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Mike Blumenkrantz f1e1a6edd8 upgrade to teamwork v2, remove dbus (v1) usage 2016-05-20 15:37:55 -04:00
Boris Faure 15fa7afaa5 key bindings: add shift+left/right to switch tabs 2016-04-12 22:47:49 +02:00
Boris Faure ce8eda85e1 make terminology still compile with efl-1.8 2016-03-19 16:11:15 +01:00
Boris Faure d9276909a4 add option to enable bold/italic (on by default) 2016-03-18 20:04:10 +01:00
Boris Faure a0b7fae2dd add a reset button to reset the key bindings 2016-03-18 19:08:58 +01:00
Boris Faure bf4a1f4aba remove buggy keybinding dedup 2016-03-15 19:42:04 +01:00
Boris Faure 629e604704 termpty_cellrow_get() might return NULL. CID1352819 2016-03-12 17:23:37 +01:00
Boris Faure 8d0e13eff9 ensure CWD is NULL-terminated. CID1352820 2016-03-12 17:11:01 +01:00
Boris Faure 4d8c5dd200 only launch terminology with -d CWD if CWD. CID1352818 2016-03-12 17:04:06 +01:00
Boris Faure 175e474983 add safe guards around term_set_title
Should avoid issues when popup is up while term is being destroyed.
2016-03-12 16:46:31 +01:00
Boris Faure 1d138fba36 remove duplicate config keys. Closes T3296 2016-03-12 16:45:52 +01:00
Boris Faure b8b016875e use ctrl+alt+t to set terminal title 2016-03-12 16:37:56 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler dec441790c Revert "set default font size to 14. Closes T3117"
This reverts commit d00a7363b3.


no - this is not a solution. not in the slightest.
2016-03-08 09:43:06 +09:00
Boris Faure d00a7363b3 set default font size to 14. Closes T3117 2016-03-07 19:37:10 +01:00
Boris Faure 07dc1fee17 win: set split->last_focus when swallowing in a split 2016-03-06 15:34:36 +01:00
Boris Faure f850e35ea8 add ctrl-t to default configuration 2016-03-06 14:08:36 +01:00
Boris Faure 8f60da2c5a add ctrl-shift-n to man page 2016-03-06 14:05:54 +01:00
Toan Pham ad7409fdfc Add shortcut to change tab's title
Signed off:  Toan Pham <>
2016-03-06 13:37:49 +01:00
Andy Williams d293b2531a shortcuts: Open new terminals with ctrl+shift+n
Summary: Add a new configurable key binding to open a new terminal window

Test Plan:
Either wipe your terminology configuration or bind the new
"Open a new terminal window" option to ctrl+shift+n.
Tapping that key combination will then open a new window.

Reviewers: billiob

Differential Revision:
2016-03-06 13:22:54 +01:00
Boris Faure 22a3237960 win: be sure we have a child to unfocus. Closes T3260 2016-03-06 13:21:02 +01:00
José Roberto de Souza ae7e96633a Allow user to set the title of the each tab 2016-03-04 11:34:24 -03:00
Boris Faure f05a9187b0 Revert "wip"
This reverts commit 487c54b4e1.
2016-03-03 13:30:14 +01:00
Boris Faure 2c5568c933 Revert "wip"
This reverts commit 02db084b27.
2016-03-03 13:30:00 +01:00
Boris Faure 815dddd880 refocus other split when closing one. Closes T3239 2016-03-03 13:01:19 +01:00
Boris Faure 02db084b27 wip 2016-02-10 23:56:59 +01:00
Boris Faure 487c54b4e1 wip 2016-02-10 00:34:39 +01:00
Boris Faure e1be15fa89 tiny cleanup 2016-02-09 20:59:32 +01:00
Boris Faure c4f7d0a18c remove "tabclose" icon on tabs on the back 2016-02-09 19:39:51 +01:00
Boris Faure b74cfc752a do not append \n at end of box selection 2016-02-07 18:15:00 +01:00
Boris Faure 91842fee8a we're in 2016! 2016-02-07 16:29:43 +01:00
Boris Faure 089bcbbc2b update README to 0.9.1 2016-02-07 16:28:19 +01:00
Boris Faure bed1532e19 remove callbacks early when pty exists 2016-02-02 23:34:54 +01:00
Boris Faure 1100f4d964 do not use edje cb when term quits. Closes T3105
Also reorganize the code a bit
2016-02-02 23:15:50 +01:00
Boris Faure e8c4f080ed fix tabbar not working after tab is closed. Closes T3105 2016-01-31 16:25:39 +01:00
Andy Williams fbf61bf815 [zoom] fix crash fix.
Sorry to anyone who lost character selection this morning...
2016-01-31 15:01:00 +00:00
Andy Williams 459cf7383d [zoom] Fix some potential crashes when zooming.
Generally just being a little more defensive against
potential errors.
2016-01-31 09:01:44 +00:00
Andy Williams ca96a35da7 [zoom] Smooth the scaling of fonts when zooming
Capture font size when gesture begins and correctly
update scale based off that until gesture ends.

Test plan:
1) hold Ctrl and scroll the mouse wheel in then out
in a single motion
2) notice zooming continues in initial direction
and accelerates towards the min or max

With patch it will adjust more smoothly and also
match the current zoom of the gesture.

2016-01-29 14:27:26 +00:00
Andy Williams 55ac83465b [options] size options list according to scale 2016-01-29 11:23:08 +00:00
Boris Faure 4367b4ceb6 fix selections (again and again) of single-char words 2016-01-27 21:08:45 +01:00
Boris Faure 84c1c77757 oops. Always use curly braces… 2016-01-27 20:17:15 +01:00
Boris Faure 98671b2493 fix one-char selections 2016-01-27 12:49:24 +01:00
Boris Faure 157eff8d6a fix CID1347402 Pointer to local outside scope 2016-01-07 22:56:53 +01:00
Boris Faure 8fbd1242fb fix CID1347401 Pointer to local outside scope 2016-01-07 22:55:42 +01:00
Boris Faure 2163bbb775 fix CID1347400 Pointer to local outside scope 2016-01-07 22:54:54 +01:00
Stanislav Baiduzhyi 33d20a1f98 Option to disable cd to current tab dir.
Summary: Adding option to disable cd to current tab dir.

Test Plan:
1. Start unpatched version of Terminology.
2. Change some Behaviour options.
3. Close unpatched version of Terminology.
4. Start patched version of Terminology.
5. cd /usr/bin
6. Open new tab and verify that previous behaviour persists, new tab working directory is /usr/bin
7. Go to Settings Behaviour and uncheck "Start in the same directory..." checkbox.
8. Optn new tab and verify that new tab working directory is ~ (or any other directory from which the Terminology was launched).
9. Restart Terminology.
10. Go to Settings Behaviour and verify that options persisted.

Reviewers: #terminology, billiob

Subscribers: godfath3r, #terminology

Projects: #terminology

Differential Revision:
2015-12-26 12:07:55 +01:00
Stanislav Baiduzhyi 2f3d2a9447 Passing KP_ keys to pty
KP_Home and KP_End were ignored, skipped because _handle_key_to_pty only checked for Kk keys.
It does not look like that was a typo, so handling for both Kk and KP now in place.

Test Plan:
1. start terminology
2. type 'echo "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"'
3. press keypad Home key
4. on unpatched terminology nothing happens
5. on patched terminology the behaviour is identical to normal Home

Reviewers: billiob, #terminology, godfath3r

Reviewed By: #terminology, godfath3r

Subscribers: #terminology, godfath3r, billiob

Differential Revision:
2015-12-26 11:53:32 +01:00
Boris Faure 904f49ccc4 remove statement with no effect 2015-12-26 11:52:31 +01:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 7f53f4daf7 do not force full textgrid width update if preedit_str is ""
in many cases this will be the value which has been set, so ignoring it
will yield moderate performance improvements

Reviewed-by: Boris Faure <>
2015-12-15 17:30:02 -05:00
Boris Faure f731ff6ada tybg: fix indentation 2015-12-12 15:58:10 +01:00
Boris Faure 3091a4e479 Closes T2911. fix reflow
- correctly set `autowrapped`
- reflow the top line when part of its content is in backlog
2015-12-10 21:15:17 +01:00