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msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: Pau Bosch i Crespo i Marc Furtià i Puig\n"
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: enlightenment-devel@lists.sourceforge.net\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2007-07-29 16:02+0900\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2007-07-11 19:35+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: Marc Furtià i Puig <marcfurti@yaoo.es>\n"
"Language-Team: Pau i Marc <paubcrespo@hotmail.com >\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Poedit-Language: català\n"
"X-Poedit-Bookmarks: -1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,1026\n"
#: src/bin/e_about.c:66
msgid "About Enlightenment"
msgstr "Sobre Enlightenment"
#: src/bin/e_about.c:74 src/bin/e_actions.c:2272 src/bin/e_actions.c:2276
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2280 src/bin/e_actions.c:2284 src/bin/e_int_menus.c:164
#: src/bin/e_main.c:834
msgid "Enlightenment"
msgstr "Enlightenment"
#: src/bin/e_about.c:79
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
msgid ""
"Copyright &copy; 1999-2007, by the Enlightenment Development Team.<br><br>We "
"hope you enjoy using this software as much as we enjoyed writing it."
"<br><br>This software is provided as-is with no explicit or implied "
"warranty. This software is governed by licensing conditions, so please see "
"the COPYING and COPYING-PLAIN licence files installed on your system."
"<br><br>Enlightenment is under <hilight>HEAVY DEVELOPMENT</hilight> and it "
"is not stable. Many features are incomplete or even non-existant yet and may "
"have many bugs. You have been <hilight>WARNED!</hilight>"
msgstr ""
"Copyright &copy; 1999-2007, per l'equip de Desenvolupadors d'Enlightenment ."
"<br><br>Nosaltres esperam que tu disfrutis utilitzant aquest software tan "
"com nosaltres hem disfrutat escriguent-lo.<br><br>Aquest programari es "
"proveeix tal com és, sense una garantia explicita o implementada. Aquest "
"software està governat per les condicions de llicència, per tan, si us plau, "
"mira els fitxers de llicències COPYING I COPYING-PLAIN instal·lats en el teu "
"sistema.<br><br>Enlightenment està sota <hilight>FORT DESENVOLUPAMENT</"
"hilight>i no és estable. Algunes de les característiques són incompletes o "
"fins i tot inexistents encara i deuen tenir algun \"bug\". Se "
#: src/bin/e_about.c:104
msgid "<title>The Team</title>"
msgstr "<title>L'Equip</title>"
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:306
#, c-format
msgid ""
"You are about to kill %s.<br><br>Please keep in mind that all data of this "
"window,<br>which has not been saved yet will be lost!<br><br>Are you sure "
"you want to kill this window?"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:318
msgid "Are you sure you want to kill this window?"
msgstr "Està segur que vol matar aquesta finestra ?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:321 src/bin/e_actions.c:1610 src/bin/e_actions.c:1681
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:1740 src/bin/e_actions.c:1799 src/bin/e_actions.c:1858
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:1917 src/bin/e_confirm_dialog.c:47 src/bin/e_fm.c:6704
#: src/bin/e_module.c:468 src/modules/conf_display/e_int_config_display.c:214
msgid "Yes"
msgstr "Si"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:323 src/bin/e_actions.c:1612 src/bin/e_actions.c:1683
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:1742 src/bin/e_actions.c:1801 src/bin/e_actions.c:1860
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:1919 src/bin/e_confirm_dialog.c:48 src/bin/e_fm.c:6705
#: src/bin/e_module.c:469 src/modules/conf_display/e_int_config_display.c:215
msgid "No"
msgstr "No"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:1603
msgid "Are you sure you want to exit?"
msgstr "Està segur que vol sortir ?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:1605
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
msgid ""
"You requested to exit Enlightenment.<br><br>Are you sure you want to exit?"
msgstr ""
"Ha demanat sortir de l'Enlightenment,<br><br>Està segur de què vol sortir?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:1674
msgid "Are you sure you want to log out?"
msgstr "Està segur que vol sortir ?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:1676
msgid "You are about to log out.<br><br>Are you sure you want to do this?"
msgstr "Vostè ha demanat sortir.<br><br> Està segur de fer això ?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:1733 src/bin/e_actions.c:1851
msgid "Are you sure you want to turn off?"
msgstr "Està segur que vol parar el computador ?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:1735
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
msgid ""
"You requested to turn off your Computer.<br><br>Are you sure you want to "
"shut down?"
msgstr ""
"Vostè ha demanat parar el seu Computador.<br><br> Està segur que el vol "
"parar ?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:1792
msgid "Are you sure you want to reboot?"
msgstr "Està segur que vol Re-iniciar ?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:1794
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
msgid ""
"You requested to reboot your Computer.<br><br>Are you sure you want to "
"restart it?"
msgstr ""
"Vostè ha demanat Re-iniciar el seu Computador.<br><br> Està segur que el vol "
"Re-iniciar ?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:1853
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
msgid ""
"You requested to suspend your Computer.<br><br>Are you sure you want to "
msgstr ""
"Vostè ha demanat Suspendre el seu Computador.<br><br> Està segur que el vol "
"Suspendre ?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:1910
msgid "Are you sure you want to hibernate?"
msgstr "Està segur que vol hibernar ?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:1912
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
msgid ""
"You requested to hibernate your Computer.<br><br>Are you sure you want to "
"suspend to disk?"
msgstr ""
"Vostè ha demanat Hibernar el seu Computador.<br><br> Està segur que el vol "
"suspendre a disc ?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2000 src/bin/e_actions.c:2010 src/bin/e_actions.c:2028
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2033 src/bin/e_actions.c:2038 src/bin/e_actions.c:2043
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2195 src/bin/e_actions.c:2200 src/bin/e_actions.c:2206
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2212 src/bin/e_actions.c:2218
msgid "Window : Actions"
msgstr "Finestra : Accions"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2000
msgid "Move"
msgstr "Mou "
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2010
msgid "Resize"
msgstr "Re-dimensiona"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2020 src/bin/e_actions.c:2239 src/bin/e_actions.c:2241
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2243 src/bin/e_actions.c:2245 src/bin/e_actions.c:2247
#: src/modules/conf_mousebindings/e_int_config_mousebindings.c:345
msgid "Menu"
msgstr "Menú"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2020
msgid "Window Menu"
msgstr "Menú de Finestra"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2028 src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:338
msgid "Raise"
msgstr "augment"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2033 src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:346
msgid "Lower"
msgstr "Més petit"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2038 src/bin/e_config_dialog.c:226
#: src/bin/e_configure.c:397 src/bin/e_fwin.c:1125
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:320 src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:81
msgid "Close"
msgstr "Tanca"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2043 src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:309
msgid "Kill"
msgstr "Mata"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2048 src/bin/e_actions.c:2055 src/bin/e_actions.c:2062
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2069 src/bin/e_actions.c:2071 src/bin/e_actions.c:2074
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2077 src/bin/e_actions.c:2079 src/bin/e_actions.c:2081
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2083 src/bin/e_actions.c:2090 src/bin/e_actions.c:2092
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2094 src/bin/e_actions.c:2096 src/bin/e_actions.c:2098
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2105 src/bin/e_actions.c:2110
msgid "Window : State"
msgstr "Finestra : Estat"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2048
msgid "Sticky Mode Toggle"
msgstr "Mode enganxós"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2055
msgid "Iconic Mode Toggle"
msgstr "Mode icònic "
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2062
msgid "Fullscreen Mode Toggle"
msgstr "Mostra a Pantalla Completa"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2069 src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:106
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:236
msgid "Maximize"
msgstr "Maximitza"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2071
msgid "Maximize Vertically"
msgstr "Maximitza Verticalment"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2074
msgid "Maximize Horizontally"
msgstr "Maximitza Horitzontalment"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2077
msgid "Maximize Fullscreen"
msgstr "Maximitza a Pantalla Completa"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2079
msgid "Maximize Mode \"Smart\""
msgstr "Mode Maximització \"Smart\""
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2081
msgid "Maximize Mode \"Expand\""
msgstr "Mode Maximització \"Expand\""
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2083
msgid "Maximize Mode \"Fill\""
msgstr "Mode Maximització \"Fill\""
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2090
msgid "Shade Up Mode Toggle"
msgstr "Mode d'Ombrejat Amunt Toggle"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2092
msgid "Shade Down Mode Toggle"
msgstr "Mode d'Ombrejat Avall Toggle"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2094
msgid "Shade Left Mode Toggle"
msgstr "Mode d'Ombrejat a l'Esquerrat Toggle"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2096
msgid "Shade Right Mode Toggle"
msgstr "Mode d'Ombrejat a Dreta Toggle"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2098
msgid "Shade Mode Toggle"
msgstr "Mode d'Ombrejat Toggle"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2105
msgid "Toggle Borderless State"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2110
msgid "Toggle Pinned State"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2115 src/bin/e_actions.c:2117 src/bin/e_actions.c:2119
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2121 src/bin/e_actions.c:2123 src/bin/e_actions.c:2129
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2134 src/bin/e_actions.c:2140 src/bin/e_actions.c:2146
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2148 src/bin/e_actions.c:2150 src/bin/e_actions.c:2152
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2154 src/bin/e_actions.c:2156 src/bin/e_actions.c:2158
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2160 src/bin/e_actions.c:2162 src/bin/e_actions.c:2164
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2166 src/bin/e_actions.c:2168 src/bin/e_actions.c:2170
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2313 src/bin/e_actions.c:2318 src/bin/e_int_menus.c:139
#: src/modules/conf_clientlist/e_int_config_clientlist.c:103
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_config.c:139
msgid "Desktop"
msgstr "Escriptori"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2115
msgid "Flip Desktop Left"
msgstr "Salta a l'Escriptori de l'Esquerra"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2117
msgid "Flip Desktop Right"
msgstr "Salta a l'Escriptori de la Dreta"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2119
msgid "Flip Desktop Up"
msgstr "Salta a l'Escriptori de Dalt"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2121
msgid "Flip Desktop Down"
msgstr "Salta a l'Escriptori de Baix"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2123
msgid "Flip Desktop By..."
msgstr "Canvia d'Escriptori per..."
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2129
msgid "Show The Desktop"
msgstr "Mostra l'Escriptori"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2134
msgid "Flip Desktop To..."
msgstr "Canvia d'Escriptori a ..."
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2140
msgid "Flip Desktop Linearly..."
msgstr "Canvia d'Escriptori linealment ..."
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2146
msgid "Switch To Desktop 0"
msgstr "Canvia a l'Escriptori 0"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2148
msgid "Switch To Desktop 1"
msgstr "Canvia a l'Escriptori 1"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2150
msgid "Switch To Desktop 2"
msgstr "Canvia a l'Escriptori 2"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2152
msgid "Switch To Desktop 3"
msgstr "Canvia a l'Escriptori 3"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2154
msgid "Switch To Desktop 4"
msgstr "Canvia a l'Escriptori 4"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2156
msgid "Switch To Desktop 5"
msgstr "Canvia a l'Escriptori 5"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2158
msgid "Switch To Desktop 6"
msgstr "Canvia a l'Escriptori 6"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2160
msgid "Switch To Desktop 7"
msgstr "Canvia a l'Escriptori 7"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2162
msgid "Switch To Desktop 8"
msgstr "Canvia a l'Escriptori 8"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2164
msgid "Switch To Desktop 9"
msgstr "Canvia a l'Escriptori 9"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2166
msgid "Switch To Desktop 10"
msgstr "Canvia a l'Escriptori 10"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2168
msgid "Switch To Desktop 11"
msgstr "Canvia a l'Escriptori 11"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2170
msgid "Switch To Desktop..."
msgstr "Canvia a l'Escriptori ...."
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2176 src/bin/e_actions.c:2178 src/bin/e_actions.c:2180
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2185 src/bin/e_actions.c:2187 src/bin/e_actions.c:2189
#: src/modules/conf_desklock/e_mod_main.c:34
#: src/modules/conf_desks/e_mod_main.c:34
#: src/modules/conf_display/e_mod_main.c:34
#: src/modules/conf_dpms/e_mod_main.c:34
#: src/modules/conf_screensaver/e_mod_main.c:34
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_config.c:108
msgid "Screen"
msgstr "Pantalla"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2176
msgid "Send Mouse To Screen 0"
msgstr "Envia el Ratolí A l'Escriptori 0"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2178
msgid "Send Mouse To Screen 1"
msgstr "Envia el Ratolí A l'Escriptori 1"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2180
msgid "Send Mouse To Screen..."
msgstr "Envia el Ratolí a la Pantalla ...."
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2185
msgid "Send Mouse Forward 1 Screen"
msgstr "Envia el Ratolí un Escriptori més enllà"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2187
msgid "Send Mouse Back 1 Screen"
msgstr "Envia el Ratolí un Escriptori previ"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2189
msgid "Send Mouse Forward/Back Screens..."
msgstr "Envia el Mouse Endavant/Endarrera Pantalles"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2223 src/bin/e_actions.c:2225 src/bin/e_actions.c:2227
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2233
msgid "Window : Moving"
msgstr "Finestra : Moviment"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2223
msgid "To Next Desktop"
msgstr "Següent Escriptori"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2225
msgid "To Previous Desktop"
msgstr "Envia a la Pantalla prèvia"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2227
msgid "By Desktop #..."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2233
msgid "To Desktop..."
msgstr "A l'Escriptori"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2239
msgid "Show Main Menu"
msgstr "Mostra el Menú Principal"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2241
msgid "Show Favorites Menu"
msgstr "Mostra el Menú Favorits"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2243
msgid "Show All Applications Menu"
msgstr "Mostra Totes les Aplicaciones del Menú"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2245
msgid "Show Clients Menu"
msgstr "Mostra el Menú Clients"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2247
msgid "Show Menu..."
msgstr "Mostra Menú ..."
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2254 src/bin/e_actions.c:2259 src/bin/e_actions.c:2308
msgid "Launch"
msgstr "Executa"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2254
msgid "Defined Command"
msgstr "Definició de Comanda"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2259
msgid "Application"
msgstr "Aplicació"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2264 src/bin/e_actions.c:2266
msgid "Window : List"
msgstr "Finestra : Llista"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2264
msgid "Next Window"
msgstr "Finestra Següent"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2266
msgid "Previous Window"
msgstr "Finestra Prèvia "
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2272 src/bin/e_int_menus.c:183
msgid "Restart"
msgstr "Reinicia "
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2276 src/bin/e_int_menus.c:188
msgid "Exit"
msgstr "Surt"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2280
msgid "Log Out"
msgstr "Surt"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2284
msgid "Exit Immediately"
msgstr "Surt immediatament"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2288 src/bin/e_actions.c:2292 src/bin/e_actions.c:2296
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2300 src/bin/e_int_menus.c:208
#: src/modules/conf_desklock/e_int_config_desklock.c:195
#: src/modules/conf_imc/e_int_config_imc.c:823
#: src/modules/conf_startup/e_int_config_startup.c:273
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_theme.c:379
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_theme.c:846
#: src/modules/conf_wallpaper/e_int_config_wallpaper.c:470
#: src/modules/conf_wallpaper/e_int_config_wallpaper.c:625
msgid "System"
msgstr "Sistema"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2288 src/bin/e_int_menus.c:893
msgid "Shut Down"
msgstr "Aturada"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2292 src/bin/e_int_menus.c:886
msgid "Reboot"
msgstr "Reiniciar l'ordinador"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2296 src/bin/e_int_menus.c:872
msgid "Suspend"
msgstr "Suspendre l'ordinador"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2300
msgid "Suspend to Disk"
msgstr "Suspendre a Disc l'ordinador"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2308
msgid "Run Command Dialog"
msgstr "Executar Comanda de Diàleg"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2313
msgid "Desktop Lock"
msgstr "Bloqueig de Pantalla"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2318 src/bin/e_int_menus.c:1252
msgid "Cleanup Windows"
msgstr "Nateja Finestres"
#: src/bin/e_config.c:572
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
msgid ""
"Configuration data needed upgrading. Your old configuration<br>has been "
"wiped and a new set of defaults initialized. This<br>will happen regularly "
"during development, so don't report a<br>bug. This simply means "
"Enlightenment needs new configuration<br>data by default for usable "
"functionality that your old<br>configuration simply lacks. This new set of "
"defaults will fix<br>that by adding it in. You can re-configure things now "
"to your<br>liking. Sorry for the hiccup in your configuration.<br>"
msgstr ""
"La configuració de la data necessita ser updatejada. La vostre vella "
"configuració<br> s'ha de re-inicialitzar per defecte. Això<br> sol succeïr "
"regularment durant el desenvolupament, per tan <br> no és un but. Això "
"únicament significa que <br>l'Enlightenment necessita noves configuracions "
"de dats<br per defecte per la funcionalitat usable de la vostre vella "
"configuració.<br>Pots recongiurar les coses ara. Disculpa per les molèsties "
"per lateva configuració<br>"
#: src/bin/e_config.c:586
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
msgid ""
"Your configuration is NEWER than Enlightenment. This is very<br>strange. "
"This should not happen unless you downgraded<br>Enlightenment or copied the "
"configuration from a place where<br>a newer version of Enlightenment was "
"running. This is bad and<br>as a precaution your configuration has been now "
"restored to<br>defaults. Sorry for the inconvenience.<br>"
msgstr ""
"La configuració és més NOVA que l'Enlightenment,Això és <br> molt extrany."
"Això podria haver passat per fer un downgran <br> de l'Enlightenment o bé "
"per copiar fitxer de configuració d'algun lloc <br> on hi ha una versió nova "
"de l'Enlightenment .Això és dolent i<br>per precausió els fitxers de "
"configuració han estat <br> restaurats per defecte. Perdona els "
#: src/bin/e_config.c:608
#, c-format
msgid "Desktop %i, %i"
msgstr "Escriptori %i, %i"
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2199
msgid "Configuration Upgraded"
msgstr "Configuració Updatejada"
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2213
#, c-format
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
msgid ""
"An error occured while saving Enlightenment's<br>configuration to disk. The "
"error could not be<br>deterimined.<br><br>The file where the error occured "
"was:<br>%s<br><br>This file has been deleted to avoid corrupt data.<br>"
msgstr ""
"Ha succeït un error mentre Enlightenment<br> intentava guardar la "
"configuració a disc <br> que no potser determinat.<br><br> El fitxer en el "
"qual ha succeït l'error és <br>%s<br><br> Aquest fitxer serà borrat"
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2224
#, c-format
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
msgid ""
"Enlightenment's configuration files are too big<br>for the file system they "
"are being saved to.<br>This error is very strange as the files should<br>be "
"extremely small. Please check the settings<br>for your home directory."
"<br><br>The file where the error occured was:<br>%s<br><br>This file has "
"been deleted to avoid corrupt data.<br>"
msgstr ""
"Les configuracions de l'Enlightenment són massa grans<br> pel sistema de "
"fitxers on han de ser guardats.<br>Aquest error és molt extrany com els "
"fitxers<br> que puguin ser massa petits. Si us plau, xequeja la "
"configuració<br> pel teu directori arrel(home).<br><br>El fitxer en el que "
"ha succeït l'error és :<br>%s<br><br>Aquest fitxer serà borrat <br>"
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2237
#, c-format
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
msgid ""
"An output error occured when writing the configuration<br>files for "
"Enlightenment. Your disk is having troubles<br>and possibly needs "
"replacement.<br><br>The file where the error occured was:<br>%s<br><br>This "
"file has been deleted to avoid corrupt data.<br>"
msgstr ""
"Ha succeït un error quan s'intentava guardar la configuració <br> de "
"l'Enlightenment, El disc té problemes.<br> i provablament necessita ser re-"
"emplaçat.<br><br> El fitxer on ha succeït l'error és :<br>%s<br><br> Aquest "
"fitxer ha estat borrat."
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2248
#, c-format
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot write its configuration file<br>because it ran out of "
"space to write the file.<br>You have either run out of disk space or "
"have<br>gone over your quota limit.<br><br>The file where the error occured "
"was:<br>%s<br><br>This file has been deleted to avoid corrupt data.<br>"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment no pots escriure aquesta configuració<br> per què no resta "
"espai en el disc.<br> Hauries d'ampliar la quota de disc o comprobar que "
"tinguis espai.<br> El fitxer on hi ha l'error era:<br>%s<br><br>Aquest "
"fitxer ha estat borrat.<br>"
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2260
#, c-format
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
msgid ""
"Enlightenment unexpectedly had the configuration file<br>it was writing "
"closed on it. This is very unusual.<br><br>The file where the error occured "
"was:<br>%s<br><br>This file has been deleted to avoid corrupt data.<br>"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment tenia una fitxer de configuració<br>Enlightenment l'estava "
"escrivint abans de tancar. Això és força inusual.<br><br> El fitxer on ha "
"succeït l'error és :<br> %s <br><br> Aquest fitxer ha estat borrat per dades "
"incorrectes ."
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2276
msgid "Enlightenment Configration Write Problems"
msgstr "Problemes al Escriure la Configuració de l'Enlightenment"
#: src/bin/e_config_dialog.c:189 src/modules/conf_dialogs/e_mod_main.c:34
#: src/modules/conf_exebuf/e_mod_main.c:34
#: src/modules/conf_mime/e_mod_main.c:34
#: src/modules/conf_paths/e_mod_main.c:34
#: src/modules/conf_performance/e_mod_main.c:34
#: src/modules/conf_profiles/e_mod_main.c:34
#: src/modules/conf_winlist/e_mod_main.c:34
msgid "Advanced"
msgstr "Avançat"
#: src/bin/e_config_dialog.c:204
msgid "Basic"
msgstr "Bàsic"
#: src/bin/e_config_dialog.c:218 src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:611
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:667 src/bin/e_entry_dialog.c:56 src/bin/e_exec.c:319
#: src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:513 src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:250
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:325 src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:367
#: src/bin/e_module.c:409 src/bin/e_sys.c:392 src/bin/e_sys.c:437
#: src/bin/e_utils.c:567 src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:304
#: src/modules/conf_dpms/e_int_config_dpms.c:60
#: src/modules/conf_dpms/e_int_config_dpms.c:81
#: src/modules/conf_imc/e_int_config_imc_import.c:112
#: src/modules/conf_mime/e_int_config_mime_edit.c:282
#: src/modules/conf_profiles/e_int_config_profiles.c:272
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_theme_import.c:112
#: src/modules/conf_wallpaper/e_int_config_wallpaper_gradient.c:198
#: src/modules/conf_wallpaper/e_int_config_wallpaper_import.c:189
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:332 src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:359
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:378
msgid "OK"
msgstr "D'acord"
#: src/bin/e_config_dialog.c:219
msgid "Apply"
msgstr "Aplica"
#: src/bin/e_configure.c:354
msgid "Enlightenment Configuration"
msgstr "Configuració de l'Enlightenment "
#: src/bin/e_configure.c:380 src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:529
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:540
#: src/modules/conf_applications/e_int_config_apps.c:287
#: src/modules/conf_mime/e_int_config_mime.c:188
msgid "Categories"
msgstr "Categories"
#: src/bin/e_configure.c:388
msgid "Items"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/e_configure.c:474 src/modules/conf_shelves/e_mod_main.c:34
msgid "Extensions"
msgstr "Extensions"
#: src/bin/e_configure.c:475 src/bin/e_int_menus.c:799
#: src/modules/conf_colors/e_int_config_color_classes.c:83
#: src/modules/conf_fonts/e_int_config_fonts.c:96
#: src/modules/conf_paths/e_int_config_paths.c:88
msgid "Modules"
msgstr "Mòduls"
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
#: src/bin/e_container.c:119
#, c-format
msgid "Container %d"
msgstr "Contanidor %d"
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
#: src/bin/e_desklock.c:143
msgid "Error - no PAM support"
msgstr "Error- no hi ha suport per PAM"
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
#: src/bin/e_desklock.c:144
msgid ""
"No PAM support was built into Enlightenment, so<br>desk locking is disabled."
msgstr ""
"No hi ha suport per PAM en l'Enlightenment, <br> per tant el bloqueig de "
"pantalla està deshabilitat."
#: src/bin/e_desklock.c:210
msgid "Lock Failed"
msgstr "Errada en el Bloqueig"
#: src/bin/e_desklock.c:211
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
msgid ""
"Locking the desktop failed because some application<br>has grabbed either "
"the keyboard or the mouse or both<br>and their grab is unable to be broken."
msgstr ""
"El bloqueig de pantalla ha fallat degut a què alguna aplicació <br> ha "
"agafat el teclat o el mouse o ambdos i no es pot fer el bloqueig"
#: src/bin/e_desklock.c:297
msgid "Please enter your unlock password"
msgstr "Si us plau, introduiu el vostre password de desbloqueig"
#: src/bin/e_desklock.c:639
msgid "Authentication System Error"
msgstr "Error del Sistema d'Autentificació"
#: src/bin/e_desklock.c:640
#, c-format
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
msgid ""
"Authentication via PAM had errors setting up the<br>authentication session. "
"The error code was <hilight>%i</hilight>.<br>This is bad and should not be "
"happening. Please report this bug."
msgstr ""
"L'autentificació via PAM té errors per autentificar la sessió.<br> L'error "
"que ha ocurregut és <hilight>%i</hilight>.<br> Això és dolent i no hauria "
"d'estar passant.Si us plau, reporta aquest bug."
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:157
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
msgid "Incomplete Window Properties"
msgstr "Propietats de Finestra Incompletes"
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:158
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
msgid ""
"The window you are creating an icon for<br>does not contain window name and "
"class<br>properties, so the needed properties for<br>the icon so that it "
"will be used for this<br>window cannot be guessed. You will need to<br>use "
"the window title instead. This will only<br>work if the window title is the "
"same at<br>the time the window starts up, and does not<br>change."
msgstr ""
"La finestra que s'està creant no conté <br> les propietats del nom de la "
"finestra ni la classe,<br>aquestes són unes propietats necessàries per usar "
"la finestra. Seria necessaria <br> que es poses un Títol a la finestra. Això "
"és només <br> per treballar si el títol de la finestra és el mateix que <br> "
"quan la finestra es carregui, i no es canvia."
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:213
msgid "Desktop Entry Editor"
msgstr "Editor de l'Entrada de Finestra"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:448 src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:400
#: src/modules/conf_fonts/e_int_config_fonts.c:94
#: src/modules/conf_mime/e_int_config_mime_edit.c:144
msgid "Icon"
msgstr "Icona"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:461
#: src/modules/conf_mime/e_int_config_mime_edit.c:135
msgid "Basic Info"
msgstr "Informació Bàsica"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:462 src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:422
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:469 src/modules/conf_imc/e_int_config_imc.c:907
msgid "Name"
msgstr "Nom"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:471
msgid "Executable"
msgstr "Executable"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:482
msgid "Comment"
msgstr "Comentari"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:510
msgid "General"
msgstr "General"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:513
msgid "Generic Name"
msgstr "Nom Generic"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:522
#: src/modules/conf_clientlist/e_int_config_clientlist.c:105
msgid "Window Class"
msgstr "Classe de Finestra"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:541
msgid "Startup Notify"
msgstr "Notificació d'Inici"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:544
msgid "Run in Terminal"
msgstr "Executa en una Terminal"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:547
msgid "Show in Menus"
msgstr "Mostra en els Menus"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:552
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
#, fuzzy
msgid "Desktop file"
msgstr "Nom de l'Escriptori "
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:553
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
#, fuzzy
msgid "Filename"
msgstr "Canvia el Nom"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:582
msgid "Select an Icon"
msgstr "Seleccioneu una Icona"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:613 src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:668
#: src/bin/e_entry_dialog.c:57 src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:514
#: src/modules/conf_imc/e_int_config_imc_import.c:116
#: src/modules/conf_mime/e_int_config_mime_edit.c:283
#: src/modules/conf_profiles/e_int_config_profiles.c:273
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_theme_import.c:116
#: src/modules/conf_wallpaper/e_int_config_wallpaper_gradient.c:199
#: src/modules/conf_wallpaper/e_int_config_wallpaper_import.c:192
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Anul·la"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:640
#, fuzzy
msgid "Select an Executable"
msgstr "Seleccioneu una Imatge"
#: src/bin/e_entry.c:386 src/bin/e_fm.c:6402
#: src/modules/conf_applications/e_int_config_apps.c:305
#: src/modules/conf_profiles/e_int_config_profiles.c:92
#: src/modules/conf_shelves/e_int_config_shelf.c:83
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_config.c:111
msgid "Delete"
msgstr "Elimina"
#: src/bin/e_entry.c:399
msgid "Cut"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/e_entry.c:410
msgid "Copy"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/e_entry.c:421
#, fuzzy
msgid "Paste"
msgstr "Vidre"
#: src/bin/e_entry.c:433
#, fuzzy
msgid "Select All"
msgstr "Elimina-ho Tot"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:225 src/bin/e_utils.c:227
#: src/modules/conf_imc/e_int_config_imc.c:278
#: src/modules/conf_imc/e_int_config_imc.c:516
msgid "Run Error"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:226 src/bin/e_utils.c:228
#: src/modules/conf_imc/e_int_config_imc.c:279
#: src/modules/conf_imc/e_int_config_imc.c:517
#, c-format
msgid "Enlightenment was unable to fork a child process:<br><br>%s<br>"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:310
msgid "Application run error"
msgstr "Error al fer Córrer l'Aplicació"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:312
#, c-format
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
msgid ""
"Enlightenment was unable to run the application:<br><br>%s<br><br>The "
"application failed to start."
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment no està autoritxat a fer córrer l'aplicació.<br><br>%s<br><br> "
"L'aplicació ha fallat en arrencar"
2007-06-17 08:25:52 -07:00
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:402
msgid "Application Execution Error"
msgstr "Error en l'Execució de l'Aplicació"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:414
#, c-format
msgid "%s stopped running unexpectedly."
msgstr "%s ha parat d'executar-se inesperadament."
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:420
#, c-format
msgid "An exit code of %i was returned from %s."
msgstr "El codi de sortida %i ha estat retornat per %s."
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:427
#, c-format
msgid "%s was interrupted by an Interrupt Signal."
msgstr "%s ha estat interromput per una Senyal d'Interrupció."
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:429
#, c-format
msgid "%s was interrupted by a Quit Signal."
msgstr "%s ha estat Interromput per una Senyal de Sortida"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:433
#, c-format
msgid "%s was interrupted by an Abort Signal."
msgstr "%s ha estat Interromput per una Senyal d'Abortament"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:436
#, c-format
msgid "%s was interrupted by a Floating Point Error."
msgstr "%s ha estat Interromput per un Error Flotant"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:439
#, c-format
msgid "%s was interrupted by an Uninterruptable Kill Signal."
msgstr "%s ha estat Interromput per una Senyal de FI DE PROCÉS"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:442
#, c-format
msgid "%s was interrupted by a Segmentation Fault."
msgstr "%s ha estat Interromput per un Error de Segment"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:445
#, c-format
msgid "%s was interrupted by a Broken Pipe."
msgstr "%s ha estat Interromput per un Trancament de Tuberia."