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typedef struct _E_Menu E_Menu;
typedef struct _E_Menu_Item E_Menu_Item;
typedef struct _E_Menu_Category_Callback E_Menu_Category_Callback;
#ifndef E_MENU_H
#define E_MENU_H
#define E_MENU_TYPE 0xE0b01009
#define E_MENU_ITEM_TYPE 0xE0b0100a
typedef void (*E_Menu_Cb) (void *data, E_Menu *m, E_Menu_Item *mi);
struct _E_Menu
E_Object e_obj_inherit;
const char *category;
struct {
Eina_Bool visible E_BITFIELD;
int x, y, w, h;
} cur, prev;
int frozen;
struct {
const char *title;
const char *icon_file;
Evas_Object *icon;
} header;
Eina_List *items;
/* the zone it belongs to */
E_Zone *zone;
/* if a menu item spawned this menu, what item is it? */
E_Menu_Item *parent_item;
/* only useful if realized != 0 (ie menu is ACTUALLY realized) */
Ecore_Job *dangling_job;
Evas *evas;
Evas_Object *comp_object;
Evas_Object *bg_object;
Evas_Object *container_object;
Evas_Coord container_x, container_y, container_w, container_h;
struct {
void *data;
void (*func) (void *data, E_Menu *m);
} pre_activate_cb, post_deactivate_cb;
Eina_Bool realized E_BITFIELD; /* 1 if it is realized */
Eina_Bool active E_BITFIELD; /* 1 if it is in active list */
Eina_Bool changed E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool fast_mouse E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool pending_new_submenu E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool have_submenu E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool in_active_list E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool hold_mode E_BITFIELD;
struct _E_Menu_Item
E_Object e_obj_inherit;
E_Menu *menu;
const char *icon;
const char *icon_key;
const char *label;
E_Menu *submenu;
Evas_Object *separator_object;
Evas_Object *bg_object;
Evas_Object *container_object;
Evas_Object *toggle_object;
Evas_Object *icon_bg_object;
Evas_Object *icon_object;
Evas_Object *label_object;
Evas_Object *submenu_object;
Eina_List *list_position;
int label_w, label_h;
int icon_w, icon_h;
int separator_w, separator_h;
int submenu_w, submenu_h;
int toggle_w, toggle_h;
int radio_group;
int x, y, w, h;
struct {
void *data;
E_Menu_Cb func;
} cb; /* Callback for menu item activation */
struct {
void *data;
E_Menu_Cb func;
} realize_cb; /* Callback for menu item icon realization */
struct {
void *data;
E_Menu_Cb func;
} submenu_pre_cb;
struct {
void *data;
E_Menu_Cb func;
} submenu_post_cb;
struct {
void *data;
E_Menu_Cb func;
} drag_cb; /* Callback for menu item dragging */
struct {
int x, y;
} drag;
Eina_Bool separator E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool radio E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool check E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool toggle E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool changed E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool active E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool disable E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool hilighted E_BITFIELD;
struct _E_Menu_Category_Callback
const char *category;
void *data;
void (*create) (void *data, E_Menu *m, void *category_data);
Ecore_Cb free;
EINTERN int e_menu_init(void);
EINTERN int e_menu_shutdown(void);
E_API void e_menu_hide_all(void);
E_API E_Menu *e_menu_new(void);
E_API void e_menu_hold_mode_set(E_Menu *m, Eina_Bool hold_mode);
E_API void e_menu_activate_key(E_Menu *m, E_Zone *zone, int x, int y, int w, int h, int dir);
E_API void e_menu_activate_mouse(E_Menu *m, E_Zone *zone, int x, int y, int w, int h, int dir, unsigned int activate_time);
E_API void e_menu_activate(E_Menu *m, E_Zone *zone, int x, int y, int w, int h, int dir);
E_API void e_menu_deactivate(E_Menu *m);
E_API int e_menu_freeze(E_Menu *m);
E_API int e_menu_thaw(E_Menu *m);
E_API void e_menu_title_set(E_Menu *m, const char *title);
E_API void e_menu_icon_file_set(E_Menu *m, const char *icon);
/* menu categories functions */
E_API void e_menu_category_set(E_Menu *m, const char *category);
E_API void e_menu_category_data_set(char *category, void *data);
E_API E_Menu_Category_Callback *e_menu_category_callback_add(char *category, void (*create_cb) (void *data, E_Menu *m, void *category_data), Ecore_Cb free_cb, void *data);
E_API void e_menu_category_callback_del(E_Menu_Category_Callback *cb);
E_API void e_menu_pre_activate_callback_set(E_Menu *m, void (*func) (void *data, E_Menu *m), void *data);
E_API void e_menu_post_deactivate_callback_set(E_Menu *m, void (*func) (void *data, E_Menu *m), void *data);
E_API E_Menu *e_menu_root_get(E_Menu *m);
E_API E_Menu_Item *e_menu_item_new(E_Menu *m);
E_API E_Menu_Item *e_menu_item_new_relative(E_Menu *m, E_Menu_Item *rel);
E_API E_Menu_Item *e_menu_item_nth(E_Menu *m, int n);
E_API int e_menu_item_num_get(const E_Menu_Item *mi);
E_API void e_menu_item_icon_file_set(E_Menu_Item *mi, const char *icon);
E_API void e_menu_item_icon_edje_set(E_Menu_Item *mi, const char *icon, const char *key);
E_API void e_menu_item_label_set(E_Menu_Item *mi, const char *label);
E_API void e_menu_item_submenu_set(E_Menu_Item *mi, E_Menu *sub);
E_API void e_menu_item_separator_set(E_Menu_Item *mi, int sep);
E_API void e_menu_item_check_set(E_Menu_Item *mi, int chk);
E_API void e_menu_item_radio_set(E_Menu_Item *mi, int rad);
E_API void e_menu_item_radio_group_set(E_Menu_Item *mi, int radg);
E_API void e_menu_item_toggle_set(E_Menu_Item *mi, int tog);
E_API int e_menu_item_toggle_get(E_Menu_Item *mi);
E_API void e_menu_item_callback_set(E_Menu_Item *mi, E_Menu_Cb func, const void *data);
E_API void e_menu_item_realize_callback_set(E_Menu_Item *mi, E_Menu_Cb func, void *data);
E_API void e_menu_item_submenu_pre_callback_set(E_Menu_Item *mi, E_Menu_Cb func, const void *data);
E_API void e_menu_item_submenu_post_callback_set(E_Menu_Item *mi, E_Menu_Cb func, const void *data);
E_API void e_menu_item_drag_callback_set(E_Menu_Item *mi, E_Menu_Cb func, void *data);
E_API E_Menu_Item *e_menu_item_active_get(void);
E_API void e_menu_active_item_activate(void);
E_API void e_menu_item_active_set(E_Menu_Item *mi, int active);
E_API void e_menu_item_disabled_set(E_Menu_Item *mi, int disable);
E_API void e_menu_idler_before(void);
E_API Eina_Bool e_menu_is_active(void);
E_API E_Menu *e_menu_active_get(void);