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Youness Alaoui dde5848ab1 edje: Fix segfault when deleted part stays in the hash table
SVN revision: 79616
2012-11-23 23:15:48 +00:00
Vincent Torri 7eed9b718a Ecore: fix Solaris build
SVN revision: 79614
2012-11-23 22:44:43 +00:00
Vincent Torri 47a3d97885 Ecore: fix alloca declaration
SVN revision: 79613
2012-11-23 22:38:23 +00:00
Vincent Torri a79a4408e4 Eio: Fix alloca declaration and remove useless autotools Windows stuff
SVN revision: 79612
2012-11-23 22:09:43 +00:00
Vincent Torri a943f063bc ecore, eio : revert alloca commits (and other solaris math commits, i know)
SVN revision: 79610
2012-11-23 21:55:46 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo 14a4767f24 EPhysics: add a soft ellipsoid test
A test to rotate a soft ellipsoid to demonstrate the multi face implementation.

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 79609
2012-11-23 21:52:25 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo ffecc4ac0f EPhysics: soft button test
A new test with a soft button deforming while clicking on it.

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 79608
2012-11-23 21:52:18 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo 1a1adc1a5f EPhysics: soft body operations on triangles list
This patch introduces API to get a list of triangles inside an
area and another to apply impulse - also - in a list of triangles.

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 79607
2012-11-23 21:52:08 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo 889ba8d307 EPhysics: fix soft body resize
When resizing a soft body move the anchored rigid body to the
center of it.

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 79606
2012-11-23 21:52:02 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo f4ce94ee18 EPhysics: avoid slices double deletion
This patch avoids slices double deletion case ecore evas deletes the
slices evas objects before ephysics has actually shutdown and/or simulation
thread hasn't been canceled.

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 79605
2012-11-23 21:51:53 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo ecd61b29af EPhysics: add api to get the slice index based on its
evas object

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 79604
2012-11-23 21:51:44 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo 0e3e700e52 EPhysics: add soft ellipsoid and multi face

This patch introduces the ellipsoid soft body and its multi face

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 79603
2012-11-23 21:51:38 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo f36db0c84d EPhysics: change double named group
Changed the double named group in list.edc to alias and fix the
abortion issue on tests.

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 79602
2012-11-23 21:51:32 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo 1a82b27622 EPhysics: flag test fixes
Add one more bending constraint and sets gravity to ephysics default

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 79601
2012-11-23 21:51:24 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo a231ae47dc EPhysics: test flag fix Evas_Mouse_Event_* usage
Now using the proper event attributes.

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 79600
2012-11-23 21:51:18 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo 3e10c1bdb6 EPhysics: fix random memory leaks
Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 79599
2012-11-23 21:51:03 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo 0951154f9c EPhysics: slice_init doesn't know about
body->evas_object anymore

So we can use the same functions to initialize the slices in case of
face slicing.

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 79598
2012-11-23 21:50:02 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo 6f743c6978 EPhysics: soft body slice per face
This changes how initial points of deformations are mapped, now we
must support multiple faces so different points of deformation for

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 79597
2012-11-23 21:49:57 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo f962999612 EPhysics: soft body slicing refactory
Prepare to use the same infra structure of slicing for soft body multi-face
deformation implementation.

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 79596
2012-11-23 21:49:51 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo 96388823a7 EPhysics: reset soft body's slices layer
If a evas object has its layer reset so we must apply the change its
slices evas objects.

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 79595
2012-11-23 21:49:44 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo cf2d140f8c EPhysics: add soft body triangle impulse API
Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 79594
2012-11-23 21:43:49 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo 5d49f5912a EPhysics: flip page test
This patch adds a test to simulate page flipping.

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 79593
2012-11-23 21:43:44 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo 900580095c EPhysics: add soft body bending constraints API
This patch introduces the API ephysics_body_soft_body_bending_constraints_add
used define how deformeable a soft body is supposed to be.

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 79592
2012-11-23 21:43:32 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo fa05bab343 EPhysics: generate bending constraints just once
Unlikely the cluster generate bullet will not rebuild the bending
constraints every call, so we must prevent creating duplicated

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 79591
2012-11-23 21:43:25 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo a7e90dc5a7 EPhysics: move just a single node of a triangle
Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 79590
2012-11-23 21:43:19 +00:00
Bruno Dilly af8b2ce2ce edje: add example of messages handling (receiving /

All types!

SVN revision: 79589
2012-11-23 21:28:02 +00:00
Bruno Dilly 74bc2de752 edje examples: update edc examples list on makefile
It was outdated.

SVN revision: 79588
2012-11-23 21:27:38 +00:00
Bruno Dilly a0bd3bc00f edje player: support message sending
SVN revision: 79587
2012-11-23 21:27:28 +00:00
Bruno Dilly 7f9b327c16 edje player: fix typos / break big line of output
SVN revision: 79586
2012-11-23 21:27:17 +00:00
Sebastian Dransfeld 6b145c2c85 ChangeLog
SVN revision: 79585
2012-11-23 20:39:13 +00:00
Sebastian Dransfeld 36849d89b7 ecore: also use for solaris
SVN revision: 79582
2012-11-23 20:35:45 +00:00
Sebastian Dransfeld a3ae72a9e7 ecore: ieeefp on solaris
SVN revision: 79579
2012-11-23 20:31:51 +00:00
Sebastian Dransfeld c2b4b45023 ecore: alloca
SVN revision: 79577
2012-11-23 20:25:52 +00:00
Sebastian Dransfeld b67bef4ed0 eio: correctly define alloca
SVN revision: 79576
2012-11-23 20:11:15 +00:00
Sebastian Dransfeld 9b7086b9e3 efreet: ChangeLog
SVN revision: 79573
2012-11-23 19:30:00 +00:00
Eduardo de Barros Lima b313428163 Ecore_Wayland: Fix leak of struct wl_registry
SVN revision: 79569
2012-11-23 18:44:00 +00:00
ChunEon Park a3bceeb600 evas - Re: [E-devel] [PATCH] [EVAS] evas_object_key_grab add check for same modifiers
Hi all,

I had prepare some fix for evas_object_key_grab function.

In my opinion when given modifiers are equal it should return FALSE.

Please verify attached file.



Signed-Off-By: Patryk Kaczmarek<>

SVN revision: 79563
2012-11-23 15:30:38 +00:00
Sebastian Dransfeld c9663b24d6 efreet: elements aren't always double quoted
SVN revision: 79550
2012-11-22 22:18:34 +00:00
Sung Park 57f2e02b9e Fixed a bug where if an image object rendered using Evas GL
direct rendering and then another image object using Native
Surface rendering, there was a potential for it to fall into
the same direct rendering path.

Also, fixed some minor Evas GL extension bugs that came from refactoring.

SVN revision: 79532
2012-11-22 07:58:06 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler abb71f7234 hm ooops - my multi-frame update tracking breaks WHEN the swap modes
change from triple to double etc. buffered.

SVN revision: 79531
2012-11-22 06:09:28 +00:00
Daniel Juyung Seo 69dff9f94a edje edje_cc_handlers.c: Fixed wrong documentation.
SVN revision: 79530
2012-11-22 04:02:05 +00:00
Christopher Michael 4d6ace7272 Patch from Alex Wu to fix egl engine for 1.4 spec.
Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <>

SVN revision: 79506
2012-11-21 10:02:40 +00:00
Christopher Michael 190e65dac3 evas/wayland_egl: Don't create EGLSurface for internal gl resource if we already have one in re->win.
EGL 1.4 spec Section 3.5.1: If there is already an
EGLSurface associated with win (as a result of a previous
eglCreateWindowSurface call), then an EGL_BAD_ALLOC error is

So that this eglCreateWindowSurface() will fail if the egl driver is
a strict conformance to the spec.

SVN revision: 79505
2012-11-21 10:02:18 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler a89d61079c fix evil textprop leak in textblock! :)
SVN revision: 79503
2012-11-21 09:12:42 +00:00
Sung Park 2b0829785f Oops... cleaned up some code/warnings. Should have been a part of
last commit. 

SVN revision: 79494
2012-11-21 05:11:17 +00:00
Sung Park 995e0a6613 Fixed Evas GL direct rendering bug from refactoring. The conditions
weren't set properly where if a program uses evas_gl to do GL rendering
in direct rendering mode and then use a pixmap to do native 
GL rendering in the same program, native pixmap rendering would 
also fall into the direct rendering path and not render anything for 
image object. It's been fixed.

SVN revision: 79493
2012-11-21 04:59:52 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 2f2ef8042b oops eet not evas!
SVN revision: 79492
2012-11-21 04:47:01 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler dbf3dfadc0 no eet link for cserve2 loader module!
SVN revision: 79490
2012-11-21 04:19:42 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 242e9bb9ee and now have a real implementation with drmey things... with some

SVN revision: 79486
2012-11-21 02:48:49 +00:00
ChunEon Park 172f2ff0d4 evas - backport 79469
SVN revision: 79471
2012-11-20 12:06:53 +00:00