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Alastair Poole 5fa570c123 fbsd: dfly misssed 2020-10-08 13:43:02 +01:00
Alastair Poole 4d5baa6498 temps...freeebsd.... 2020-10-08 13:20:43 +01:00
Alastair Poole 64050fc9c0 temps: try this 2020-10-08 12:54:33 +01:00
Alastair Poole 6c39ea11e8 sensors: FreeBSD
I don't think you can support more than this atm on this OS..atm.
2020-10-06 11:10:02 +01:00
Alastair Poole 1f6c139374 clo: show the raster photos more...
i like the pictures in the window.
2020-10-06 01:32:59 +01:00
Alastair Poole 6b1abf1725 menu: bad burger 2020-10-06 00:48:26 +01:00
Alastair Poole 324a619a87 sensors: diss the misc.
2020-10-05 16:11:26 +01:00
Alastair Poole 2f48f828f3 sensors: sense. 2020-10-05 14:52:00 +01:00
Alastair Poole 78637e708b main: Differentiate tests.
This saves me a job.
2020-10-05 13:19:24 +01:00
Alastair Poole 9fc5b94d6a sensors: Use hwmon interface for thermal.
Should work...
2020-10-05 12:18:26 +01:00
Alastair Poole 42b9ecadc6 ui: "try" to make things clearer. 2020-10-03 15:44:32 +01:00
Alastair Poole 615239115e misc: remove network.
Network needs more details and also its own window...

Move misc to sensors at some point (namespace)...
2020-10-03 14:46:17 +01:00
Alastair Poole b04cde56b8 ui: options kthreads check. 2020-10-03 14:19:29 +01:00
Alastair Poole 45a1eef26f small tidy: makes editing easier.
If someone wants to split each window out or have an idea wtf is
happening this makes more sense...just..
2020-10-03 11:35:36 +01:00
Alastair Poole 3f9a131554 ui_disk: ignore based on path... 2020-10-03 02:25:18 +01:00
Alastair Poole 417c16d540 ui_cpu: Display all cores regardless.
There is no guarantee first n are always on. Show all. Different
CPU behave differently. Can check flags but for now this will do.
2020-10-02 22:26:53 +01:00
Alastair Poole 167b16c7c1 openbsd: is this a meson or linking?
Have done some looking into this issue. With EFL having issues
on FreeBSD i386 and weak symbols and some comments it seems this
must be a linker issue. I need to read up more so for now, this
workaround remains.
2020-10-02 16:47:39 +01:00
Alastair Poole 6f8973ed12 ui: trim some grim 2020-09-29 23:20:00 +01:00
Alastair Poole 43765a53d3 Revert "ui: dont do this..."
This reverts commit b8efdc0a18.

Use your brain
2020-09-28 20:33:59 +01:00
Alastair Poole b8efdc0a18 ui: dont do this...
Might be wrong but I think manually waiting for threads is not
good practice. I don't remember where I learnt this for EFL but
it doesm't seem to be a good idea, the main loop should handle this?
2020-09-28 15:46:44 +01:00
Alastair Poole 68480f726d disk: update objects dont clear and repopulate.
This was annoying as clearing the box breaks scrolling and is
not great...
2020-09-28 15:02:04 +01:00
Alastair Poole 9813cfd989 0.5.7: Cycle. 2020-09-28 12:23:29 +01:00
Alastair Poole 0b8a372cc5 0.5.6: Document Why
Calling elm_win_resize_object_add doesn't do anything here, the
function returns with a warning, which is being reported by
packagers. Completely harmless and the warning about using this
after an EO API call doesn't make any sense as there is no use of
the unified API. It's just easier to remove this useless call.

Nice that people spend time packaging up software.  Have had two
e-mails in the space of one hour asking about to avoid
another one... :)
2020-09-14 23:54:21 +01:00
Alastair Poole 814e6b9e2f ui: silence EFL warning.
I've no idea which EO API was accessed but using this here has
no effect so remove it.
2020-09-14 23:45:14 +01:00
Alastair Poole 97a92a2ed7 btn: use a rect for min sizing.. 2020-09-14 14:35:17 +01:00
Alastair Poole 12afd7b6c0 disk: remove vbox win resize add.
Bad idea...tested with 10+ mounts...disk UI sucks..i'll get that
done some time...
2020-09-14 01:02:09 +01:00
Alastair Poole de385c6930 ui: last one... 2020-09-14 00:38:28 +01:00
Alastair Poole b7ac3b029b prepare 0.5.5 release...
...remove something stupid
2020-09-13 20:27:51 +01:00
Alastair Poole 9c9a45232b NEWS: One item... 2020-09-12 16:24:31 +01:00
Alastair Poole f34de0be19 ui: do chksum 2020-09-12 16:24:06 +01:00
Alastair Poole 811b57f4aa docs: documentation is important...
This is literally how much programmers like to write docs.

It might avoid a few e-mails too...! :
2020-09-12 15:09:59 +01:00
Alastair Poole 25db250732 openbsd: Add comment in case of urge to change.
Still to figure out wtf is going on here....
2020-09-12 14:56:35 +01:00
Alastair Poole 19f7d5cf0b proc_view: defense 2020-09-12 14:31:01 +01:00
Alastair Poole 8f3a80474a ui: aesthetic 2020-09-12 13:57:53 +01:00
Alastair Poole 059290f075 process_view: make sure happens once at a time...
I think this can potentially run twice on a rare occasion when
first populating and/or sorting maybe... it shouldn't hurt
2020-09-12 13:40:40 +01:00
Alastair Poole df89bb22cc menu: clicky clicky come back.
Let's raise the windows if they already exist so you haven't lost
the thing.
2020-09-12 13:22:23 +01:00
Alastair Poole 9de5536c76 ui: Don't let threads select. 2020-09-11 17:15:34 +01:00
Alastair Poole 70d35939a9 NEWS: Update for 0.5.5...
Please try and break this before Monday morning...thanks!
2020-09-11 15:26:58 +01:00
Alastair Poole ee3a09faae util: make sure no spaces when generating manpage. 2020-09-11 14:54:02 +01:00
Alastair Poole 316db18173 ui_util: one image is enough. 2020-09-11 14:14:53 +01:00
Alastair Poole db9b8a73a7 init/shutdown: fix.
Queue a restart. Make config checking less aggressive.
2020-09-11 13:52:50 +01:00
Alastair Poole 3453ed3a10 cpu: Disable the checkbox if we can't poll freq. 2020-09-11 09:58:47 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler dc4e297024 split freq and cpu % on 2 rows if cpufreq overlay is on 2020-09-10 13:47:19 +01:00
Alastair Poole c4ac095568 ui: align, menu change 2020-09-10 13:19:42 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler db02f95727 cpu - show core freq as mhz vs ghz to be more human 2020-09-10 12:12:36 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 27ec63e8eb cpu freq display - show overlayed legends for info 2020-09-10 12:00:40 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 1c737a8a72 cpu usage/freq display - fix rendering. clearing, efficiency and more
read commnts as to what the code is doing... otherwise its
siginificantly more efficient now, more correct, cleaner, and simpler
even with more features (like properly interpolated colormaps).
2020-09-10 02:47:06 +01:00
Alastair Poole 26169009d5 proc: show kernel threads by default...
Not showing them puts also means having to explain to
a user somewhere how to turn it on...OpenBSD doesnt have this..
Linux does, FreeBSD does...macOS probably does but you'd need to
buy a permit and then sign it in blood...
2020-09-10 00:49:32 +01:00
Alastair Poole a17120bccb ui_memory: poll as config... 2020-09-10 00:19:16 +01:00
Alastair Poole 0c8ed945cd ui: that'll do for bolts n clouds...... 2020-09-09 20:41:09 +01:00