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2017-11-03 11:10:07 -07:00
Please report bugs and submit patches at https://phab.enlightenment.org
* efl
* xcb
* xcb-shape
* xcb-keysyms
* libpam (On Linux)
2014-09-20 00:21:50 -07:00
Highly suggested:
* evas_generic_loaders (All loaders)
* bluez5 (BT support and l2ping tool)
* connman
* bc (For everything calculator)
* pulseaudio
* acpid (Unless your system doesn't have ACPI at all)
* packagekit (For packagekit module updates status)
* udisks2
* gdb (If you want automatic bactraces in ~/.e-crashdump.txt)
NOTE: Users of DR16 will need to rename the $prefix/bin/enlightenment
2017-11-03 11:10:07 -07:00
file prior to installing this release or it will be overwritten.
Please see the INSTALL file for now to compile and install it.
NOTE: If you do not want security issues make sure sysactions.conf is in
2012-09-02 17:30:06 -07:00
/etc/enlightenment (not PREFIX/etc/enlightenment) as this is the first place
it looks at. This file is intended to be customized by packagers and
system integrators to match your policies and scripts/tools.
NOTE: To enable wayland support (still considered experimental and not for
regular end users) use the meson -Dwayland=true option. To run
enlightenment in wayland mode, just log on on ant vt and run
enlightenment_start. If you wish to debug and see all the output try
using something like screen then attaching to the remote screen
session by sshing in etc.