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Christopher Michael 7c3a27c3c9 Remove dead lines.
Don't use X round-trips.

SVN revision: 44883
2010-01-04 18:42:17 +00:00
Christopher Michael a28b80b1dc Don't use X round-trips.
SVN revision: 44882
2010-01-04 18:37:59 +00:00
Christopher Michael a5bac23eca Use border props for quickpanel rather than round-trip X calls.
SVN revision: 44881
2010-01-04 18:19:27 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 2384854350 fix strength hiding, make it simpler and bit faster.
SVN revision: 44880
2010-01-04 18:17:19 +00:00
Christopher Michael f435c770e4 Add illume atoms to e_border struct.
Add code to fetch illume atoms on border map & property changes (if needed).
    - This avoids a lot of round-trip calls to X when running illume2.
Remove whitespace & fix some formatting.
Use PATH_MAX instead of 4096.
Update illume2 code to use new border atoms and avoid round-trip X calls.

SVN revision: 44879
2010-01-04 18:15:56 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 5ebb87d158 1. compositor module skeletion. have more code elsehwere currently
2. lutin patch for path_max

SVN revision: 44874
2010-01-04 12:27:15 +00:00
Christopher Michael 3ec7e23d3f Some printfs for quickpanel sort (as it still does not seem to sort
correctly all the time).

SVN revision: 44872
2010-01-04 05:32:13 +00:00
Christopher Michael d39c3131fe Remove a printf.
Do not set lock_client_location or lock_user_location during border assign
hook. (These were responsible for elm_indicator window not being movable)
Add a new function so that we can move indicator window to proper position
if we are not in landscape mode. ( This resets indicator window to top
position when mode changes to non-landscape)

Thanks for the help Raster ;)

SVN revision: 44871
2010-01-04 02:53:51 +00:00
Christopher Michael 618763a524 Remove samsung policy.
SVN revision: 44869
2010-01-04 01:55:51 +00:00
Christopher Michael 7d817812d9 Remove samsung policy directory. Not really needed.
SVN revision: 44868
2010-01-04 01:55:03 +00:00
Christopher Michael 35df00f32a Add event for when policy changes.
Handle policy change event.
Remove some unneeded includes.

SVN revision: 44867
2010-01-03 22:54:47 +00:00
Christopher Michael 21055add39 Fix sorting on major numbers (still a problem w/ sorting on minor numbers

SVN revision: 44866
2010-01-03 22:34:09 +00:00
Christopher Michael 13e049e6b6 Add new illume2 (loadable policy .so's) to, etc.
SVN revision: 44865
2010-01-03 22:24:55 +00:00
Christopher Michael 687881fc63 Rework illume2:
- Policies are now loadable .so's ;)

SVN revision: 44864
2010-01-03 22:24:07 +00:00
Christopher Michael 6ca0879feb Remove old illume2 (readding in a second with lots of changes, so this was

SVN revision: 44863
2010-01-03 22:22:39 +00:00
Daniel Kolesa 33c5c77f49 Updating Czech translations.
SVN revision: 44860
2010-01-03 09:17:17 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 0e29bef4b6 lots of minor improvements and fix the damn segfault problem.
* passphrase dialog now has a minimum set size.

 * gadget service name just shows if gadget is larger than 32px, this
   avoids useless 1-2 letters + ellipsis on small gadgets.

 * it's not clear from connman, but seems that error is just
   meaningful if they are in state == failure, they just don't append
   the error and do not notify it went away :-(

 * NotConnected is the name, not the message. Now disconnect on
   already disconnected is fine (called when one request passphrase

 * fix typo "Disconnect s/to/from/g network service"

 * add some notes on where to handle cellular services.

SVN revision: 44854
2010-01-02 22:12:36 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri c413f797d4 disconnect state also needs to be handled
SVN revision: 44853
2010-01-02 18:37:50 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri d41cc63c97 new icons, from exalt-client, by rasterman.
SVN revision: 44852
2010-01-02 16:22:28 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 5d21509986 connman improvements, almost fully usable.
* interacts with offline mode (menu > settings > mode > offline)

 * asks password if service requrires a password or failed to connect.

 * on server exit stringshares go wrong and it crashes. It is very
   weird that this does not happen with e_dbus_connman_test and
   valgrind reports no error there. It is easy to reproduce, but hard
   to track as things are asynchronously and stringshare will report
   the error on the last _del(), that might the correct one and the
   spurious happened before.

 * part of the usability issues are due connman server (connmand), it
   should have an "authentication failed" error (instead of generic
   "Failed: input/output error" and it should stop entering
   "InProgress" when it is not (often happens when one enters invalid
   password, gets an Failed i/o error, then system keeps into
   InProgress). Toggling offline mode might help reset the status.

SVN revision: 44847
2010-01-02 05:25:27 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler bebcb531f9 file not there.
SVN revision: 44843
2010-01-02 02:27:25 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 91d80a9736 disconnect actiom, bit better gadget and tip, still lacks offline mode indicator
SVN revision: 44842
2010-01-01 17:20:19 +00:00
Christopher Michael a1bc311d9a Fix some formatting in connman.
Remove some commented lines in quickpanel.
Add some printfs to quickpanel sort.
Remove dead code line in illume2 layout.
Separate illume and illume2 modules in build process (this allows illume &
illume2 to be enabled/disabled separately)

SVN revision: 44841
2010-01-01 17:15:16 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana e06cd87c39 updating french and italian translations
SVN revision: 44839
2010-01-01 08:50:50 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri f644b3c86e connman popup to give useful information, last commit this year!
SVN revision: 44837
2010-01-01 01:12:53 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri d141b8d627 connman is in a good and usable shape now: connects and goes offline.
Please someone help with the gadget :-)

SVN revision: 44836
2009-12-31 23:51:13 +00:00
Christopher Michael 46387d608c Remove wasted whitespace. Fix some formatting.
SVN revision: 44835
2009-12-31 22:45:34 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 22580d466d rework of connman module, a semi-functional display only module so far.
SVN revision: 44834
2009-12-31 21:44:33 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 9436c022bc avoid leak
SVN revision: 44833
2009-12-31 21:36:01 +00:00
Iván Briano 1c2ba52eb4 Add Move and Resize to the border menu.
SVN revision: 44820
2009-12-31 03:34:27 +00:00
Christopher Michael e20470a501 Add input window so we can click anywhere and dismiss QP. Also listens for
mouse_wheel up to dismiss (because we use mouse_wheel currently to show QP).

SVN revision: 44810
2009-12-30 19:45:53 +00:00
Christopher Michael d254ddcd3f Formatting & Whitespace removal.
SVN revision: 44806
2009-12-30 18:54:50 +00:00
Christopher Michael 0f08cc2cac Implement priority sorting for quickpanels.
SVN revision: 44804
2009-12-30 18:41:55 +00:00
Christopher Michael 694a80290f Fix nasty formatting.
Remove whitespace.
Use -1 for eina_list_sort (saves a function call to eina_list_count).

SVN revision: 44801
2009-12-30 18:24:37 +00:00
Christopher Michael ec8e145dcd Formatting & Whitespace.
SVN revision: 44796
2009-12-30 17:22:19 +00:00
Christopher Michael 5a4e004564 Add priority for illume2 module so it loads before indicator, softkey, home

SVN revision: 44779
2009-12-30 02:35:08 +00:00
Christopher Michael ca2c3ef479 Formatting in quickpanel.
Use better method to get current zone.
Check valid border count on mode switch and create new home windows if needed.

SVN revision: 44778
2009-12-30 02:34:27 +00:00
Christopher Michael 002032811d Add handler for creating new home windows when we get the client message.
Check layout mode on startup and create another home window if needed.

SVN revision: 44777
2009-12-30 02:33:09 +00:00
Christopher Michael ff7cea945f Don't listen on delete requests for home window.
SVN revision: 44773
2009-12-30 01:20:08 +00:00
Christopher Michael 301a1ec905 Kill and apps that we have run from 'home' when we unload the module. (to
cleanup nicely when we exit).

SVN revision: 44770
2009-12-29 23:54:17 +00:00
Christopher Michael 67a4f2caa0 Add different icons for different layout modes in mode-toggle module.
Add code to handle layout changes & update icon.
Implement new Ecore_X Illume Modes.
Make mode toggle actually cycle through modes and change accordingly.

SVN revision: 44769
2009-12-29 22:23:15 +00:00
Christopher Michael a3b7ffe569 And fix quickpanel layer if we are not animating.
SVN revision: 44767
2009-12-29 20:48:19 +00:00
Christopher Michael 7beb5fbf59 Fix quickpanel layering issue.
SVN revision: 44766
2009-12-29 20:43:14 +00:00
Christopher Michael a19182368b Remove function protos that are not used anymore.
SVN revision: 44765
2009-12-29 20:34:43 +00:00
Christopher Michael 93bcd9f4b0 Reduce variable usage.
Reenable border_assign hook (apparently it is needed for proper window
Reduce variable usage in some functions.
Remove border show/hide handlers (not used here).

SVN revision: 44764
2009-12-29 20:30:39 +00:00
Christopher Michael b6c8671bca Fix some quickpanel placement issues.
Add function to adjust quickpanel position.
Add function to return if border is valid.
Set layer of App borders.
Reduce variable usage (use valid_count_get directly).

SVN revision: 44763
2009-12-29 20:26:15 +00:00
Christopher Michael 223fcceb7c And also offset the width of the button. Looks more 'centered' now.
SVN revision: 44762
2009-12-29 19:48:49 +00:00
Christopher Michael ab88bd2a48 Offset the new 'selector' button just a little so it's not so close to the
top of the kbd

SVN revision: 44761
2009-12-29 19:43:22 +00:00
titan 06978eaf8f Change the way the different keyboards are cycled through.. this is less painful, quicker, and easier... Simply click the button to change. *Approved by devilhorns.
SVN revision: 44760
2009-12-29 19:02:48 +00:00
Miculcy Brian 95e44807d3 rewrite of script, fixed bugs and added options, should be way more useable now...
SVN revision: 44758
2009-12-29 16:23:34 +00:00