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Carsten Haitzler 9 years ago
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@ -8,13 +8,9 @@ make it a first-class terminal:
input, etc.)
[ ] tyls code is just horrible. fix it.
[ ] better info in tyls -m
[ ] need help screen/page/info with keybindings
[ ] tabs: reordering should be possible
[ ] splits need to size only by steps in font size (elm feature)
[ ] blink and blink2 attributes need to be supported
[ ] selection of background "wallpapers" (and support them at all -
doesn't right now - should support regular images, animated gifs,
and edje files)
[ ] scrollbar (elm scroller that mirrors the term smart size/position
- gives us fingerscroll - layer on top of term smart, stick
invisible rect inside to track for scrolling etc.)