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Davide Andreoli cca359974a Prepare the 1.18.0 release 2016-08-20 09:32:49 +02:00
Kai Huuhko f652b6e18f Evas.Smart: Store event string in the spec to ensure it doesn't get decreffed
This fixes event string corruption and segfault in epymc
2016-08-16 22:57:09 +03:00
Kai Huuhko b2af779d7d Switch enums to use the old system we had previously
This allows us to support Cython 0.23+
2016-08-16 10:11:34 +03:00
Davide Andreoli d6fc38ea59 ecore.Exe: implement is_deleted for consistency with other classes 2016-08-14 11:58:49 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 380e7a58ff ecore.FdHandler: implement is_deleted for consistency with other classes 2016-08-14 10:35:58 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 939cd71702 Small Timer docs improvement 2016-08-14 08:55:01 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 3d31901da7 new 1.18 API: elm.Window.noblank
with test
2016-08-13 15:18:26 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 79979d9d2d New 1.18 API: elm.Slider.indicator_show_on_focus
with test
2016-08-13 13:44:22 +02:00
Davide Andreoli a8c1486aad New 1.18 API: elm.Entry.file_text_format 2016-08-13 12:59:43 +02:00
Kai Huuhko 54adcd9970 Bump copyright year 2016-08-13 01:13:30 +03:00
Davide Andreoli eaa09b6b16 New 1.18 API: elm.Popup.scrollable 2016-08-12 22:46:27 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 6ff9589e83 New 1.18 API: elm.Popup.align
with test, also added test for the existing orient property
2016-08-12 22:28:00 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 222f32eaf2 New 1.18 API: elm.Configuration.vsync 2016-08-12 13:26:58 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 5258779d41 New 1.18 API: elm.Configuration.icon_theme 2016-08-12 13:22:43 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 5342d77d60 New 1.18 API: elm-Configuration.font_hint_type 2016-08-12 12:59:27 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 7066070992 New 1.18 API: elm.Configuration.first_item_focus_on_first_focusin
Also this one was there from 1.11
2016-08-12 10:23:50 +02:00
Davide Andreoli cfb967333d New 1.18 API: elm.Configuration.accel_preference_override
This one was in real there from 1.11, but we missed it
2016-08-12 10:17:20 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 78d90dd467 New 1.18 API: 3 new getters for elm.Photo
NOTE: the test for the editable property is failing...need to recheck this!
2016-08-12 10:04:49 +02:00
Kai Huuhko 30c2ce90c3 Partial revert of ecd93319ee
This API was never meant to be exposed.
2016-08-12 05:52:23 +03:00
Kai Huuhko 55039295f2 Elm.List: Sync with C API 2016-08-12 02:46:30 +03:00
Kai Huuhko ecd93319ee Elm.Image: Sync with C API 2016-08-12 00:13:51 +03:00
Davide Andreoli a1bef554e0 New 1.18 API: elm.Object.focus_move_policy_automatic
TBH I think that "automatic" should just have been a new value in the
elm.Object.focus_move_policy enum.... but I really don't have any more
energy to discuss this thing.
2016-08-10 20:59:53 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 71946bffb3 Mark the ComboBox widget as broken/deprecated.
This is really sad, but the combobox is broken by design and should have been never used in legacy code.

Really, really, sorry about the inconvenience!!
2016-08-10 18:38:32 +02:00
Davide Andreoli bc411cd774 New 1.18 API: elm.Configuration.web_backend 2016-08-10 11:41:49 +02:00
Kai Huuhko aeeee73fda Ecore: Include traceback with subprocess warning 2016-08-09 22:24:11 +03:00
Davide Andreoli 9fb954433e New 1.18 API: elm.Configuration.popup_scrollable 2016-08-09 21:20:44 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 4e57019e1e New 1.18 API: elm.Entry.select_allow
with test
2016-08-09 21:10:16 +02:00
Davide Andreoli f59e7c0c18 New 1.18 API: edje.Edje.part_box_insert_after() 2016-08-09 20:40:02 +02:00
Davide Andreoli e47f403a0b New 1.18 API: elm.Slider.range_enabled/range
with test
2016-08-09 18:52:55 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 2f1aff95c5 New 1.18 API: elm.Configuration.scroll_animation_disabled 2016-08-09 17:22:08 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 01d334b5f6 New 1.18 API: elm.Genlist.filtered_items_count()
with test
2016-08-09 16:21:43 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 105743d304 New 1.18 API: elm.Configuration.scroll_accel_factor 2016-08-09 15:56:25 +02:00
Davide Andreoli c11a7cf227 New 1.18 API: elm Genlist reusable content functionality
with a FAILING test (failing also in C)

(I love to implement broken stuff)
2016-08-09 15:39:35 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 99113cd990 Fix implementation of elm.GenlistItem.all_contents_unset()
the old implementation was not working at all, so I marked it @since 1.18
also added a test for it
2016-08-09 12:56:00 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 9381d46765 New 1.18 API: elm.GengridItem.all_contents_unset()
with test
2016-08-09 12:22:11 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 83656bff33 New 1.18 API: elm.Entry.select_region (get + property)
with test
2016-08-09 10:19:14 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 48eec126bb New 1.18 API: elm.Transit.revert()
with test
2016-08-09 09:51:24 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 5a3c19b521 dbus: do not segv atexit under py3
This is a workaround as I cannot find a better way to fix this :(

The real issue is that dbus run some callback in our code after
our shutdown of ecore and eina
2016-08-08 17:20:16 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 02f7eb07dd dbus: fix watch cleanups
EINA_LIST_FREE is wrong here, because the handler is already
removed from the list inside e_dbus_fd_handler_del.
Use EINA_LIST_FOREACH_SAFE to be more correct
2016-08-08 17:08:53 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 4a0310140a dbus: actually make timeouts works
dbus timeout are in millisecs, while ecore need seconds...
so timeouts was broken... since the time of e_dbus
2016-08-08 16:59:59 +02:00
Davide Andreoli d87b3bb9d0 dbus: cleanup timeouts
now timeouts should be much more stable
2016-08-08 16:43:35 +02:00
Davide Andreoli a19f0ad434 dbus: code cleanup
no functional changes
2016-08-08 15:47:35 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 11d23a94f1 dbus: remove unuse field in timer struct
td->interval is never used, so remove it
2016-08-08 15:41:45 +02:00
Davide Andreoli f287a1f98c dbus: rename globals to be consistent
no functional changes
2016-08-08 15:32:44 +02:00
Davide Andreoli ffb294b82f dbus: remove unused code
refcount is never incremented nor used, thus the connection was never properly closed

...shutdown bug still there
2016-08-08 15:29:01 +02:00
Kai Huuhko 78c9fe21af Revert "Remove NullHandler from C library logger"
This reverts commit bc8bac1f1a.
2016-08-05 19:43:28 +03:00
Kai Huuhko 13ea0cbe1d Logger: Fix unicode handling with message file and function string parts 2016-08-05 19:30:26 +03:00
Kai Huuhko f86234dd25 Evas.Smart: Comment out a warning for an issue we can't fix
When a smart event has event_info we need to convert it to a Python object.
We rely on the C library documentation to inform us when an event includes event_info
and assign a conversion function to the event handler based on this and pass the Python
object as an extra parameter to the callback. However when the documentation has omitted
this information we erroneously leave the extra parameter out, making the callbacks have
one less parameter, which our users rely on. Finding out the error after release is
useless since fixing it would mean breaking user callbacks.

This warning informed us at runtime when event_info was non-null but it's pretty much
useless so let's remove it.

Our smart callbacks should never have had two different signatures.
2016-08-05 19:12:44 +03:00
Davide Andreoli fbabb111d8 Fix (and optimize) smart callbacks add/del 2016-08-05 17:20:33 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 283efd1a28 Logger: do not fail if the error msg contain invalid chars
now invalid chars are replaced by an "?"
2016-08-05 15:09:06 +02:00