412 Commits (c22746357b121f0450ab4adbea4a1a67fa682c82)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Stephen Houston c22746357b Update some text files. 13 years ago
Stephen Houston 593f71695e Fix multiple up items. 13 years ago
Stephen Houston ceda343414 Simplify buttons 13 years ago
Stephen Houston a6b30fe956 Bump config version to avoid seggie. 13 years ago
Stephen Houston 6d474d5db4 Make files other than jpeg work. 13 years ago
Stephen Houston 765a8244ba Whoops! Make it compile :) 13 years ago
Stephen Houston 962910db6b Commit the version of Ephoto that has always been the most working and preferred. I will bugfix this version and release it. Any of thousands of rewrites I love to do will have to come for another version somewhere well done the road. Lets just take this and make it solid and release it. Shout out to cedric, bluebugs, captainigloo, k-s, otavio, and any others who contributed to this version. 13 years ago
Boris Faure 9967da59b3 remove .cvsignore files 13 years ago
Stephen Houston bfa68a6151 Really make it the root directory... 13 years ago
Stephen Houston 4ed9b65e6a Use the e fileman favorites as the root directory for now until I decide how I wan't to implement Ephoto's own virtual 13 years ago
Vincent Torri 3021306384 Ephoto: make gettext optional 13 years ago
Stephen Houston 0087140041 Whoops sorry for not committing this sooner! Thanks to dh for spotting it! 13 years ago
Stephen Houston 01568f1bbe Ephoto/Single Browser: ctrl+mouse wheel now zooms... Also if the images are zoomed fit.. you can cycle through the images by scrolling/dragging left and right. 13 years ago
Stephen Houston bb239f8685 Ephoto/Single/View: Add keyboard navigation of images in singleview.. home = first image.. end = last image.. left and right arrow keys navigate previous and forward.. I've noticed that for some reason.. some images don't zoom fit correctly, therefore, left/right keyboard nav is not working in those rare instances because the scroller is grabbing the key events.. I'm searching for an answer. 13 years ago
Stephen Houston da50152a44 Ephoto/Single Browser/Zoom: Zoom now works.. (ctrl)+(-) = zoom out; (ctrl)+(+) = zoom in; (ctrl)+(0) = zoom 1:1; (ctrl)+(shift)+(0) = zoom fit; 13 years ago
Stephen Houston 6d7f1def6e Single browser should be black, also, center images in the single browser. 13 years ago
Carsten Haitzler be7bd64574 what is an editor backup file doing in svn? 13 years ago
Cedric BAIL 82fc3c2595 ephoto: use latest autogen.sh 13 years ago
Stephen Houston 4b8960b931 Ephoto: Add in the new changes k-s and I have been working on. 13 years ago
Daniel Juyung Seo aa06f2b4fd elmdentica, ephoto: Applied elm_box/table/toolbar API changes. 13 years ago
Cedric BAIL 7143debdaa ephoto: add psd support to ephoto. 13 years ago
Stephen Houston 8de29d0358 Ephoto: Make changes to the flow brower, its a smoother flow now, and has a genlist that matches up with the flow browser. Interesting :) 13 years ago
titan 1547ddaa81 Ephoto: General cleanups. 13 years ago
titan ae03e70576 Okay. Ephoto back to normal. Move along. 13 years ago
titan 169813a679 Do not update if you are not willing to expect a different ephoto.. This is a very temporary test that won't work right for most. 13 years ago
titan ac899f9de4 Allow proper rotations and do proper rotations. This is temporary until edje or evas does them correctly. 13 years ago
titan 53cec34e73 Ephoto/Flow Browser: Actually remove this for now.. It is causing some issues because flow browser uses the same client as the thumb browser... If you want larger thumbs for flow browser.. the "hack" to do it now is zoom your thumbs all the way in the thumb browser before going to the flow browser. 13 years ago
titan 2165411085 Ephoto/Flow Browser: Make the flow browser thumbnails larger so when resize they don't get blurry. 13 years ago
titan 004acaf9f8 Ephoto/Images: Sort images so they are in alphabetical order. This seems to be a good solution as it doesn't seem to slow down Ephoto much at all. 13 years ago
Cedric BAIL 9ac8cb0be1 ephoto: fix DSO. 13 years ago
titan 8f8f25942e Whoops. Left out some key bindings. 13 years ago
titan f95dca17df Make the flow browser follow the same code and styles as the rest of the code. 13 years ago
titan aadaa80ddd Fix browsing in single view! 13 years ago
titan 7a11918ac3 Fix a lot of things in ephoto.. reuse some older code but in a good way. Add in a single image browser. Use externals(ugh, but its faster for some reason?) 13 years ago
titan 362047fe24 Speed up the ephoto thumb browser by a lot... Thanks k-s for some old cold that helped :) 13 years ago
Cedric BAIL 200d7c16d7 efl: turn on cached result, that will reduce your configure time a lot ! 13 years ago
titan 62f630e67c Fix title 13 years ago
Rui Seabra a36a5e9385 Use standard elements so QA tools don't complain. 13 years ago
Rui Seabra 08abfdbacd Some build fixes, namely for rpmbuilding. 13 years ago
titan 220c58503d Add some focus calls for switching between thumb and flow browsers. 13 years ago
Massimo Maiurana 03a4bb8761 updating various translations 13 years ago
titan 48d7093b5e Add slideshow back into ephoto. Works pretty well for now. 13 years ago
titan 05531c003c Make the starting thumb size smaller. 13 years ago
Massimo Maiurana 93bc6dfe53 updating french and italian translations 13 years ago
titan 138abeab08 Use JPEG FORMAT for ethumb where appropriate. 13 years ago
titan 2a34c1d908 Update AUTHORS and TODO 13 years ago
titan 30cbc75689 Ephoto now uses the currently selected image in the thumb view as the center of the flow view when view flow is clicked. Also double clicking an image in the thumb view will take you to the flow view and use that image as the center of the flow view. 13 years ago
titan 61c6ee6513 Add key bindings and mouse bindings to the flow view. You can cycle the flow using the mouse view.. left and backspace cycle the flow previous, and right and space cycle it forward. Escape goes back to the thumb view. 13 years ago
titan 22b4efa48a Add a desktop file for Ephoto. 13 years ago
titan 4f3ecf243d Remove the mapping for now.. I will get it very nice outside of svn before committing next time.. For now a very nice elegant flow is being committed with border and shadows and it looks good. 13 years ago