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rephorm dd0f8bf0fd move the background usage over to edb. background.c,h are no longer used.
so if you haven't installed ebg, go get it.

SVN revision: 5860
2002-01-26 02:01:42 +00:00
rephorm 83dc2cd3fb Generate with proper PREFIX
SVN revision: 5839
2002-01-16 17:31:38 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 7850711392 add tools makefile
SVN revision: 5522
2001-10-19 13:44:49 +00:00
cpk 6c52152328 Documentation setup ...
SVN revision: 5479
2001-10-13 00:08:39 +00:00
boris 61c2054c73 -c is needed to stop builder generating a config.m4 for you.
SVN revision: 5450
2001-10-09 00:39:16 +00:00
boris 70e8e45855 With the release of ferite veriosn 0.99.1 today I have updated the ferite
side of things within the configure scripts to use it. (I will make sure that
e17 builds against the latest stable (and the latest cvs))

SVN revision: 5449
2001-10-09 00:36:49 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler ed40162775 been working offline.. wheeeheee! :)
SVN revision: 5374
2001-09-24 21:21:25 +00:00
boris 125f101b7c no need for ferite. fun.
SVN revision: 5315
2001-08-31 13:10:26 +00:00
boris 9368e00c9c let people that blindly update and dont read cvs commits or edevel know
where ferite can be obtained from.

SVN revision: 5281
2001-08-25 20:02:06 +00:00
boris bad5da3d33 Ok this has got some initial support with ferite, currently you can only
assign ferite scripts to menus see data/scripts/ and look
at the exit menu item as an example. you will need ferite - i suggest that
you use cvs ferite as this is what I am developing this against. This, my
friends, is the first step of many :)

SVN revision: 5280
2001-08-25 19:51:48 +00:00
cpk 0b3d46a107 Here's an autoupdated version of ...
SVN revision: 5271
2001-08-24 11:13:02 +00:00