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Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 155495866f add e_fm2_view_flags_{get,set}
with these you can opt to ignore things like custom directory options,
very useful for widgets to choose files (e_widget_fsel) since you
don't want them to show your items as 128x128 :-)

SVN revision: 39322
2009-03-02 03:12:43 +00:00
Miculcy Brian 9cee5ead3c Changed about dialog size and AUTHORS cleanup.
SVN revision: 39321
2009-03-02 02:41:53 +00:00
Viktor Kojouharov 2a1c4aaa9c reduce the count on del
SVN revision: 39317
2009-03-01 21:32:09 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri e88de35176 efm: use freedesktop icons from icon theme.
This almost remove need of e_fm_mime.c since it will use efreet, but
may bring some slowdowns due efreet. In this case let's try to
optimize efreet and improve everything.

SVN revision: 39315
2009-03-01 21:06:51 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri efc8391314 fix segv if missing icon_theme.
SVN revision: 39314
2009-03-01 19:48:30 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 82a8ab89df Major refactor of e_fm2_icon_get() and minor optimizations.
* split e_fm2_icon_get() to make it reuse more code paths.

 * lots of new internal functions with _e_fm2_icon_ prefix are born,
   try to reuse them as much as possible so we have less places to
   change if we move to something else (hint: using FreeDesktop.Org

 * optimize e_fm2_icons_update() and few others to do not copy
   sd->realpath all the time, it is loop invariant there.

 * comparison of mime icon "DESKTOP" and "THUMB" are now fast pointer
   comparison since they're all eina_stringshare'd.

 * themes can now differentiate between file types, like 'fifo',
   'socket' or even 'executable'.

 * common extension comparisons are bit faster, not using glob pattern
   matching but rather reusing code to find out last '.' and then
   comparing them in optimal way. I added E_FM2_SIMPLE_STRCASE_FILES
   to make it even faster if one wants, left disabled by now.

SVN revision: 39313
2009-03-01 18:15:44 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana 311291d19c updating french and italian translations
SVN revision: 39305
2009-03-01 11:36:50 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana 47a580c5d3 new file to translate
SVN revision: 39304
2009-03-01 11:35:54 +00:00
Eric Schuele fcc03a2173 Action to center the focused border.
SVN revision: 39301
2009-03-01 05:15:54 +00:00
Viktor Kojouharov 82404b049e option to restrict mouse desktop flipping if there are fullscreen windows
SVN revision: 39271
2009-02-27 18:36:08 +00:00
Cedric BAIL 6053a421dc * e_fwin.c: Fix wrong list walk.
SVN revision: 39264
2009-02-27 11:10:28 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri b0c84e2215 Fix problems reported by clang.
By: Luis Felipe Strano Moraes

SVN revision: 39263
2009-02-26 22:47:20 +00:00
Cedric BAIL 549f978ed7 * e_fwin.c: Fix mistake.
SVN revision: 39248
2009-02-26 17:50:43 +00:00
Cedric BAIL ccc884e6a8 * e_fwin: Automatically add %U for an easier to guess command line if needed.
SVN revision: 39247
2009-02-26 16:26:51 +00:00
toma 71c8bbb7bb A couple of new EFM icons. More to follow. Would like some feedback on the size. They have a 2px pad so they really standout on the menu at the moment. Took away the shadow too as they tend to look bad at 16px.
SVN revision: 39244
2009-02-26 14:07:33 +00:00
Viktor Kojouharov 3fb10f843f match the config version to the source
SVN revision: 39243
2009-02-26 14:03:24 +00:00
slackd00d d831fc1c18 Added an author
SVN revision: 39232
2009-02-26 05:44:02 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 19de236fd0 cleanup list usage and move to eina macros.
SVN revision: 39229
2009-02-26 03:57:10 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 089917d8c1 use new efreet api fo extra icon dirs.
SVN revision: 39227
2009-02-26 03:46:59 +00:00
Viktor Kojouharov 9bbc8158bd edge and corner binding infrastructure. If you have an old config, enable the conf_edgebindings module and hit 'Reset to defaults' to get edge desktop switching.
The edge/corner picker needs some love from someone who is not artistically challenged.  And a proper module icon as well.

SVN revision: 39220
2009-02-25 22:21:46 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 5b0166b41e Enable per-dir theme of rubberband as well.
SVN revision: 39219
2009-02-25 21:06:21 +00:00
Cedric BAIL 9316d6af91 * e: Remove some more evas data type user.
SVN revision: 39212
2009-02-25 17:05:46 +00:00
Cedric BAIL db419867dd * estickies,
* etk,
	* PROTO/exalt,
	* E-MODULES-EXTRA/diskio,
	* E-MODULES-EXTRA/drawer,
	* E-MODULES-EXTRA/penguins,
	* E-MODULES-EXTRA/slideshow,
	* E-MODULES-EXTRA/forecasts,
	* E-MODULES-EXTRA/places,
	* e,
	* ewl,
	* ecore,
	* elitaire,
	* entrance,
	* e_dbus,
	* efreet: Here we go, move from Ecore_List to Eina_List.

	NOTE: This patch is huge, I did test it a lot, and I hope nothing is
	broken. But if you think something change after this commit, please
	contact me ASAP.

SVN revision: 39200
2009-02-25 11:03:47 +00:00
toma e0cfef818f Dummy icons for now.
SVN revision: 39187
2009-02-25 02:26:29 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana 70759a0793 updating french and italian translations
SVN revision: 39176
2009-02-24 12:43:32 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 59cde6a762 fm: handle symbolic links.
Symbolic links are handled similar to "paste". If you "Copy" you'll
get the "Link" menu item that will create a symbolic link instead of
real copying the file.

Drag and Drop works similarly, use "Alt" in order to get a popup and
select "Link" there.

Toma: we do miss icons for it!

Mekius & Ptomaine: please review as I'm not that familiar with e_fm_op.c

SVN revision: 39170
2009-02-24 05:22:14 +00:00
Daniel Kolesa 2ad48586df Updated Czech Enlightenment translation.
SVN revision: 39160
2009-02-23 11:05:37 +00:00
Aron Xu caa1f1a1fb Merged new pot files.
SVN revision: 39159
2009-02-23 10:39:26 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 51c9730c91 mixer: better button label, use "Controls" instead of "Mixer"
SVN revision: 39112
2009-02-20 17:33:36 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana a1f3959324 updating french and italian translations
SVN revision: 39111
2009-02-20 17:06:57 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 46c12b6d22 and revert original utf8 fixes - just too slow.
SVN revision: 39096
2009-02-19 13:53:42 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler f9ad3fdb34 quickly fix some ilist sizes.
SVN revision: 39095
2009-02-19 13:44:17 +00:00
Jonathan Atton 2ce3410d57 Fixed a bug, the callback was add 2 times in the list -> segfault when the list was destroy
SVN revision: 39061
2009-02-17 17:40:24 +00:00
Jonathan Atton 06e0157912 revert relative and use_relative
SVN revision: 39050
2009-02-16 22:32:34 +00:00
toma ecf3ae828b Remove unused icon.
SVN revision: 39037
2009-02-16 12:33:37 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri ca8587a631 Oops, fix some bugs introduced with past commits.
SVN revision: 39032
2009-02-16 00:28:51 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 815441ef2e e_fm: remember directory settings.
e_fm2_custom_file now remembers directory settings, it will save 
position on screen (horizontal and vertical pan percentage), view mode, 
icon size, if to remember ordering and if it should show hidden files.

There is a menu option to remove these settings and inherit settings 
from parent.

SVN revision: 39031
2009-02-15 23:09:09 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri b6e158989f Remove some warnings I introduced with past commits.
SVN revision: 39029
2009-02-15 17:06:49 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri df17ed3ca2 Minor refactor of interfaces, split code and menu callbacks.
Let's make real code interfaces to take a single Evas_Object and menu 
items callbacks should call them.

SVN revision: 39028
2009-02-15 15:25:27 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 73ed3f89b3 keyboard shortcuts: ^X, ^C and ^V now works.

SVN revision: 39027
2009-02-15 14:50:30 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 68461812b1 DONE: fm2 "delete" key needs to... delete.

SVN revision: 39026
2009-02-15 14:31:09 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 03d457c65f Restore "view mode" menu in fileman.
This was added in a commit by cedric (r38185) saying it was doing efreet 
and eina_hash changes, so I expect it to be erroneous change.

If view mode has any problems, let me know.

SVN revision: 39025
2009-02-15 14:02:28 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 116d7f7a4f look in PREFIX/etc for menu files too
SVN revision: 38991
2009-02-10 11:56:56 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana f0ddca76a8 updating french and italian translations
SVN revision: 38971
2009-02-08 10:21:52 +00:00
toma c6224edd2f Fix aspect ratio.
SVN revision: 38969
2009-02-08 03:55:04 +00:00
toma 8df63ada45 Battery module gets a better battery.
SVN revision: 38968
2009-02-08 03:20:20 +00:00
toma 8402adb4b9 New for cursor and its module
SVN revision: 38959
2009-02-06 13:25:44 +00:00
toma b00b69c435 Module icons... most of them. Some still need some love, but Ill get around to that. Shout out to Sachiel!
SVN revision: 38953
2009-02-05 14:34:01 +00:00
Viktor Kojouharov 6866042369 exec priority configuration
SVN revision: 38952
2009-02-05 13:32:24 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana 0b27fdd5eb updating french translations
SVN revision: 38951
2009-02-05 12:59:11 +00:00