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@ -8,56 +8,58 @@ msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: Ephoto 0.0.1\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2006-11-20 22:18+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2006-11-20 22:18+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: DUNNEWIND Maxence <>\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2008-10-12 12:16+0400\n"
"Last-Translator: batden <>\n"
"Language-Team: French <FR_fr>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
#: src/ephoto.c:52 src/ephoto_viewer.c:253
#: src/ephoto.c:52
#: src/ephoto_viewer.c:253
msgid "Menu|File"
msgstr "Fichier"
msgstr "Men|Fichier"
#: src/ephoto.c:60 src/ephoto_viewer.c:271
#: src/ephoto.c:60
#: src/ephoto_viewer.c:271
msgid "Menu|File|Exit"
msgstr "Quitter"
msgstr "Menu|Fichier|Quitter"
#: src/ephoto.c:68
msgid "Menu|Albums"
msgstr "Albums"
msgstr "Menu|Albums"
#: src/ephoto.c:76
msgid "Menu|Albums|Add Album"
msgstr "Ajouter un album"
msgstr "Menu|Albums|Ajouter un album"
#: src/ephoto.c:86
msgid "Menu|Albums|Remove Album"
msgstr "Supprimer un album"
msgstr "Menu|Albums|Supprimer un album"
#: src/ephoto.c:93
msgid "Menu|Viewer"
msgstr "Visionneur"
msgstr "Menu|Visionner"
#: src/ephoto.c:101
msgid "Menu|Viewer|Image Viewer"
msgstr "Visionner les images"
msgstr "Menu|Visionner|Visionneuse"
#: src/ephoto.c:109
msgid "Menu|Slideshow"
msgstr "Défilement"
msgstr "Men|Diaporama"
#: src/ephoto.c:118
msgid "Menu|Slideshow|Configure Slideshow"
msgstr "Configurer le défilement"
msgstr "Menu|Diaporama|Configurer le diaporama"
#: src/ephoto.c:129
msgid "Menu|Slideshow|Start Slideshow"
msgstr "Démarrer le défilement"
msgstr "Menu|Diaporama|Démarrer le diaporama"
#: src/ephoto.c:170
msgid " Location:"
msgstr " Dossier:"
msgstr " Emplacement:"
#: src/ephoto.c:216
msgid "Albums"
@ -69,27 +71,29 @@ msgstr "Ajouter un album"
#: src/ephoto_callbacks.c:231
msgid "Enter the new album name:"
msgstr "Entrer me nom du nouvel album:"
msgstr "Entrer le nom du nouvel album:"
#: src/ephoto_callbacks.c:243
msgid "Enter the new album description:"
msgstr "Entrer la description du nouvel album:"
#: src/ephoto_callbacks.c:263 src/ephoto_slideshow.c:493
#: src/ephoto_callbacks.c:263
#: src/ephoto_slideshow.c:493
msgid "save"
msgstr "Enregistrer"
msgstr "enregistrer"
#: src/ephoto_callbacks.c:272 src/ephoto_slideshow.c:503
#: src/ephoto_callbacks.c:272
#: src/ephoto_slideshow.c:503
msgid "cancel"
msgstr "annuler"
#: src/ephoto_slideshow.c:115
msgid "Ephoto Slideshow"
msgstr "Défilement Ephoto"
msgstr "Diaporama Ephoto"
#: src/ephoto_slideshow.c:329
msgid "Slideshow Configuration"
msgstr "Configuration du défilement"
msgstr "Configuration du diaporama"
#: src/ephoto_slideshow.c:348
msgid "Window Size"
@ -113,11 +117,11 @@ msgstr "Hauteur"
#: src/ephoto_slideshow.c:412
msgid "Order"
msgstr "Organisation"
msgstr "Ordre"
#: src/ephoto_slideshow.c:419
msgid "Loop Slideshow"
msgstr "Défiler en boucle"
msgstr "Diaporama en boucle"
#: src/ephoto_slideshow.c:426
msgid "Random Order"
@ -129,11 +133,11 @@ msgstr "Taille de l'image"
#: src/ephoto_slideshow.c:446
msgid "Zoom Images to Fill Window"
msgstr "Retailler les images à la taille de la fenêtre"
msgstr "Redimensionner les images à la taille de la fenêtre"
#: src/ephoto_slideshow.c:453
msgid "Keep Aspect"
msgstr "Conserver les proportions"
msgstr "Conserver l'aspect"
#: src/ephoto_slideshow.c:460
msgid "Transitions"
@ -145,27 +149,27 @@ msgstr "Afficher le nom du fichier lors du changement"
#: src/ephoto_viewer.c:235
msgid "Ephoto Image Viewer"
msgstr "Visualiseur d'image Ephoto"
msgstr "Visionneuse Ephoto"
#: src/ephoto_viewer.c:261
msgid "Menu|File|Save Image"
msgstr "Sauvegarder l'image"
msgstr "Menu|Fichier|Enregistrer l'image"
#: src/ephoto_viewer.c:279
msgid "Menu|Actions"
msgstr "Actions"
msgstr "Menu|Actions"
#: src/ephoto_viewer.c:287
msgid "Menu|Actions|Zoom In"
msgstr "Zoomer"
msgstr "Menu|Actions|Zoomer"
#: src/ephoto_viewer.c:297
msgid "Menu|Actions|Zoom Out"
msgstr "Dézoomer"
msgstr "Menu|Actions|Dézoomer"
#: src/ephoto_viewer.c:307
msgid "Menu|Actions|Zoom To Fit"
msgstr "Remplir la fenêtre"
msgstr "Menu|Actions|Remplir la fenêtre"
#: src/ephoto_viewer.c:317
msgid "Menu|Actions|Zoom 1:1"
@ -173,19 +177,19 @@ msgstr "Taille normale"
#: src/ephoto_viewer.c:328
msgid "Menu|Actions|Flip Horizontally"
msgstr "Renverser horizontalement"
msgstr "Menu|Actions|Renverser horizontalement"
#: src/ephoto_viewer.c:338
msgid "Menu|Actions|Flip Vertically"
msgstr "Renverser verticalement"
msgstr "Menu|Actions|Renverser verticalement"
#: src/ephoto_viewer.c:348
msgid "Menu|Actions|Rotate Left"
msgstr "Pivoter vers la gauche"
msgstr "Menu|Actions|Pivoter sur la gauche"
#: src/ephoto_viewer.c:358
msgid "Menu|Actions|Rotate Right"
msgstr "Pivoter vers la droite"
msgstr "Menu|Actions|Pivoter sur la droite"
#: src/ephoto_viewer.c:400
msgid "In"
@ -202,3 +206,4 @@ msgstr "Gauche"
#: src/ephoto_viewer.c:450
msgid "Right"
msgstr "Droite"