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cpk 175dd4ec36 More doco ...
SVN revision: 5712
2001-11-17 14:30:25 +00:00
cpk a54aebca8e Edb before imlib2 ... thanks Corey.
SVN revision: 5711
2001-11-17 12:29:15 +00:00
cpk 03b6b2eb69 Damn, I forgot ecore.
SVN revision: 5706
2001-11-16 22:12:10 +00:00
cpk d48a3be38b Added a section on building e17 from CVS. Explains what's in CVS,
suggests a build sequence etc.

SVN revision: 5704
2001-11-16 22:04:54 +00:00
cpk cec9c8746c Better ...
SVN revision: 5654
2001-11-08 00:37:15 +00:00
cpk 7fee20982b E17 architecture sketch ...
SVN revision: 5653
2001-11-08 00:30:18 +00:00
cpk a708bdfd42 * More cleanups. I took out everything related only to icon handling
from the view code, and put it into icons.[ch].

* Added the relative desktop move path from Alan Schmitt.

SVN revision: 5616
2001-11-03 14:55:21 +00:00
cpk 02379472ae Alright, I spent some time now reading e17's code. Here's what
I've changed, this is big, so read this carefully :)

* I've added debugging macros for messages and function call
tracing. Usage:

  D("Creating item %i %i %i\n", x, y, z);

Define DEBUG to use the D macro.


These are for call tracing. Use D_RETURN_(x) when returning
something from a function. Define DEBUG_NEST to use this.

* added iconbar header file to
* added proper new()/cleanup() calls for E_Delayed_Action;

* I've completely rewritten the object and observer handling. Bye
bye macros, this was nasty. It'll be hard enough to avoid leaks
with usecounting in C. We now basically have the same system as gtk.
There's a clear separation of observer and object code now.
An E_Object by itself has nothing to do with observing or being
observed, therefore, there are now E_Observers and E_Observees
that are derived from E_Object. IMPORTANT: The cleanup system now
reflects the reference count system, therefore, all ..._free()
calls are now static, because the destructor should never be called explicitly, but implicitly through e_object_unref(). The object handling
now is as follows:

  - The cleanup functions clean up everything that is contained in
a struct, but NOT the struct itself. Instead of the final
free() call, they call the destructor of the base class. The
calls will walk up the hierarchy and clean up what's contained in
every struct, and the final e_object_cleanup() will free the
structure itself. E_Delayed_Action is a good example.

  - The only calls that influence the reference count are
e_object_ref() and e_object_unref(). If you need to do things
before an object gets destroyed, you can query the use count using
e_object_get_usecount() and check if it's equal to 1. So this:

     ecore_window_reparent(e->win, 0, 0, 0);

   now is this:

  if (e_object_get_usecount(E_OBJECT(b)) == 1)
      ecore_window_reparent(e->win, 0, 0, 0);


object.h and observer.h are completely commented, it shouldn't be
too hard to understand. This'll need to be documented in the manual

* E_Objects are now used in lots of places where void* were used as
pointers to objects before, especially in the actions code. This is
obviously better, as it will generate compiler warnings when people
want to pass things to functions that expect E_Objects. This could
probably be more restrictive.

* Added typedefs for the function prototypes in E_Action_Impl. Those
fat signatures were just painful to read in the function

* I've also tried to give parameters more useful names. Calling an
object "o" is a lot of fun when you want to grep for it.

* Included is also Graham's latest menu.c patch. Sorry for the
delay, Graham.

* I've added checks to the menu code that make sure that menus
don't pop up when they're empty (which resulted in a little useless

I guess that's it for now. Sorry if I broke anything, but this was
necessary imho.

SVN revision: 5605
2001-11-02 17:07:52 +00:00
cpk 59eda55bb7 Updated manual ...
SVN revision: 5604
2001-11-01 23:55:39 +00:00
cpk d23f3877e6 The kernel folks really shouldn't be too proud of this script.
SVN revision: 5581
2001-10-26 20:10:03 +00:00
cpk 6aa31f2bcc Oh-oh. That was just for efsd.
SVN revision: 5565
2001-10-24 22:33:57 +00:00
cpk 6e3d8783ca * Patch from Graham McDonald to skip separators in menus
* Hooked menu.c into documentation system
* s/ecore/e/ in some places

SVN revision: 5548
2001-10-21 22:16:00 +00:00
cpk 79ef2ccbe9 Created a documentation skeleton and changed the comments in iconbar.c
so that they're useful for the documentation system.

SVN revision: 5547
2001-10-21 22:03:36 +00:00
cpk 79460bfd67 Dumdedum ... nothing to see here ...
SVN revision: 5483
2001-10-13 00:20:23 +00:00
cpk 6c52152328 Documentation setup ...
SVN revision: 5479
2001-10-13 00:08:39 +00:00