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Alastair Poole 28896e0ff5 AUTHORS: Add jf_simon to list.
:) Loads of commits recently !
2020-04-12 14:10:36 +01:00
Al Poole 6de4f5aa59 AUTHORS: use netstar's real name. 2018-03-22 15:38:43 +00:00
Al Poole 43d6b440f9 Add user to AUTHORS.
Have been on phab > 1 1/4 yr and active since last March, with patches.

Hopefully this isn't too rude or presumptive.

Would be nice tho!?

Test Plan: Run EFL and E (git) on OpenBSD :-)

Reviewers: raster, cedric, zmike!

Differential Revision:
2017-03-31 11:04:39 +09:00
Derek Foreman 900517b80f Add myself to the AUTHORS file
2016-09-22 15:00:02 -05:00
Simon Lees (SUSE) e3e18c92f9 I should probably be in the Authors list 2016-09-13 13:59:37 +09:30
Tom Hacohen 13c6e93b9c AUTHORS: Add Marcel to authors file. 2014-12-03 13:28:45 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 4cff39b6d7 AUTHORS: Add Luis to authors file.
Thanks for your contributions, let's hope they are the first of many. :)
2014-12-03 12:04:04 +00:00
Jake Jaeseok Yoon 273133ffea src/modules/clock/ korean add
Summary: 시계(Korean expression of clock) add src/modules/clock/

Subscribers: cedric, JakeYoon

Differential Revision:
2014-11-05 17:08:49 +09:00
Wonguk Jeong 162ad41656 teamwork: remove multiple delete of livethumb, icon, video
Since icon/video will be drawn into livethumb's image canvas,
icon/video would be deleted on livethumb's deletion.
Therefore, don't register icon/video as comp object's del list.(duplicated deletion)

"frame_decode" callback shouldn't be invoked multiple time.
2014-08-19 16:06:26 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 863502eff5 unify the usage of my name 2014-02-22 15:43:17 +01:00
Andy Williams 53cbaf7d80 Update me 2014-02-10 01:03:40 +00:00
Davide Andreoli d5a89ca177 Put the packagekit module inside the E tree.
The now old emodules/pacakgekit will be removed soon.
Note that you need to update elm as the theme is there.
2014-01-19 11:58:54 +01:00
Deon Thomas 35e0bc30f4 AUTHORS: added PrinceAMD's read name. 2013-05-11 02:11:32 +09:00
Stefan Schmidt 0c50704c52 AUTHORS: Add myself to the list 2013-03-22 08:53:08 +00:00
Dieter Roelants 5e5462a381 portability: don't rely on bash or zsh behavior.
This force the command to be run with exec and prevent them
for staying alive after startup or restart.

Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2013-03-11 10:29:54 +09:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 75694818a7 patch from Deon Thomas fixing incorrect variable name for base conf module config version
SVN revision: 82515
2013-01-10 07:41:18 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi 3c4ec8960d e: Add changelog and news about the edbus ports and new modules
SVN revision: 82209
2013-01-04 16:19:08 +00:00
Boris Faure 69165855cd e:tiling: Corrected off-by-one error that was causing a SIGFPE when moving the last window in a stack to the left.
SVN revision: 81677
2012-12-24 11:12:56 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 0200c6169d okay, we won't count billiob twice in authors
SVN revision: 81638
2012-12-22 11:54:30 +00:00
Daniel Juyung Seo b9ce26556c e authors: Removed Seong-ho Cho from authors but he should be added as a translator list.
SVN revision: 81536
2012-12-21 10:25:01 +00:00
Daniel Juyung Seo b9d76af697 e: Updated translation authors.
SVN revision: 81518
2012-12-21 08:31:55 +00:00
Cedric BAIL 6f7303f264 e: oops, was already there.
SVN revision: 80223
2012-12-05 08:48:34 +00:00
Cedric BAIL de31494ade e: forgot to update AUTHORS.
SVN revision: 80205
2012-12-05 02:25:11 +00:00
Cedric BAIL 7748928d4d e: add some more real life background.
Provided by Nicolas Beaumont (

SVN revision: 80043
2012-12-03 10:51:16 +00:00
Vincent Torri 31753dfde4 E17: add Stefan Sperling (Solaris fixes)
SVN revision: 79856
2012-11-29 21:46:30 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 4dcc47508e merge authors in from tiling.
SVN revision: 79709
2012-11-26 12:41:09 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 0598a7a710 merge notification with AUTHORS and remove duplicatre files. icon also
now trimmed. also use propr module namespacing for theme.

SVN revision: 79706
2012-11-26 12:37:34 +00:00
Bruno Dilly 824cb792e3 e: update AUTHORS (and doc's list)
SVN revision: 79664
2012-11-26 02:26:03 +00:00
Cedric BAIL e5fd768255 e: update AUTHORS.
SVN revision: 79663
2012-11-26 01:55:02 +00:00
Eduardo de Barros Lima 896c11abba Updated dev info and added myself to AUTHORS where relevant
SVN revision: 79155
2012-11-12 12:33:21 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 31b2e6dcf9 add "Flip To Previous Desktop" action
ticket #1717, patch originally by Robert David <>

SVN revision: 79148
2012-11-12 10:49:28 +00:00
Daniel Juyung Seo 238cf8d846 e AUTHORS Added a missing author and synchronized documentation with AUTHORS.
SVN revision: 77237
2012-10-01 06:57:50 +00:00
Kim Shinwoo 4d8b3bea44 From: Kim Shinwoo <>
i have revised the access module and attached. you can find the
in the patch.

  - mouse double tap and move gesture for each direction
  - two finger flicking for each direction
  - two finger panning

SVN revision: 75945
2012-09-03 04:06:02 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 28d0ae8d0e xkb lauout patch from jeremy! :)
SVN revision: 75543
2012-08-22 11:56:12 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 355c2c1066 TOO MANY RUSTY's! :)
SVN revision: 74726
2012-08-01 10:57:04 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler b836353ae8 patch from rustyBSD.
SVN revision: 74725
2012-08-01 09:33:01 +00:00
Vincent Torri 7e40b5f15a E17: symlink fixes
when copying symlinks, it creates a symlink to the
destination but with the name of the pointed file/folder.

It causes problems, ex: we can't copy two symlinks
pointing to the same file, because they will have the
same name.

Also when copying, if it's a link, we fill the destination
in the struct task, then, after we check overwrite with

Here is a patch which corrects this.

Patch by Maxime Villard (rustyBSD), modified a bit by me (add 2 free() + formatting)

SVN revision: 74264
2012-07-21 13:48:35 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 02cd801b0f E: Add myself to Authors. Apparently I wrote some code in e.
SVN revision: 72294
2012-06-17 13:02:08 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler c1699d13a0 finally - xkbswitch into core e. needs some polishing work. what i
have done here beyond just "copy the code" is:

1. fix up some code that was useless (didnt need to be done).
2. reformat all the code to be closer to efl/e style guidelines
3. add flags to the gadget popup menu to change keyboard
4. fix lots of warnings
5. fix some correctness in c - () vs (void)
6. added q66 to AUTHORS
7. made it use _() intl macro, not D_() (needed)
8. put xkbswitch module stuff in theme (need some prettying/work)
9. added some XXX: comments on things to do

right now xkbswithc is actually very powerful (thanks q66) but its not
that user-friendly. it lets you add a short-list of "keyboard layouts"
you nee/duse. the gagdet lets you quick-switch between them. this
actually works. it has nice little flaggy things to try help you out.

what we probably need to do is:

1. fix a buffer overflow waiting to happen in the kbdswitch changing.
2. add a wizard page asking for kbd layout
3. double-check that "last used kbdlayout" is actually turned on
4. move xkbd config to core e config (not separate in module)
5. pretty up the gagdet (add a shadow around the flag, some
placeholder if no flag is selected etc.)
6. go over the xkb parser - it looks fragile from a read


SVN revision: 70531
2012-04-28 04:09:56 +00:00
Thomas Gstädtner 6f55d529a3 From: Thomas Gstädtner <>
Subject: [E-devel] [PATCH] battery: add support for different suspend

Allow the user to select what to do when the battery runs low:
Suspend, Hibernate or Shutdown.

SVN revision: 69623
2012-03-26 04:00:53 +00:00
Gwanglim Lee 990a6ef050 From: Gwanglim Lee <>
Subject: [E-devel] [Patch] E17/comp: add _NET_WM_CM_Sn checking code

I've added checking code to detect another compositor that is already

And I've also removed unnecessory set/unset code for _NET_WM_CM_S#.

SVN revision: 66657
2011-12-30 02:15:02 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz eea02e389b change of email address: this is going to be ugly
SVN revision: 65531
2011-11-23 08:40:50 +00:00
Doyoun Kang b516fb6bb1 From: Doyoun Kang <>
Subject: [E-devel] [Patch] e_config config save patch

I found a problem in e_config. There is no code to check file size when the e makes the
configuration backup files. Even if the file size is 0, the e copies it to backup file.
So, I added code to check the size of the file. Please check the attached patch file.

SVN revision: 64684
2011-11-03 10:54:33 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 4a76470496 taskbar++!
one more todo item being knocked off. but there.
also no proper icon for it yet. mostly code from the old taskbar with
lots of little things fixed.

SVN revision: 64518
2011-10-30 07:36:54 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 9efa2309c4 add jihoon to authors!
SVN revision: 62677
2011-08-22 05:18:54 +00:00
Boris Faure b2d2229fdc e: show desktop according to XDG_DESKTOP_DIR if set
SVN revision: 62572
2011-08-18 19:11:34 +00:00
Stephen Houston ad084095ea E17/Authors: Update my line to include my nick as well.
SVN revision: 58598
2011-04-12 17:55:34 +00:00
Michael BOUCHAUD 1fa72e8d07 Adding me in authors
SVN revision: 57460
2011-03-01 17:39:46 +00:00
Sebastian Dransfeld e4ce5827be Fix me as author
SVN revision: 55438
2010-12-10 06:05:35 +00:00
Cedric BAIL b407b56227 * AUTHORS: don't forget to blame T_UNIX for his work on xrandr.
SVN revision: 53403
2010-10-14 14:49:49 +00:00