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Christopher Michael b68009b19d Patch from morlenxus to allow setting enlightenment options directly as arguments.

SVN revision: 28666
2007-03-12 14:29:56 +00:00
Christopher Michael d03023d848 Remove some unused varaibles and unused functions.
SVN revision: 28651
2007-03-11 05:54:07 +00:00
Christopher Michael 369d5107c0 Fix the ecore_timer callback function.
Some formatting fixes.

SVN revision: 28650
2007-03-11 05:01:49 +00:00
Christopher Michael 600cc2f8d8 Better clock "glass" image from morlenxus that reduces the glare a
little so the clock hands are easier to see.

SVN revision: 28644
2007-03-10 22:08:44 +00:00
David Walter Seikel 5e430f9e85 Make it compile again after a recent API change.
SVN revision: 28632
2007-03-09 16:23:32 +00:00
Miculcy Brian eb73eb48ce German translation update from Thomas Gst�dtner (
SVN revision: 28585
2007-03-06 04:30:52 +00:00
e-taro c235afbab8 e17 eo.po update (Olivier)
SVN revision: 28572
2007-03-05 19:22:41 +00:00
Christopher Michael d752f24482 Path from morlenxus to add a dialog for the 'kill' command so windows do not
accidentally get killed.

SVN revision: 28553
2007-03-04 07:03:10 +00:00
Viktor Kojouharov aaebfe05c2 a new function to return the correct geometry and position of the gcc regardless of the shelf layer
SVN revision: 28548
2007-03-03 22:42:37 +00:00
Christopher Michael 973e258658 Fix for the "white background" some people are seeing on startup.
This should not affect people that were not seeing that behavior.
See comments for explaination.

SVN revision: 28547
2007-03-03 18:38:44 +00:00
Michael Jennings fd79620f88 Fri Mar 2 15:12:40 2007 Michael Jennings (mej)
Fix directory ownerships.

SVN revision: 28540
2007-03-03 02:12:43 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler b2a0abb8eb a lot of patches - also my work on moving the IO stuff in e_fm to a slave
process to stop e from ever "locking up". this unfortunately breaks the other
source stuff and thus breaks the app editor config dialogs and anything using
fm2 for .desktop stuff from the e applications/all repo. i am doing this as i
expect this to go away with efreet anyway so not too much of an issue. not
all fm operatiosn work currently - note. so beware. it can view files though :)

SVN revision: 28528
2007-03-02 17:00:20 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler e57524d44c fix segv with orphaned windows when their desk goes bye bye.
SVN revision: 28526
2007-03-02 14:45:09 +00:00
Christopher Michael 8903420e4d Client list todo item should be finished now with ravenlocks last patch.
SVN revision: 28520
2007-03-01 22:47:52 +00:00
Christopher Michael c2dd049068 Return e_remote ipc call for edje_color_class_list to it's previous state.
SVN revision: 28519
2007-03-01 22:39:34 +00:00
Christopher Michael 4c2a42eaa6 Patch from ravenlock for client list sorting by Most Recently Used &
stacking layer.

Nice Work :)

SVN revision: 28516
2007-03-01 21:39:06 +00:00
Christopher Michael fd550a8c56 Clean up the desklock/screenlock dialog.
- Cleaner code.
      - Fits in 640x480 now.

SVN revision: 28515
2007-03-01 21:12:46 +00:00
Christopher Michael 6c6ea559f9 Do edje_color_class_list properly for e_remote and be sure to free the
returned list.

SVN revision: 28514
2007-03-01 20:07:19 +00:00
Christopher Michael e5b6fa8faf Patch from Massimo Maiurana for the DPMS config dialog to set button text
and labels so that they are more consistent with the rest of the interface.

Thanks :)

SVN revision: 28510
2007-03-01 02:43:41 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana e38e1a7541 files which has strings to translate
SVN revision: 28509
2007-03-01 02:40:28 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana cb6d160388 *** empty log message ***
SVN revision: 28508
2007-03-01 02:38:13 +00:00
Christopher Michael adae3b4c98 Some formatting on e_widget_fsel.c.
Fix desklock dialog for Custom selection problems that tokyo & mekius showed
me. Test this out guys and let me know...seems to work good here. Really
tho, this dialog needs to major scrap & redo as it's just a nightmare, not
very efficient & could be coded much much better.

SVN revision: 28503
2007-02-28 17:17:35 +00:00
Christopher Michael 9c21932dae Support e,action,icon,hide for the button widget.
SVN revision: 28501
2007-02-28 02:59:11 +00:00
Christopher Michael cddbf408fb Allow setting a widget_button's icon to NULL so that a button icon can be

Some formatting on the theme dialog.

SVN revision: 28500
2007-02-28 02:58:40 +00:00
Christopher Michael a1a0a7aaa5 Ravenlock's pin-cleanup and pin-action patches to address concerns about a
new border property versus reusing what exists. This now eliminates using a
new border property in favor of re-using the 3 properties that exist and
also adds a key/mouse binding.

Some formatting issues I found in e_border and e_action while
looking/testing this.

SVN revision: 28496
2007-02-27 16:16:03 +00:00
Christopher Michael 0c3d47d779 Ravenlock's "Pin to desktop" patch which adds a menu item to the border menu
for "pinning" an app to the desktop.

SVN revision: 28433
2007-02-22 05:17:44 +00:00
Viktor Kojouharov 78a83575db e_widget_image will use the min group size of the edje being added, if no min width or height are given. a few helpful functions for e_widget_frame*
SVN revision: 28414
2007-02-21 03:55:18 +00:00
Christopher Michael 0ac7567560 Fetch the border name(s) once and reuse them.
SVN revision: 28409
2007-02-21 01:03:37 +00:00
Christopher Michael 5010e74e70 Update TODO to reflect recent Client List Menu work.
SVN revision: 28408
2007-02-21 00:38:30 +00:00
Christopher Michael 2d830e59a7 Applied lok's e_remember & e_zone patches to fix missing checks.
SVN revision: 28407
2007-02-21 00:24:53 +00:00
Christopher Michael 3829bb230b Ravenlocks 'Client List Configuration' patch. Allows users to configure
different options for the Client List Menu: Grouping, Separators, Sort
Order, etc, etc.

SVN revision: 28406
2007-02-21 00:05:27 +00:00
e-taro 9578de9574 ja.po update for e17 (Yasufumi Haga)
SVN revision: 28391
2007-02-18 16:05:56 +00:00
Christopher Michael 4e8ecd0631 Ravenlock's Window client list submenu patch, slightly modified.
- Changed Icon.
  - Minor formatting.
  - Removed extra separator if there were no windows on other desks.

SVN revision: 28390
2007-02-18 11:46:56 +00:00
David Walter Seikel 95c1e706bd Explain why user friendly names is not likely to happen.
SVN revision: 28364
2007-02-14 22:20:37 +00:00
Christopher Michael d550554822 Another patch from ravenlock for Menus config dialog slider value & delta.
SVN revision: 28352
2007-02-14 06:13:17 +00:00
Sebastian Dransfeld 0e2eb2ec51 Add some else's so that only one placement rule is executed.
SVN revision: 28349
2007-02-14 02:43:34 +00:00
Christopher Michael 082f21500d Add ravenlock to the authors file for his work on dpms/screensaver and
numerous other patches he's submitted.

SVN revision: 28347
2007-02-13 16:35:31 +00:00
Christopher Michael 7a3f2f0ed2 Ravenlock's combined dpms/screensaver patches and new config dialogs.
Nice work :)

SVN revision: 28346
2007-02-13 16:33:35 +00:00
Sebastian Dransfeld d0e3a150b5 Correct test for missing value.
SVN revision: 28338
2007-02-13 03:06:50 +00:00
Sebastian Dransfeld cf0cf7ee2f Center dialogs without parent.
SVN revision: 28337
2007-02-13 02:34:09 +00:00
Sebastian Dransfeld d7959c6895 - Fix return value.
- Add missing header.

SVN revision: 28334
2007-02-13 02:04:09 +00:00
Sebastian Dransfeld 763138f5b8 - Remove unused variables.
- Fix if check.
- Fix return value.

SVN revision: 28333
2007-02-13 02:02:38 +00:00
Christopher Michael 21e22d250e Keep a separator above 'Cleanup WIndows' menu item.
Some minor formatting fixes.

SVN revision: 28313
2007-02-12 06:09:58 +00:00
Christopher Michael 247c61d3b6 Slightly modified (formatting) patch from Ravenlock <> to
add separators to the client list. Current desk is always at the top,
other clients are grouped by desk with separators between.

SVN revision: 28312
2007-02-12 06:01:39 +00:00
Christopher Michael ecdd19d001 Sort the shelf list before returning it. This keeps the Shelf dialog nicely
sorted on add/del of a shelf.

SVN revision: 28311
2007-02-12 05:49:52 +00:00
Christopher Michael 78b4df7cf5 New icon for 'shelf' from ManoWarrior.
SVN revision: 28304
2007-02-11 02:32:23 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 087af991d6 patches applied as per emails :)
SVN revision: 28302
2007-02-10 17:23:09 +00:00
Dan Sinclair c8fa2c7bbf - use the wrapper to get the home directory
SVN revision: 28255
2007-02-05 10:32:29 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler c786670bd3 fix dnd path support to use url
SVN revision: 28246
2007-02-04 13:14:39 +00:00
rephorm fbb3129835 fallback to /tmp if $HOME isn't set
SVN revision: 28243
2007-02-04 12:28:03 +00:00