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Under public_html is a dokuwiki tree with plugins enabled, some config
and a template made to work with e.org. this does NOT contain content.

To help do things nicely, you probably want to set up this tree
locally and run an apache (or ngix or whatever you prefer) and ensure
it can do php5 or better, you will also need the rewrite module enabled.

You will want to:

sudo ln -s /path/to/www/public_html /srv/http

(or whatever it needed to have the public_html directory here be the
base of your webserver dir). You may have to enable FollowSymLinks in
apache or ngix or whatever (read up webserver docs relevant to that).

cp local.php.sample public_html/conf/local.php

and then modify $conf['datadir'] and $conf['mediadir'] to point to the
paged and media subdirs of the www-content git that you can get on
http://git.enlightenment.org as well. You can also symlink the
www-content dir from the public_html/data dir like:

ln -s /path/to/www-content public_html/data/www-content

as an alternative.
If you want to load the website at a subdirectory you can add the config
option as follows to the local.php file you just created:

$conf['basedir'] = '/subdir';

The first time you run your local webserver and go there, you may get
permission denied problems. You may have to either make your www tree
owned by your http server, or run your webserver as you. You will get
to set up an admin account the first time if all directories are
accessible correctly. Soyo may have to

sudo chown -R http /path/to/www
sudo chown -R http /path/to/www-content

You may also get problems regarding users or ACLs - by default there are
no user accounts. If you would like to add a quick admin user to get up and
running then you can paste the following line into the
public_html/conf/users.auth.php - the password is "admin".


You are now pretty much done. Enjoy your local wiki install and save
time by not having to comit changes to the wiki before testing.

Note that we want to keep changes to the wiki tself at a minimum beyond:

1. installing PRISTINE plugins (with as few or no changes as possible)
2. modifying the public_html/lib/tpl/e subdirectory where the
css/templates etc. live for the look and feel.

If you do change things, please start your commit log line with the
all caps:


So we can easily find it later for upgrades.