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Carsten Haitzler 5d77d647ff add stubs for the rest of wiz to finish off.
SVN revision: 37113
2008-10-26 05:46:45 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler b3ad5388bc cuter little plant shoot icon :)
SVN revision: 37111
2008-10-26 05:34:51 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 2deb76fcbd friendly error message.
SVN revision: 37110
2008-10-26 02:42:00 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 81c18a3b98 default copied to standard. default will change and become a minimal wizard
only setup as will compiled in defaults. not yet - but getting prepared.

SVN revision: 37109
2008-10-26 02:39:29 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri acd223581c Enforce step limit while resizing windows with keyboard.
Patch by Ivan.

SVN revision: 37108
2008-10-26 02:04:47 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 272e62ba14 make dropin/over object actually stay hidden until needed
SVN revision: 37107
2008-10-26 01:14:08 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler a400029699 expand wiz objects to fill height!
SVN revision: 37101
2008-10-25 15:38:27 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 534e76235a and note what has been done so far.
SVN revision: 37100
2008-10-25 15:33:28 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 96b6bd54dc allow for explicitly selecting the system menu file - and tell efreet about
it, save/restore it etc. etc. and wizard page to ask for it. note: missing
norma config dialog to select this too!

SVN revision: 37099
2008-10-25 15:18:48 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 625af3eb88 placeholder icon.
SVN revision: 37094
2008-10-25 08:58:06 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler d04a4c70d8 support flag icons.. and add them.
SVN revision: 37093
2008-10-25 08:53:44 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 26c18a5116 back to working on wizard. page 000 is just a splash page. does nothing
interestign except pause for 2 seconds so the "welcome to enlightenment"
title it sets can be seen (and disable the next button). 010 is the laguage
selector - borrows a small bit of logic code from the langaue config module
so it can just list known supported locales on your system let you select,
and move on. it's special in that it implements its langauge choice the moment
you hit "next" (the page hides). this is so further pages are in the selected
language (which they are. and that's so cool).

SVN revision: 37092
2008-10-25 06:54:38 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri e5c4d62fd4 Set member_{add,del} to NULL.
SVN revision: 37091
2008-10-25 03:13:33 +00:00
Chidambar Zinnoury 928f2e56a6 Remove centered vertical alignment settings for now. This creates misalignments when diffents fonts (with differents ascents/descents) are used. Best seen in about dialog with scale=8 :D.
SVN revision: 37072
2008-10-24 18:29:32 +00:00
Aron Xu 156924af6f Updated French translation of e17 by choak <>.
SVN revision: 37059
2008-10-24 15:01:21 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 20363fcb48 delete backgrounds and fonts we ship - don't need the fonts (system
fontconfig should suffice these days) and sample backgrounds - well... let's
just move "sample data" to exchange's job. make's e's backage and default
install leaner.

SVN revision: 37036
2008-10-23 22:46:57 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 7b0fd97a4d update e logo.
SVN revision: 37035
2008-10-23 22:45:33 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler bf127ce0ac update iimf
SVN revision: 37034
2008-10-23 22:44:55 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 8e62f714f5 clean up test images and icon used for enlightenment.desktop
SVN revision: 37033
2008-10-23 22:43:27 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler b90bb54c3d hmmm - no. Edje-Vera-Bold is a pointless addition. why? it's not defined
anywhere! you would need a fonts {} sectin that maps Edje-Vera-Bold to a
.ttf file inlined into the .edj files. We don't included these anymore in the
theme. We use the (these days) standard Sans font on the system. the solution
to it missing/not working (when a bold style is used) is not adding fallbacks
in to fonts that don't exist. I have never seen any problem with this, so
those that do should be checking why the Sans and Sans:style=Bold fontconfig
font declarations don't work (lack of those fonts on their system? bad
fontconfig setup? maybe a bug in evas's fontconfig support?)

SVN revision: 37032
2008-10-23 22:30:56 +00:00
toma 9c7946d77e Whitespace be gone
SVN revision: 37027
2008-10-23 13:53:49 +00:00
toma 8699403c1e Add myself to Authors. Thanks raster
SVN revision: 37026
2008-10-23 13:47:00 +00:00
Chidambar Zinnoury 33ac85bfcc Some times, there were no fallback to Edje-Vera-Bold when font was set to Sans:style=Bold: add it everywhere it was missing.
Reported by mcalamelli.

SVN revision: 37021
2008-10-23 12:10:03 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana e676979fe4 updated messages
SVN revision: 37017
2008-10-23 10:47:46 +00:00
Viktor Kojouharov bcf3f0e1e8 hide the full_bg window, else all X dnd breaks
SVN revision: 37015
2008-10-23 07:15:44 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler d09de3a59a instant edit --
SVN revision: 37012
2008-10-23 04:49:52 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 1324acbe10 and inset too.
SVN revision: 37011
2008-10-23 03:58:18 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler b79fb7422a enable instant_edit (pesss and hold for 1 second to drag around)
SVN revision: 37009
2008-10-23 00:55:21 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 421af81e6a and make desktop scrollframe not have insets/shadows
SVN revision: 37008
2008-10-23 00:51:42 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler f6984f6c12 and fix minor oopses in theme - missing bits
SVN revision: 37007
2008-10-23 00:42:09 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 307d52edfd major changes!!!
init splash now merged with theme - default theme has both. saves space on
disk and just in the end is cleaner. can still select spash separately - but
now themes should provide splashes. you can have just splash files in the
theme dir - but won't be much good for full themes.

default theme now is b&w - all moved over and building. it's now default.
default splash is just default theme etc. etc.

this may cause some problems - so i'd just check your settigns and maybe
re-selct your init splash as it may not exist anymore or be found and thus a
blank splash until u fix it in config.

hmm... there is a bug thoug - i think fileman related. will check. missing
something in theme.

SVN revision: 37006
2008-10-23 00:32:48 +00:00
Jaime Thomas ae3fde694a Keyboard resizing should still respect max/min size.
SVN revision: 37005
2008-10-22 23:15:32 +00:00
kaethorn 9679885db7 Include pkg-config files in dev package.
SVN revision: 36972
2008-10-22 12:42:27 +00:00
Cedric BAIL 1087de2397 Remove Evas list and replace them with Eina list.
No change for ->next and ->data access right now, as the patch is already
big enough.

SVN revision: 36962
2008-10-22 11:49:33 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler b170c9ffe0 fix losing config!
SVN revision: 36899
2008-10-21 01:10:42 +00:00
Viktor Kojouharov 6e0c18399f call the client's orient function when adding
SVN revision: 36872
2008-10-20 19:28:51 +00:00
Cedric BAIL c79dc9d9d6 Remove macro provided by Eina.
SVN revision: 36863
2008-10-20 16:34:59 +00:00
Chidambar Zinnoury 1ecc76d8b9 OK, in doubt, calculate dimensions anyway and call resize func after that. Some modules expect them to be filled so that they can "correct" them.
This will fix all of them.

SVN revision: 36851
2008-10-20 12:18:37 +00:00
Chidambar Zinnoury 57c6606f50 We may want to use the about icon for the about menu item.
SVN revision: 36839
2008-10-20 07:52:22 +00:00
Chidambar Zinnoury f651545665 One less segfault! Deleting gadcon was calling many other things, and ended up recreating hide_animator, so delete it before timers and animators are deleted.
SVN revision: 36838
2008-10-20 07:40:14 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 534bac9233 desklock silliness with login box geometry fixed.
make about ands theme about use object dialog windows. save code and
make object windows be able to accept shaped and borderless hints.

SVN revision: 36836
2008-10-20 06:50:57 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 406fefafe4 was using this for debugging. keep it there for future reference. didn't know
we had such malloc hooks! i might consider using these in future!

SVN revision: 36831
2008-10-20 03:30:22 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 80d7215a24 and fix signals for connman.
SVN revision: 36827
2008-10-19 23:46:07 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 4cee7b5711 oh yeah. handle sizing right.
SVN revision: 36818
2008-10-19 14:15:23 +00:00
Chidambar Zinnoury 2fd985b1a6 Some work on window remembers' config:
- add some icons;
- correct deletion (previously, we were looping over borders to try to find any matching ones, but as this is already done by e_remember_del, we were ending having some really strange things, as rem was already freed.

SVN revision: 36815
2008-10-19 13:38:49 +00:00
Chidambar Zinnoury edc86d39cc For the moment, when try to select an header, loop over next elements until we find a non-header, if not, loop over previous ones, and select found element. Useful for me dialogs where we remove elements.
SVN revision: 36814
2008-10-19 13:34:47 +00:00
Chidambar Zinnoury 6130107b77 Oh, forgot, add my real name in addition to my nickname.
SVN revision: 36811
2008-10-19 11:10:16 +00:00
Chidambar Zinnoury 69e0a07945 Add support for non-theme defined texts for battery module popup.
SVN revision: 36809
2008-10-19 11:00:42 +00:00
Chidambar Zinnoury 21b4c9ef1f Work on battery module:
- popup texts are set by the module, not the theme;
- remove resize func as it does nothing more than default.

SVN revision: 36808
2008-10-19 10:59:20 +00:00
Chidambar Zinnoury 67ba54726e Should check whether the pointers are non-NULL, not if their contents if non-zero.
SVN revision: 36807
2008-10-19 10:56:00 +00:00