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Stephen okra Houston 5a0e42f5ee Ephoto: Go beta with Ephoto! Woohoo! 2016-08-11 16:32:01 -05:00
Stephen okra Houston 69a25b6453 Ephoto: Close directory browser when switching views. Update TODO. 2016-07-25 11:24:58 -05:00
Stephen okra Houston 230ffeaa8c Ephoto: Add ability to search images 2015-12-15 16:42:38 -06:00
osauser e32a33ac4d Ephoto: Update to include new website. 2015-12-08 15:26:33 -06:00
Stephen Houston 824ec15f19 Ephoto: Update TODO 2015-10-30 16:17:48 -05:00
Stephen Houston 57f2a4ea07 Ephoto: Update TODO, Make fsel default save name the basename of current image. 2015-03-05 14:47:19 -06:00
Stephen Houston 3af706ff11 Ephoto: Clean up autofoo ... Try to make Ephoto releasable. 2015-01-29 15:06:33 -06:00
Stephen Houston 109634798f Update TODO file. 2014-11-24 16:14:14 -06:00
Stephen Houston 1b0e2ac4af Ephoto: Use standard icons, remove unused code, and match dark theme.
Use standard icons based on icon theme to remove dependency on Faenza icons.  Removed the old directory code that would provide a preview of the images in the directory.  This code hasn't worked in a while and frankly is just unneccasry and would slow down the app. Remove images and theme that was shipped with Ephoto.  It is no longer needed.  Change style on some widgets to better match dark theme. Prepare Ephoto to be released soon.
2014-01-04 13:17:58 -06:00
Stephen Houston c22746357b Update some text files.
SVN revision: 60781
2011-06-28 23:38:54 +00:00
titan 2a34c1d908 Update AUTHORS and TODO
SVN revision: 57005
2011-02-14 05:56:46 +00:00
titan 9c5e7e44e7 Update the TODO... Also some of the items I think have been completed already, so I marked those... Remember if you have ideas, add them to the todo, and if you complete an idea, remove it from the todo or mark it complete.
SVN revision: 54160
2010-11-04 17:09:40 +00:00
Cedric BAIL 7f5a6d874f * TODO: update them with some ideas, so that i don't forget them.
SVN revision: 52188
2010-09-13 12:35:52 +00:00
titan de55dbc77a Update todo.
SVN revision: 52148
2010-09-10 21:00:18 +00:00
titan 1218856b51 This is a rework of ephoto using mostly elementary. It is very basic and doesn't have much functionality at all, but that will come soon enough. Feel free to install it and run it in a directory of photos/images to get an idea of the direction and provide feedback/ideas.
SVN revision: 49973
2010-07-01 18:49:22 +00:00
titan f07fc8b156 Remove old ephoto
SVN revision: 49972
2010-07-01 18:38:05 +00:00
titan b6e4815e66 Evas/Edje Ephoto. Needs a lot of work. Run it in a directory where there are images to see the small amount of progress. Good things to come!
SVN revision: 42723
2009-09-26 18:11:38 +00:00
titan e972923902 Remove old ephoto.
SVN revision: 42722
2009-09-26 18:04:22 +00:00
titan b71d5906a1 Put in the rewritten code. A lot of things still needing to be done, but
its a good start.

SVN revision: 39034
2009-02-16 03:26:10 +00:00
titan 560f86f207 Remove the old ephoto in order to get ready for some rewriting to take
its place

SVN revision: 39033
2009-02-16 03:22:23 +00:00
titan d0b4c063e7 Added some images, bumped up the version.
SVN revision: 34229
2008-04-09 19:47:39 +00:00
titan 7904f6f40d Remove the themes/* stuff as it isn't used anymore. Updata the TODO. Complete the move to a black slideshow background.
SVN revision: 30308
2007-06-10 22:37:19 +00:00
titan 32cdd9f5be Update TODO.
SVN revision: 29956
2007-05-11 22:50:37 +00:00
titan 181e731cff Update ephoto's TODO. If any other ideas crop up, feel free to add them to the TODO.
SVN revision: 29738
2007-04-27 06:09:02 +00:00
titan c0fd818dbd This is the new ephoto. It has been completely redone from the old one,
looks nothing like the old one, and works nothing like the old one.
It now displays images by using albums, and it focuses much more on
image manipulating/editing/viewing than the other did. Slideshows will
still be available. Exif data can also be viewed now. Currently to add
albums/images or remove them and such you have to use the command line.
Looks at ephoto -h for more information. IF you have a ~/.ephoto directory,
it needs to be rm -rf for the new stuff to work! You can get a idea of the
new ephoto looks like in this ss:

SVN revision: 28371
2007-02-15 10:20:21 +00:00