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Carsten Haitzler cbe5220805 make ctrl+alt+f a default binding for fullscreen toggle
SVN revision: 67849
2012-02-11 12:13:29 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 1517091652 add wiz page about update checks.
SVN revision: 67848
2012-02-11 10:45:32 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler b164a4c0db fix some battery errant warnings and dump some info about decisions
made for battery warning alert

SVN revision: 67847
2012-02-11 10:44:51 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler b0100ffb75 actually full restart after wizard, not normal restart
SVN revision: 67846
2012-02-11 06:43:58 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 570ac8fa68 and make back-off on update checks limit at about 1 day, not 6 days.
SVN revision: 67831
2012-02-10 17:15:20 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler eff3e8a711 update now delivers uuid.
SVN revision: 67827
2012-02-10 13:32:50 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 8cbc14a2e2 fix stacking netwm prop set! that was bad!
SVN revision: 67824
2012-02-10 13:21:23 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 49e08fe68e ok - until i finihs off syscon config - dont dup entires. havent done
entry editing yet.

SVN revision: 67788
2012-02-09 11:51:10 +00:00
Christopher Michael 3d1e0180a2 Illume: Remove the popup. It's not needed now.
NB: Once again, the Old Man is correct ;)

SVN revision: 67773
2012-02-08 22:57:07 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler b0b7bea223 use http 1.0 for posts!
SVN revision: 67760
2012-02-08 13:26:08 +00:00
Michael BOUCHAUD 5aae4607ea e: add hand pointer
SVN revision: 67756
2012-02-08 11:26:13 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana a8a9fac8e3 updating russian translation
SVN revision: 67741
2012-02-07 19:56:00 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 60fea9433f hey e_randr... lets not segv on setting up screen eh?
SVN revision: 67700
2012-02-04 23:01:36 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 6c3a3258f1 make printfs for backight debug.. have newlines and stuff...
SVN revision: 67699
2012-02-04 23:00:47 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana 5290aa91a3 updating arabic translation
SVN revision: 67689
2012-02-02 23:07:50 +00:00
Christopher Michael 3e337912bd E Comp (wayland): Rename HAVE_WAYLAND to HAVE_WAYLAND_CLIENTS so there
is no confusion wrt the "wayland only" version of e17.

SVN revision: 67636
2012-01-31 16:36:07 +00:00
Christopher Michael 75b6d29ad6 E Comp (wayland): Add a surface repick when old surface gets
destroyed. Add a surface repick call when we raise an existing
surface. Fix redraw for surfaces which use a gl texture.

SVN revision: 67633
2012-01-31 14:16:48 +00:00
Christopher Michael 8e219d3455 E Comp (wayland): Use the wayland method of getting time (appears some
wayland clients have issues with using E's timestamp from events).

SVN revision: 67632
2012-01-31 13:51:52 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 040bc74f20 and by default only suspecnd on lid definitely being closed.
SVN revision: 67603
2012-01-30 12:58:59 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 16022b1d80 properly get lid status! my god this has been broken for a while!
SVN revision: 67602
2012-01-30 12:58:40 +00:00
Christopher Michael 9ba038d504 E Comp (wayland): Get important input from X11 (focus in/out, mouse
in/out, mouse down/up, key down/up, etc, etc) and pass it on to
wayland clients in the form that they expect (wayland events).

SVN revision: 67593
2012-01-29 20:31:46 +00:00
Christopher Michael 2b36a0e7ba E Comp (wayland): Add getting pixmap for egl surfaces.
SVN revision: 67592
2012-01-29 20:30:29 +00:00
Christopher Michael a764120adf E Comp (Wayland): Only fetch pixmap from wayland if we are a 'border'
window and 'borderless' (helps reduce apparent lag people were having).

NB: This is only enabled IF you do it on purpose with
--enable-wayland-clients when building E17. If NOT, then it defaults
to the code path that was there pre-existing.

SVN revision: 67576
2012-01-28 22:52:47 +00:00
Christopher Michael 9619be1673 E Comp (wayland): Add check for empty surface list (and bail out) and
add checks for valid buffer, and valid border.

SVN revision: 67575
2012-01-28 22:51:19 +00:00
Christopher Michael 26f6478d62 E Comp (wayland): Set border to borderless on show, so that we can
reduce pixmap lookups in core comp routines.

SVN revision: 67574
2012-01-28 22:50:24 +00:00
Christopher Michael 7ab3b4cb9e E Comp (wayland): Disable getting pixmap from Wayland (for now) as
this seems to break compositor for normal x11 users.

SVN revision: 67568
2012-01-27 15:07:42 +00:00
Christopher Michael c7e037e842 E Comp (wayland): Fix a few more instances of
ecore_x_composite_name_window_pixmap_get when building w/ wayland
client support.

SVN revision: 67556
2012-01-26 18:28:15 +00:00
Christopher Michael aa1865a0d3 E: Added xcb-image as a dependency for wayland client support in the
comp module.

NB: This may be temporary. If everything works out, I may move the
needed functions for this to ecore_x calls.

SVN revision: 67554
2012-01-26 18:23:01 +00:00
Christopher Michael 98eb4d06ff E Comp (wayland): Commit new code for comp module that renders wayland
clients in e17 (x11).

NB: This is an inital 'working' commit, tho there are still things on
the todo for this, so don't expect it to "fully" work yet.

SVN revision: 67553
2012-01-26 18:21:54 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana 0947490115 updating french and italian translations
SVN revision: 67552
2012-01-26 17:13:58 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler aaf80033e5 add hibernate now action
fix backlight to not reset to default on restarts.

SVN revision: 67544
2012-01-26 06:21:21 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana dd1d3ffda5 updating french and italian translations
SVN revision: 67541
2012-01-25 18:18:19 +00:00
Christopher Michael d818752f81 E Comp (wayland): Add big FIXME note wrt why wayland clients are not

SVN revision: 67531
2012-01-25 11:02:07 +00:00
Christopher Michael b2b3fc51fc E Comp (wayland): Fix some formatting. Set egl config_atribs to be
similar to the ones used in the evas_gl engine.

SVN revision: 67530
2012-01-25 11:01:18 +00:00
Christopher Michael 744b0a6658 E Comp (wayland): Set surface transform to NULL on creation.
SVN revision: 67529
2012-01-25 11:00:29 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana b58cfefd41 updating arabic translation
SVN revision: 67503
2012-01-24 18:29:40 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 0efb4871dd E notification: Fix notification concatenations.
SVN revision: 67502
2012-01-24 17:37:47 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 294a0fbed2 add a slider for backlight dimming on a timer in dpms controls
as I have no devices which contain a controllable backlight, someone else will have to test/fix this

SVN revision: 67487
2012-01-24 10:01:28 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz dada7d44ee warning--
SVN revision: 67486
2012-01-24 09:36:48 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 0cdcee490e add poller for pulseaudio init
SVN revision: 67484
2012-01-24 08:31:23 +00:00
Christopher Michael f636fe3065 E Comp (wayland): Remove unused function.
SVN revision: 67469
2012-01-23 12:35:42 +00:00
Christopher Michael 9309c86d3d E Comp (Wayland): Handle output mode flipped.
SVN revision: 67468
2012-01-23 12:22:16 +00:00
Christopher Michael 03eeeaaf0c E Comp (Wayland): Add functions for create/destroy of EGL images.
Add some notes....cause this STILL is NOT working :(

SVN revision: 67467
2012-01-23 12:21:39 +00:00
Christopher Michael 6d650eb556 E Comp (wayland): Handle destroy & create of egl images for surface.
SVN revision: 67466
2012-01-23 12:20:48 +00:00
Christopher Michael 50dd8bd43f E Comp (wayland): Quiet output. Add EGL image functions to compositor

SVN revision: 67465
2012-01-23 12:20:17 +00:00
Christopher Michael f4c3c4b041 E Comp (wayland): Add some notes. Remove some debug output. Hangle EGL

SVN revision: 67464
2012-01-23 12:19:44 +00:00
Christopher Michael 36b4602804 E Comp Module (wayland client support): Break large file into several
smaller ones (easier to maintain & read). Finish off lots of todos
from original file.

NB: This STILL will not render wayland clients in our compositor.
Anyone with experience wrt this ?? Any help would be appreciated !!

SVN revision: 67451
2012-01-22 16:32:39 +00:00
Christopher Michael ee2b5f156c E: By default, disable wayland client support in comp module.
SVN revision: 67425
2012-01-21 09:22:24 +00:00
Christopher Michael 2cef205925 Comp: Fix building without wayland clients.
SVN revision: 67424
2012-01-21 09:22:01 +00:00
Leif Middelschulte f218a4c893 Typo on function name RandRR 1.1 vs. 1.2
SVN revision: 67400
2012-01-20 18:58:29 +00:00