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Till Adam 4efdf11ee6 Move e_view_machine_get_model functionality into e_view_set_dir in view.c
where it makes more sense.

SVN revision: 5996
2002-02-27 22:46:14 +00:00
cpk 706a10b1db Did a little codewalk through the view code -- added lots of
segfault protection, renamed get_model_from_realpath() to
view_model_lookup(). Moved the realpath call to view_model_lookup(),
this way we need not rely on the realpath being passed in.
All minor stuff, really.

One thing I noticed: e_view_machine_get_model() is in the wrong
place and should change its name -- it is not related to the view
machine and does not return anything. It should probably become


and live in view.c.

Also, Raster hasn't replied yet to my question regarding
the need for the explicit -lc in It works fine
here without it and apparently breaks FreeBSD build, so I
think we should remove it.

Fixed a warning in focus.c due to missing icccm.h.

Added "void" to function declarations that don't accept

SVN revision: 5994
2002-02-27 21:06:42 +00:00
Till Adam 12fe3a8611 prevent selections in multiple views of the same dir. I do it like this to
keep selection info out of the view_model because it really doesnt belong
there, I think.

SVN revision: 5992
2002-02-27 10:39:08 +00:00
Till Adam 963526152c - use the view->changed flag again and set it whenever necessary (I hope ;)
- hopefully fix core on bsd reported by kirby kuehl

SVN revision: 5988
2002-02-26 21:12:45 +00:00
Till Adam d3625546b5 This is meant to prevent drags from one view of a dir to another view of
the same dir. Kevin, is this the right place to do this?

SVN revision: 5986
2002-02-26 18:56:54 +00:00
Till Adam fd0bd775f6 re-enable drag and drop. Turned out to need only minimal adjustments. Not extensively tested, so I'd appreciate it if
people tried if this works like before.

SVN revision: 5983
2002-02-26 09:24:50 +00:00
rephorm a7e397198d RIP!
No more epplet support.
It should once again compile regardless of whether ferite is used or not.

SVN revision: 5981
2002-02-26 01:25:35 +00:00
Till Adam a21dcda8c8 update some docu and comments
SVN revision: 5979
2002-02-25 20:44:58 +00:00
Till Adam 335ce3545e and this one too ;)
SVN revision: 5978
2002-02-25 18:09:36 +00:00
Till Adam 5744b944d6 ok folks, here goes. The multiple view stuff as discussed in lenght. I've managed to get metadata back up, views save
their geometry on close. I'll start getting the documentation back in sync and commenting some more. Could anyone
willing to clean up/fix either the iconbar dnd stuff and/or the regular dnd stuff please announce it, so we dont start
duplicating work. Thanks.

SVN revision: 5977
2002-02-25 18:09:13 +00:00
rephorm abf7d8f0ee some patches by Nicolas Pomarede:
LMB will scroll one screen when pressed in the scrollbar area.
Middle and Right MB will move the scroll bar slider to the clicked
position directly.

So this is rather similar to the behaviour we have in standard GTK apps
for example.

Also, I corrected a small bug in view.c and scrollbar.c that could lead to
the scrollbar beeing redrawn outside the view (because "value" was
recalculated before "range" and "max" were set ; and since value depends
on max and range, this could lead to value of value that were too big).

Thanks Nicolas!

SVN revision: 5976
2002-02-24 06:48:14 +00:00
sleuth 1ee238ff53 Enlarge the menu intersection test area so clicking
always starts the app.

Kevin Brosius <>

SVN revision: 5964
2002-02-21 04:42:50 +00:00
rephorm 419af7eb81 allow drops from the same view.
The matching_drop_attempt flag was set, so it should handle the drop regardless of whether the same view or not, since it checks for the flag later.

Now you can drop icons from the desktop to the iconbar.

SVN revision: 5960
2002-02-20 05:09:00 +00:00
rephorm daf36fd95d clean up the imlib_image
SVN revision: 5959
2002-02-20 04:19:21 +00:00
rephorm d5f6a3f256 drag and drop view icons onto the iconbar to add em. They get the same icon as t
he view gave em, so its a little bland now. Icon changing may come soon.

SVN revision: 5958
2002-02-20 03:47:13 +00:00
Christopher Rosendahl 74a4efea34 Wrote a simple uptime epplet =)
Brendon i hope you don't mind me using your clock.png =) i thought it looked
so neat... and it looks even more neat with both the clock & uptime epplet
having the same look.

SVN revision: 5954
2002-02-18 15:19:12 +00:00
atmosphere d41b943d28 use a little more of the bg code in views
SVN revision: 5953
2002-02-18 14:42:57 +00:00
bdsabian b6d3c129b2 New look for clock2. Easier to read.
SVN revision: 5947
2002-02-17 22:50:30 +00:00
atmosphere 751ea8b62c clean up bgs properly(i think)
The old background code(background.c) had
e_object_init(E_OBJECT(bg), (E_Cleanup_Func) e_background_cleanup);
in the e_background_new function which isn't being used anymore

I don't fully understand the way the E_Object stuff would work with this or
if this is ok since ebg is its own separate library now.

SVN revision: 5943
2002-02-16 22:39:19 +00:00
rephorm 984f643abb reorder or remove iconbar icons by moving them around on the iconbar or moving them off of it.
SVN revision: 5942
2002-02-15 22:45:11 +00:00
bdsabian 1f91b6d65a here's the epplets.bits.db that I'm using. CaT, does this work for you now without the move() line?
SVN revision: 5939
2002-02-14 16:45:02 +00:00
bdsabian 3b7aab7dea now uses .e_epplets.bits.db for main epplet positioning
SVN revision: 5938
2002-02-14 05:14:42 +00:00
bdsabian 3ecca04798 hopefully this fixes the problem people are having with the background not loading.
SVN revision: 5937
2002-02-14 00:26:22 +00:00
bdsabian d349987309 Hopefully this will get the image to work for everyone else
SVN revision: 5936
2002-02-13 19:02:17 +00:00
bdsabian 501feae88e - use that nifty new syntax for date/time strings
- get year properly :)

SVN revision: 5935
2002-02-13 11:11:11 +00:00
bdsabian e3b4c7e88a - new look for clock (clock2.fe)
- old look still default, read README to see how to change

SVN revision: 5934
2002-02-13 11:01:25 +00:00
bdsabian 3f4ec34adf ok, i think we're done with the stupid mistakes here :) (i hope so)
SVN revision: 5933
2002-02-13 09:55:20 +00:00
bdsabian 55f5d03b2f ferite refuses to compile the script if I use >=. any ideas???
SVN revision: 5932
2002-02-13 09:43:59 +00:00
bdsabian dcb669d3e3 fix so noon is also marked as PM
SVN revision: 5931
2002-02-13 09:29:08 +00:00
bdsabian 4f595ff6db fix so midnight is displayed as 12, not 0 :)
SVN revision: 5930
2002-02-13 08:12:47 +00:00
bdsabian 4acc6e93c5 - easier to read
- load time right away

SVN revision: 5927
2002-02-12 23:58:37 +00:00
bdsabian e0e1f648b9 cooler font :)
SVN revision: 5926
2002-02-12 22:59:25 +00:00
bdsabian 8eb7d29ecb Update bits db
SVN revision: 5924
2002-02-12 07:15:09 +00:00
bdsabian e265177357 Simple Clock epplet
SVN revision: 5918
2002-02-12 02:08:04 +00:00
rephorm dbcb4acf5e add epplet dir to evas font list.
so, epplet specific fonts go in epplet dir, not in data/fonts

SVN revision: 5907
2002-02-08 19:22:13 +00:00
rephorm d284db6c28 Updated deskswitcher. Using ebits instead of evas_objects.
A good example of a simple epplet using ebit callbacks and observing desktop changes.

SVN revision: 5906
2002-02-08 18:54:54 +00:00
rephorm 888151058b New Icon theme!
SVN revision: 5903
2002-02-07 08:04:52 +00:00
sleuth 12d31ee35f Fix gnome menu generation.
Kevin Brosius <>

SVN revision: 5901
2002-02-06 02:05:49 +00:00
sleuth 7c54a338e8 Restore Raster's version of the iconbar_bottom.bits.db and
add the 'Resist' field.  I've left out scrollbar buttons (the
bottom version never had any.)

Kevin Brosius <>

SVN revision: 5893
2002-02-03 16:42:35 +00:00
sleuth e291598f98 Minor printf cleanup.
Kevin Brosius <>

SVN revision: 5891
2002-02-03 08:32:31 +00:00
rephorm 38ac2443ca Epplets run from ~/.e/desktop/default/.e_epplets/eppletName/eppletName.fe
(copy em manually for now)

Get epplets to keep track of the ebits / evas objects they create, so they can be cleaned up later.

Also, some small epplet API changes.
When creating Ebits / EvasObjects, pass a path relative to the .fe file rather than the full path. Usually, you just need a file name, which should be in the same dir as the epplet.

if a file named layout.bits.db exists in an epplet's dir, it is used for the default layout (location) of that epplet rather than whatever is in ~/.e/desktop/default/.e_epplets.bits.db. Only use this if a specific size/location of the epplet is necessary. (just create one dummy image in the bits with the name of the epplet, and its location/size relative to the entire view) Note, try to not use this, as user customizability is important...

I will eventually make it so that if a ui.bits.db exists, it will automatically be loaded as the main bits file, and set as epplet.bits in the script. (Can't get object creation from within a .fec to work correctly yet...) This would remove the need for the setBits() call.

SVN revision: 5881
2002-01-30 03:16:33 +00:00
rephorm 195f2407e9 This should fix the iconified menu segfaulting problem. The menu now get rebuilt when you middle click, if things have changed.
SVN revision: 5877
2002-01-28 05:41:29 +00:00
rephorm dd0f8bf0fd move the background usage over to edb. background.c,h are no longer used.
so if you haven't installed ebg, go get it.

SVN revision: 5860
2002-01-26 02:01:42 +00:00
rephorm f4711b90b1 Windows will now be on top when you uniconify them, and will not reappear on their old desktop if you move around while they are iconified.
Also, added some event types.

SVN revision: 5859
2002-01-25 19:41:02 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler ec6114213b maybe try this?
SVN revision: 5858
2002-01-25 02:02:28 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler fb466527e2 how about we build without ferite too? :)
SVN revision: 5857
2002-01-25 00:49:10 +00:00
cpk 857704ec32 This one didn't exist ...
SVN revision: 5856
2002-01-24 18:22:54 +00:00
cpk 74b6161db0 I guess this is necessary to make this build again ...
SVN revision: 5855
2002-01-24 18:19:44 +00:00
rephorm ffcb25ea12 E_EVENT system is now a bit map, allowing one observer to watch MANY events, for instance: E_EVENT_BORDER_ICONIFY | E_EVENT_BORDER_UNICONIFY | E_EVENT_BORDER_NEW, etc. I also made it so that the current event is passed when notifying, so that if watching multiple events, you can do different things for each.
added an e_observer_notify_all_observees() to notify all existing observees of things, such as the creation of a border. This way, an observer can watch for E_EVENT_BORDER_NEW events and register all new borders.

Iconification! Click that iconify button. Then click the middle button on the desktop to get a menu of iconified apps to uniconify. This menu is a decent example of using the observer code to avoid polling or rebuilding more than necessary. Next, maybe instead of completely rebuilding each time something changes, maybe it should dynamically add or remove the respective menu items?

SVN revision: 5854
2002-01-24 08:12:12 +00:00
rephorm dbc39567f3 buffer overflow prevention....
SVN revision: 5853
2002-01-24 06:15:40 +00:00