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metrics 93e6517c22 Yet another debugger (kinda vim like).
SVN revision: 27066
2006-11-12 10:01:06 +00:00
Miculcy Brian 20e69359f9 added strace
SVN revision: 27061
2006-11-12 02:41:28 +00:00
David Walter Seikel c99f0e7807 Document another one of them debugging environment variable thingummies.
SVN revision: 27034
2006-11-10 15:00:39 +00:00
David Walter Seikel 1837dfffb9 Some internal echo commands wont support -e, so make sure we get an external

SVN revision: 26980
2006-11-05 22:35:12 +00:00
David Walter Seikel 6e6acd7379 According to raster, the proper way to start enlightenment with this script.
SVN revision: 26748
2006-10-23 06:50:44 +00:00
Christopher Michael 2596826d1c Update xnest script to use enlightenment_start for metrics :)
SVN revision: 26734
2006-10-21 13:32:58 +00:00
David Walter Seikel 00cb0f56dd More robust, self contained, no longer needing an external file, can be
run from anywhere, and cleans up after itself.

SVN revision: 26343
2006-10-04 11:31:46 +00:00
David Walter Seikel 437af3260b Added an option to start gdb with no options and no script. Renamed the
one with the script to -b.  The default is still to run gdb with the

As suggested by metrics.

SVN revision: 26296
2006-10-02 08:36:27 +00:00
David Walter Seikel 619c5bcd1c No need to edit the file to choose different debugging methods, you can
pass an argument now.  For those that use a GUI, open the GUI in your
main X.  Defaults to using gdb, and will print help text if it doesn't
understand the argument.

SVN revision: 26270
2006-10-01 06:35:25 +00:00
David Walter Seikel 5e44424c6b TODO--
SVN revision: 25758
2006-09-12 06:48:30 +00:00
David Walter Seikel ccca372eeb Slow down, you're moving too fast.
SVN revision: 20064
2006-01-27 04:44:42 +00:00
David Walter Seikel 16697812d6 Debugging script and support file.
SVN revision: 19993
2006-01-23 18:20:04 +00:00