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ChunEon Park a3bceeb600 evas - Re: [E-devel] [PATCH] [EVAS] evas_object_key_grab add check for same modifiers
Hi all,

I had prepare some fix for evas_object_key_grab function.

In my opinion when given modifiers are equal it should return FALSE.

Please verify attached file.



Signed-Off-By: Patryk Kaczmarek<>

SVN revision: 79563
2012-11-23 15:30:38 +00:00
Sung Park 57f2e02b9e Fixed a bug where if an image object rendered using Evas GL
direct rendering and then another image object using Native
Surface rendering, there was a potential for it to fall into
the same direct rendering path.

Also, fixed some minor Evas GL extension bugs that came from refactoring.

SVN revision: 79532
2012-11-22 07:58:06 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler abb71f7234 hm ooops - my multi-frame update tracking breaks WHEN the swap modes
change from triple to double etc. buffered.

SVN revision: 79531
2012-11-22 06:09:28 +00:00
Christopher Michael 4d6ace7272 Patch from Alex Wu to fix egl engine for 1.4 spec.
Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <>

SVN revision: 79506
2012-11-21 10:02:40 +00:00
Christopher Michael 190e65dac3 evas/wayland_egl: Don't create EGLSurface for internal gl resource if we already have one in re->win.
EGL 1.4 spec Section 3.5.1: If there is already an
EGLSurface associated with win (as a result of a previous
eglCreateWindowSurface call), then an EGL_BAD_ALLOC error is

So that this eglCreateWindowSurface() will fail if the egl driver is
a strict conformance to the spec.

SVN revision: 79505
2012-11-21 10:02:18 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler a89d61079c fix evil textprop leak in textblock! :)
SVN revision: 79503
2012-11-21 09:12:42 +00:00
Sung Park 2b0829785f Oops... cleaned up some code/warnings. Should have been a part of
last commit. 

SVN revision: 79494
2012-11-21 05:11:17 +00:00
Sung Park 995e0a6613 Fixed Evas GL direct rendering bug from refactoring. The conditions
weren't set properly where if a program uses evas_gl to do GL rendering
in direct rendering mode and then use a pixmap to do native 
GL rendering in the same program, native pixmap rendering would 
also fall into the direct rendering path and not render anything for 
image object. It's been fixed.

SVN revision: 79493
2012-11-21 04:59:52 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 2f2ef8042b oops eet not evas!
SVN revision: 79492
2012-11-21 04:47:01 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler dbf3dfadc0 no eet link for cserve2 loader module!
SVN revision: 79490
2012-11-21 04:19:42 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 242e9bb9ee and now have a real implementation with drmey things... with some

SVN revision: 79486
2012-11-21 02:48:49 +00:00
ChunEon Park f90641200b evas - fix the memory leak - eina_rectangles allocated for clip_changes.
SVN revision: 79469
2012-11-20 11:52:16 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 3a9784e8e2 fix blank screen bug added by our good mate... mike_m :)
SVN revision: 79459
2012-11-20 01:17:09 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler dfc1ccde24 comment out unused vars - name the px/yN...
SVN revision: 79458
2012-11-20 01:13:26 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler fac8ec4ca7 this is the START of something.. disabled at runtime for now - the
swapper infra is intended to have the ability to map pixels of
backbuffers right in for total zero-copy updates.

SVN revision: 79452
2012-11-19 13:43:48 +00:00
Jérémy Zurcher 9aa23128b6 [eina] path sanitizing now takes care of '/./' and
breaks loop on '/..$'

Patch by: Jérémy Zurcher <>

SVN revision: 79449
2012-11-19 13:13:31 +00:00
Jérémy Zurcher fbf199f004 [eina] cleans up and fixes 'make benchmark'
saddly eina_bench stills segv and as I can't find any install target for
it, and I'm not a kung-auto-foo warrior, I can't gdb it.
could someone provide a benchmark-install target or point me to the
direction I missed?

Patch by: Jérémy Zurcher <>

SVN revision: 79448
2012-11-19 13:13:07 +00:00
Mike McCormack c1672ed8cf efl: Fix more shadow warnings
Signed-off-by: Mike McCormack <>

SVN revision: 79447
2012-11-19 13:10:14 +00:00
Mike McCormack 4081a3450d evas: Fix shadow warnings
x1, x2 shadow something in the math library.

Would probably be better to turn off -Wshadow, but for some
reason people think this there's some value in it...

Signed-off-by: Mike McCormack <>

SVN revision: 79446
2012-11-19 13:10:07 +00:00
Mike McCormack 82126b8ffd efl: Fix set but unused warnings
Unfortunately setting unused variable to zero still produces
a warning about variables being set but not used (on gcc 4.6.3).

Signed-off-by: Mike McCormack <>

SVN revision: 79445
2012-11-19 13:09:53 +00:00
Vincent Torri 4ae8b8cf86 merge: do not use recursive make for unit tests
SVN revision: 79413
2012-11-18 07:12:38 +00:00
Rafael Antognolli 766a0c790d evas/gles: Remove GL_STENCIL_INDEX from _string_get() on GLES.
This was removed on latest mesa, and seems to don't belong to GLES. See
the specification at

Additionally, it wasn't being used anywhere.

SVN revision: 79400
2012-11-16 18:37:47 +00:00
Sebastian Dransfeld 092b8ed76b evas: cleanup
SVN revision: 79372
2012-11-16 10:14:12 +00:00
Sung Park 3e6b22aaed Fixed glGetIntegerv() in Direct Rendering mode for Evas GL
to properly handle GL_SCISSOR_BOX and GL_VIEWPORT parameters.

SVN revision: 79364
2012-11-16 08:32:32 +00:00
Daniel Willmann c0840226b0 Remove binary character in
This caused automake to generate a faulty Makefile, which in turn caused
compilation to fail.

Signed-off-by: Daniel Willmann <>

SVN revision: 79345
2012-11-15 13:28:14 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 515d08491d add comments in cserve2 bin webp loader too.
SVN revision: 79316
2012-11-15 05:23:40 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler c417fab157 yet more warn--
SVN revision: 79315
2012-11-15 05:20:21 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 66a43d2a7a more warn-- in efl tree.
SVN revision: 79314
2012-11-15 05:19:14 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler dc0946e205 warning--
SVN revision: 79313
2012-11-15 05:03:45 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 940a75b5a8 devilhorns: warning told me that x is not being used.. and that looks
bad... i added it into dest as thats obviously how it should be.. can
u double check?

SVN revision: 79312
2012-11-15 05:01:16 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 7873cc2124 warn-- for new jpect color conversion modes - default case.
SVN revision: 79311
2012-11-15 04:31:33 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler b8ad8ae5fe lets not have system("format c:") even tho its amusing as it just
creates warnings. :)

SVN revision: 79310
2012-11-15 04:29:34 +00:00
Vincent Torri 80910393d6 merge: add evas tests and examples
SVN revision: 79300
2012-11-14 20:12:53 +00:00
Christopher Michael 10567cca05 Add missing UNLOCK_CACHE in eet_open function.
Change-Id: I79db6bedf49c27499f3caa63d04dc6bb3ecfee60

SVN revision: 79290
2012-11-14 11:52:25 +00:00
Stefan Schmidt a992aa9cf3 efl: Cleanup gcno files in modulesi/eina as well.
SVN revision: 79235
2012-11-13 15:35:42 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 463614021a and this fixes compositing on newest intel+mesa drivers... wrong fb
config wasa being chosen as it was done by hand not accounting for
multisample buffers. now using glxchoosefbconfig instead and it works.

SVN revision: 79232
2012-11-13 14:07:39 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 630d662a3b have ss3 etc. tests not be run (and thus fail) if env vars disable them.
SVN revision: 79231
2012-11-13 14:06:28 +00:00
ChunEon Park b313edd3e4 evas/event - don't transform the output in the source events.
and use the Point structure for clean code.

Signed-Off-By: Leandro Dorileo<>
Signed-Off-By: ChunEon Park<>

SVN revision: 79224
2012-11-13 10:59:38 +00:00
ChunEon Park 9cf4d766ab evas/map - Don't extrapolate outside coords unsafely from map_coords_get()
Don't know why is it actually needed.

SVN revision: 79214
2012-11-13 10:15:29 +00:00
Vincent Torri e66aae9bc3 merge: missing -lm for embryo_cc
Patch by Ryuan Choi

SVN revision: 79207
2012-11-13 08:58:33 +00:00
ChunEon Park 9467a3169a evas/map - simple refactoring.
SVN revision: 79197
2012-11-13 05:34:47 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo 2e6aaf35f1 evas - return quickly if you got the result.
Signed-Off-By: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 79196
2012-11-13 04:08:16 +00:00
Vincent Torri c3f30cb456 fix the fix...
SVN revision: 79195
2012-11-13 00:02:16 +00:00
Vincent Torri 6b72567dcd merge: fix Evil standard headers installation
SVN revision: 79194
2012-11-13 00:00:10 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 208ad94428 more null checks in evas to avoid segs.
SVN revision: 79167
2012-11-12 14:45:07 +00:00
Gustavo Lima Chaves a4b2a48dc0 [eina] Better pretty printing of eina_value timeval buddies.
SVN revision: 79154
2012-11-12 12:26:07 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 43eb9749ab @since for eina_list_last_data_get
SVN revision: 79149
2012-11-12 10:53:10 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 7ba993749d add eina_list_last_data_get() macro to simplify calling eina_list_data_get(eina_list_last())
SVN revision: 79142
2012-11-12 09:58:48 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 0bbec07e69 protect against a whole bunch of NULLS that the new eo stuff brings out.
SVN revision: 79129
2012-11-12 02:22:39 +00:00
ChunEon Park 1bd3bbfdd3 evas/event - add the xy origin to object when coords are transformed
Signed-Off-By: Leandro Dorileo<>

SVN revision: 79098
2012-11-10 12:52:00 +00:00