Entice is a simple image viewer, based on the EFL (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries)
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Entice Logo

Build Status Coverity Scan Total alerts Language grade: C/C++


A simple cross-platform image viewer with basic features written with the EFL (Enlightement Foundation Libraries)

Development is done in Enlightenment repository. Github mirror can be found here.


This application is released under the BSD 2-Clause License


The EFL.

Supported images

The following image formats (with the corresponding file extension) are supported, if they are supported by the EFL:

Image format File extension
avif .avif, .avifs, .avis
bmp .bmp
dds .dds
gif .gif
heif .heif
ico .ico, .cur
jp2k .jp2k, .jp2,.jpx, .jpf
jpeg .jpg, .jpeg, .jfif
jxl .jxl
pmaps .pbm, .pgm, .ppm, .pnm
png .png
psd .psd
raw a lot...
svg .svg, .svg.gz
tga .tga
tgv .tgv
tiff .tiff
wbmp .wbmp
webp .webp
xcf .xcf
xpm .xpm

Entice can also display PDF files if evas PDF generic loader is enabled

Animated images

Animated images, like gif, avif or jxl, can also be played.

This feature is enabled by default and can be disabled in settings


Action Shortcut
Quit Esc (when no panel is shown), or q, or Ctrl-q
Toggle fullscreen F11 or f
Next image space, or right arrow, or down arrow, or Next key
Previous image backspace, or left arrow, or up arrow, or Prior key
First image home, or Alt-home
Last image end, or Alt-end
rotation clockwise Ctrl-r
rotation counter-clockwise Ctrl-Alt-r
Original size Ctrl-0
Best fit b
Zoom in +, or =
Zoom out -
Resize window to real image size (implies zoom 100%) n
Manage Settings s
Show EXIF data e
Copy file in clipboard Ctrl-c
Copy file name in clipboard Ctrl-Shift-c
Exit Settings or Exif panels Esc


Action Shortcut
fullscreen double click
Open Settings right click
Exit Settings right click
Zoom in/out Ctrl-mouse wheel




  • help panel
  • about panel
  • image list
  • browser mode