegal xdg-shell resource unbinds
fix use of E_CONTAINS macro for xdg-shell positioners
always send valid size geom when configuring xdg6 popups
check gravity variable for gravities when applying xdg6 positioners
use more accurate determination for applying xdg-shell (un)maximize operations
use correct coords for determining input region calcs on comp objects
move the comp canvas cursor object during wl surface grabs
handle input detection for wl surface grabs more accurately using stacking
feed mouse move and canvas mouse up upon breaking a wl surface grab
add handler for triggering xdg-shell data cleanup on client del
free xdg-shell data for xdg5 surfaces
disable xdg6 positioner resize hints
apply better algorithm during xdg6 positioner slide calc
do not pop pointer types on client hide events if the client is pass_events
set wl pointer surfaces to E_LAYER_CLIENT_PRIO during setup
attempt to re-set wl surface pointer when popping back to "default" pointer type
fix internal wl windows to exit when border X is clicked
handle pass_event clients in e_comp_object_coords_inside_input_area
Revert "Check for deleted client in e_pixmap_image_is_argb"
use better check for getting wl surface alpha from cursor pixmaps
revert all sizing commits to ibar/ibox for the past year
maintain "empty" object's size hints when ibar/ibox resizes
null out animator pointers in efx stop() operations
null out bryce and site pointers when deleting bryce object
add some internal functions for triggering fake screen hotplug events
don't track gadget drop handler objects for deletion
do not set aspect on luncher grid gadgets
correctly set E_POINTER_RESIZE_BR mode for client keyboard resizing
plug iterator leak in e_comp_object_render()
remove extra SLEEP prints during startup on non-release builds
fix auto-enabling of compiler warnings on non-release builds
bump modapi
revert desklock block_rect opacity change
add method for unblocking zones during desklock show/hide
handle desklock show animation unblocking in lokker
resolve certain double/float comparisons in with increased correctness
resolve battery float-equal warnings
resolve efm float-equal warnings
resolve efx float-equal warnings
resolve compositor float-equal warnings
fix selective disabling of -Wunused-parameter under clang in copied weston code
resolve conf_* module float-equal warnings
resolve evry float-equal warnings
resolve winlist float-equal warnings
resolve widget-related float-equal warnings
resolve gadcon-related float-equal warnings
resolve client float-equal warnings
resolve misc module float-equal warnings
resolve binding+action float-equal warnings
resolve misc float-equal warnings
specify format string for desk names in desk config
add global macros for easily toggling warning flags
mark strftime calls using struct tm in time module as safe
mark strftime calls using struct tm in e_slider as safe
Revert "warnings - disable y2k and format non literal and float comparison"
use -Wno-format-y2k for non-release builds
break out code to set clients as transients for a parent
implement xdg-foreign v1
free configs for demo gadgets on object free
do not return sr window remembers if not looking for sr remembers
do not perform frame coord adjustments for re_manage wayland clients
use persistent clipping for comp object input rects
use geometry from comp object input rect when determining if coords intersect
ensure that gadget internal del callbacks are handled before other callbacks
handle pixmap_refresh() failure cases more accurately under wayland
throw xdg6 errors for unconfigured buffers as spec requires
validate xdg-shell move/resize requests against latest button serial
reset demo gadget id before deleting gadget object during drop operation
do not double-free lists during luncher bar empty
remove gadget drop object event callbacks during object deletion
implement relative-pointer v1
add flag for comp screen iface to indicate relative motion eventing
generically handle relative motion eventing for non-featureful backends
ignore intercepted mouse events for non-wl compositing
implement pointer-constraints v1
free string pointer in xkbswitch parsing
add e_pointer_show()
use e_pointer_show() when updating wl-drm seat caps to enable pointer
make e_pointer_object_set() a no-op when passing the existing cursor
simplify mouse-out cursor reset for wl clients
use 1x1 for unsized (internal) clients
hide wl client cursors when set_pointer is passed a null surface
simplify xkbswitch rule parsing, ensure resource freeing
remove del callbacks for xkbswitch list config objects
remove callback for "gadget_destroyed" in pager
add note in doc for "gadget_destroyed" callback re: callback ordering
wrap time module strftime calls more loosely when disabling -Wflags
remove E_Config->desktop_default_name
plug list leak in luncher
ref clients during exe_inst deletion to avoid invalid access after free
start xwayland process 2.0s after module load
only unset current pointer cursor object if new one is being set
force mouse-out on wl clients during delete if mouse.in is set
Revert "attempt to re-set wl surface pointer when popping back to "default" pointer type"
reset compositor pointer cursor if wl surface destroy is the current cursor
add specific handling for xwl cursor unsetting on mouse-out to ssd
move wl data device focus-change handling to data device leave() fn
simplify _e_comp_wl_data_device_drag_finished() slightly
more correctly handle dnd completion for wl
add wl_buffer output module
fix return code checking for errors when generating wl key events
Revert "e - wayland - fix double-resize if e wants a different initial size"
future-proof client hook inlist initialization
add client hook for UNIGNORE
use E_Client->changes.size for validating wl client geom during configure
unignore wl clients on first commit regardless of buffer attachment
watch UNIGNORE hook for hooking window remembers
allow new_clients to update their remembers
never return remembers which apply uuid if not looking for sr remembers
do not display sr rememebers in remember config dialog
watch client UNIGNORE hook for adding new tiling clients
make client placement eval not dependent on new_client flag
always set E_Client->placed when successfully moving a comp object
do not use new_client to determine placement-related paths during wl client commit
ignore all non-NORMAL type wl windows in e_place
fix wl_drm detection in e_mouse.c
make wl key input generator take keynames instead of keycodes
add client smart callback for post_render
make e_comp_wl->ptr.x/y ints and fix usage to be consistent
remove e_comp_wl->ptr.grab_x/y
center pointer on wl_buffer output init
block backlight changing for nested/buffer compositors
add event for xwayland init
save config when toggling option to disable startup splash
register wl_buffer output canvas for input events
e_menu_grab_window_get() -> e_menu_is_active()
only attempt to place clients which are protocol-visible
unadjust wl surface coords before applying position during commit
set E_Client->remember before calling e_remember_update()
redo wl client setting of E_Client->take_focus and E_Client->want_focus
do not shortcut wl surface commit unignore path for internal wins
free E_Remember->uuid on shutdown
enable abort on critical error for non-release builds
add new explicit method for enabling backlight depending on output type
add function for printing debug info on an evas object
only move new bryces to zone on create, not existing ones
show already-visible comp util objects when changing frame type
add E_Menu access from its comp object
make 'after_restart' variable global
remove all unnecessary efl version checks
hide wl clients before deleting them on surface destroy
comment out inlist member of E_Comp_Object struct
better protect comp object internals from dereferencing freed clients
add all wl client frame callbacks with priority AFTER
unset deskmirror client's client pointer upon client deletion
fix dangling pointers in xdg-shell deletion
Revert "e - wl mode - stop consuming 100 percent cpu"
add Return and Caps_Lock handling to wl key event generation
do not unset E_Client->placed for fullscreen/maximize clients
defer menu activation mouse-up feed
set ON_HOLD when activating start gadget
add handler for EFREET_EVENT_DESKTOP_CACHE_BUILD to e_order init
track and delete xdg-shell client hooks
make E_COMP_SIZE a global comp resizing env var
do not use saved e_randr screens if fake screens have been added
manually center pointer using compositor size on init when not restarting
run e_hints_window_init() on new_client eval and not during placement
do not force comp objects to render for their proxies if real_hid is set
show x11 parent windows during reparent only if not withdrawn
return during comp object pixels function if client was deleted during render
add wl client flag to indicate status of xdg6 pre-buffer configure
make e_remember_del() work with sr remembers
perform frame adjustments before applying wm spec hints during unmaximize
only save client size info on maximize/fullscreen when protocol visible
check changes.pos during client maximize/fullscreen and adjust window coords
do not start xwayland repeatedly
call wl/x compositor shutdown functions directly during comp shutdown
force iconic state for iconic x11 clients during shutdown
move x11 iconic window init from e_hints -> comp_x initial fetch
call e_randr2_shutdown in comp shutdown
handle null E_Comp->screen during randr2 shutdown
don't set minw for keyboard layout dialog
clear luncher instance icons on bar deletion
only hide wl clients on surface destroy when surface is mapped
handle nested compositor delete requests
set title for buffer output canvas
only set toolbar icon min size if icon exists
always use jobs to create bryce menus
use maximized geometry for shell maximize calls on wl clients if !buffer_commit
do not use animations for wl clients with initial maximize state
slow down mixer's pulse reconnect rate
rework how pulseaudio is started in mixer backend
handle window icons from elm for internal wins
use show instead of bring_in for xkbswitch layout add dialog
always get zone geometry when placing clients
only re-set comp object position during show if client has been placed
set dialog and tooltip flags for internal clients
do not accidentally place unplaced clients during wl *shell configure
add wrappers for elm_win util create functions
send wl client resize edges during focus-in/out send_configure
force sending of last-used geometry when terminating a resize in wl shell send_configure
set signal move/resize clients as action_client internally
compare against e_client_action_get() for rejecting wl mouse events
Revert "Stop sending wayland motion events when the mouse is grabbed"
do not send mouse events to ssd wl clients if mouse is within ssd region
use even more accurate wl callbacks for detecting ssd mouse in/out events
always feed mouse events for wl client move events
block x11 focus eventing under xwayland
do not attempt to set window hidden hints on non-internal x11 windows
account for late object setup when adding ssd mouse in/out callbacks
add flag for wl clients to determine ssd mouse-in vs client mouse-in
use compositor win object for client volume slider
disable client maximize anims when unmaximizing before a fullscreen
only apply xdg-shell client del hooks to internal clients
unset wl shell resource data on destroy
always set E_Client->need_fullscreen when fullscreening
force e_client_unmaximize() to complete during fullscreen operation
slightly optimize maximize -> fullscreen protocol comms for wl clients
add debug for xdg6 configure
check pixmap size before triggering maximize animation
force animationless re-maximize when unfullscreening
only center internal windows once
adjust size for frame geometry in no-animation maximize path
call "maximize" smart callback before "maximize_pre"
add E_Client->saved.set
do not set intermediate client geometry when doing fullscreen -> maximized
re-set backlight level when resuming from suspend
explicitly stack child client above parent when calling parent_set
center child clients on parent in parent_set()
don't set wl xdg-foreign clients as modal
use e_client_parent_set() in wl *shell parent setting methods
add a client's children to the skiplist during place routine
do not arbitrarily center "lost" child windows, center them on the parent
support clients as positioner objects in e_comp_object_util_center_on()
re-place transient wl clients when parent is first sized
break out client transient restacking into function
apply transient stacking to wl clients when restack would not otherwise occur
remove duplicated client stacking code from wl restack callback
do not adjust unplaced transient client position on parent move/resize
add cache for dead x11 manager windows
remove uuid references from e_pixmap.c
re-set list of default desklock bgs when changing to custom bg in config
set pass events on efm icons when deleting files
remove unused struct members from wl E_Comp_Wl_Client_Data
make RENDER_DEBUG activate with E_RENDER_DEBUG env var
make SHAPE_DEBUG activate with E_SHAPE_DEBUG env var
explicitly set nested wl output canvas as a toplevel window
avoid refocusing deleted wl clients during comp input ungrabbing
set initial x11 window geometry for windows which do not have wm hints
remove unused struct members
check image load error when checking dmabuf viability in gl
better handling for iconify during comp object show/hide
do not show iconic x11 clients on on icccm hint change
add desklock interface handler for key press
remove check for desklock in comp object autoclose handler
check efm path existence before using it during dnd selections
unset wl button mask when beginning a move/resize operation
unset wl selection target client if that client is deleted
don't dup fds during xwl bridged selection transfer, this happens in libwayland
always run client icon update path when creating xdg6 role surface
add error messages when symbols fail to resolve in xwl init
force client pixmap refresh immediately during resize if nocomp is active
do not perform zone updates on ignored clients during evas callbacks
remove unnecessary comparison when applying new keyboard layout in gadget
update wl input to use new keyboard context/keymap api
bump efl version
use FOREACH_SAFE when walking client list during logout
another fix for e_comp_wl->ptr.x/y coords being wl_fixed instead of ints
store current pointer client into pointer struct
preserve cursor state in drm output during vt switch
simplify _bar_check_for_duplicates() in luncher
simplify handling of new exec clients when adding luncher icons
use correct event struct in luncher's _bar_cb_client_remove()
remove misleading null checks from _bar_cb_client_remove()
remove client callback from luncher icon when necessary
perform client raise before triggering move/resize BEGIN client hook
delete client raise timer when beginning a move/resize operation
do not trigger events/bindings on zone object events with timestamp==0
use event_grabber to simulate explicit grab during window move/resize actions
re-enable zone edges during window_move action
send nograb signal to ssd theme on creation
feed mouse up during window maximize if the current window is being dragged
update wl_drm for recent efl_input_device api changes
only remove left/right maximize when removing vertical if left/right is set
route all mouse movements to action_client during action grab
don't null pointer after deleting internal win during wl delete request
hook client object unref callback to cleanup comp object internals
use fake xinerama screens when initializing wl outputs
store output subpixel value to randr2 screen data during drm init
simplify drm output update event by using randr screen refresh queuing
send version edje signal to ssd theme
reject client mouse move if coords match previous position
feed mouse-up to action client from event grabber, then attempt to end actions
try only 1 reconnect to pulse when mixer fails to init
set pass events on shape debug rects
print object type if name is null during shape debug
ensure flag to preserve gadget editor is unset after setup
allow gadgets to return a null object for demo objects
do not advertise luncher grid or sysinfo for gadget sites with orient
do not attempt to pack cpumonitor into box in sysinfo mode
redo the gadget editor (again)
force horizontal orient for all gadget editors with orientation
if gadget wizard returns a zero id, remove gadget from site and destroy
reset demo gadget id before deleting gadget object during drop operation
update gadget position during a resize from top/left edge
use seat0 as default seat name instead of default
Revert "e - allow env var to turn off aborting at any CRI issue"
hide gadget editor when dragging/wizarding a new gadget
always grab input when showing a gadget wizard
use safe list iterating when clearing a gadget site during shutdown
freeze client action event grabber stacking
do not enable abort on critical in development builds for raster only
block client mouse move calls from comp object during move/resize
Revert "block client mouse move calls from comp object during move/resize"
block "user" client resizes during comp client updating phase
force shape queue when adding/deleting action client event grabber
perform move after resize during comp object show
unset gadget editor pointer on editor delete
remove eeze init/shutdown calls from modules
use event grabber for gadget editors to improve event detection
multiply pointer axis values by 10 for wl clients
check exit status from auth subprocess
block pointer warping on override clients
make e_comp_object_frame_allowed() return false for ignored clients
only set E_Client->want_focus for wl override clients if not popup client
use xwayland check for clients when checking whether to reset focus to root
don't run x11 focus (un)set callbacks for override clients
don't force shm for xwayland launch and enable gl
check ec pointer before deref in luncher's E_EVENT_EXEC_DEL handler
don't call comp object cleanup functions for clients without comp objects
only unredirect clients during comp update after 3 failures
try redirecting failed clients again during resize
handle rotations with fake xinerama screens
don't crash in randr module when using fake xinerama screens
process screen events in wl when using fake screens
save gadget site config when deleting gadget after wizard failure
add function for a gadget to remove itself
remove "gadget_removed" smart callback from gadgets which use it upon deletion
add "focus" mode for render debug
add handler to catch (new) fake elm win wl2 window client
focus comp canvas's client when no real client is focused
don't reject internal wl selections based on serial value
unset DISPLAY in mixer when performing pulseaudio operations under wl
use kbd focus resource's client instead of "focused" client in data device
don't set E_Client->want_focus for wl overrides with parents
move x11 suspend window grabbing to comp_x, ungrab on resume
Revert "Revert "move x11 suspend window grabbing to comp_x, ungrab on resume""
do not perform input grabbing during (un)blank if pointer will not animate
always perform initial input ungrab when waking screen
unset gadget site's layout pointer after destroying gadgets
unpack gadget from site editor box on content_item del
delete gadget editor site when editor is deleted
move gadget del callbacks to AFTER priority
update time gadget date string during clock timer
handle multiple input regions for csd clients
toggle NOGRAB on client input rects during move operations
don't attempt desk flips from client move handler
only set qt theme override env vars if option to do theme matching is enabled
rename clock+time module event handler lists
freeze edje during dpms
disable clock+time gadget updating during dpms
freeze pointer animations while screensaver is active
prune unconfigured gadgets from comp object sites upon site del
don't close gadget editor if ON_HOLD is set or click is not button 1
add better handling for interacting with gadget popups while editor is up
hide gadget editor if gadget triggers a popup
always check for autoclose object when adding gadget objs to edit grabber
use correct key name for BackSpace in desktop gadget key handler
save config after clearing desktop gadget site
update date for time gadgets when day timer ticks
remove nonfunctional --enable-simple-x11 configure flag
remove edje-cc from build
remove egl from build
remove unused defines
fix wayland-only build
fix e_alert build with wayland only
reduce include deps for enlightenment_imc binary
reduce include deps for enlightenment_thumb binary
only store the compositor's own data manager resource to e_comp_wl->mgr.resource
don't free x11 clipboard source immediately
remove unused Evas.h include from e_fm_ipc.c
split macros out of e.h into separate file
make efm build without elm includes
do not generate module.desktop files
Revert "toggle NOGRAB on client input rects during move operations"
Revert "handle multiple input regions for csd clients"
handle multiple input regions for csd clients
toggle NOGRAB on client input rects during move operations
reduce include deps for enlightenment_imc binary
reduce include deps for enlightenment_thumb binary
fix E_API definition
do not include e.h in batget.c
check for different types of load errors during startup image load tests
remove unused define from cflags and pc file
use snapshot object for shot module
remove wl screenshooter protocol