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Carsten Haitzler 089b0860b4 efm syncing - maybe a bit less agressive at every 0.5 sec or 5mb... 2021-02-14 10:40:06 +00:00
Alastair Poole 47712617fc efm: syncfs is linux-only. 2021-02-10 12:33:03 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 490e46bfa9 systray - fix sizing to use gadget size not shelf/parent for icon
the sizing in systray is a bit... nadff. quick and dirty fix.

2021-02-09 22:06:07 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 15e1519d64 efm - sync much more often to avoid hangs/stalls with lots of data
do big ops like big copies of 3 or 5gb files over to an nfs mount or a
slow thumbdrive... the os can happily store it all in RAM. but then
any stats on that file still being flushed stall - definitely on nfs.
this leads to much badness. so sync ever 0.2 sec OR every 512k worth
of writes to stay interactive. it's a big worse for perf and maybe a
bit worse on wear but it's far more usable.

2021-02-09 13:25:13 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 077f704fd0 pager - allow for a new optional parent edje obj for spacing control
i use this in flat to make items overflow their inset padding in some
cases like .. the pager (tasks, ibar do this too but do it per icon)
2021-02-09 13:24:13 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler c87f2f2ecc resume - in x11 - force screensaver to reset as on some systems it doesnt
2021-02-09 13:23:39 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 721d39c100 win layers - stop allowing top windows to go above popups like winlist
2021-02-09 13:23:10 +00:00
Alastair Poole e47db1df54 tasks: Do not show preview if shelf is animating. 2021-02-06 10:25:31 +00:00
Alastair Poole ac52e6e08a e_system: Add missing FreeBSD version check. 2021-02-04 10:27:01 +00:00
Alastair Poole 8629f7e735 backlight: Add support for FreeBSD 13
Initial backlight support.
2021-02-04 10:12:53 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 140b8af043 e - set vsync frame delay to 0.5 to be offset against other clients 2021-02-01 18:08:06 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler a92840b13f work around clients like firefox with csd and broken iconify logic
so simple version: if firefox does CSD then when u press its minimize
(iconify) button it ASSUMES it will be iconified. it ASSUMES WM_STATE
will transition to iconic annd then back. it will cease rendering lots
of things when it thinks it is iconified when it isn't - e was
refusing because e wants windows tyo stay with live content so in ibar
and winlist and so on they keep showing updates). this assumption that
a wm will always iconify you when asked is wrong. a wm can refuse. so
basically firefox is brokne in its assumptions and logic. so work
around it but this leads to other fun things like clients stopping
rendering when iconified... as they now are told theya have been
2021-02-01 18:08:06 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 7d2be9edcc zone - on free - dont del things we may later access during free
del them after we might access them... :) fix seg.
2021-02-01 18:08:06 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 19f17e4aef music controller - set timer to null to be sure on del 2021-02-01 18:08:06 +00:00
Alastair Poole 2c677a87dd tasks: Do not enable preview during iconifying. 2021-01-29 21:41:56 +00:00
Alastair Poole d2df05b36b tasks: fix "lost" window.
We can hide the e client frame during a uniconify if the user is
trigger happy (like me). It would be better if the effect could
be reversed during the iconify event.
2021-01-29 12:58:16 +00:00
Alastair Poole 02f5a93fee TODO: Remove note. 2021-01-28 08:50:45 +00:00
Alastair Poole 0c78745c6b e_pointer: cursor reset in screensaver cb.
This fixes an outstanding issue with the cursor on resize window
handle when the idle timer is triggered.
2021-01-28 08:46:25 +00:00
Alastair Poole b6b4e1fb00 conf_randr: display settings for current screen.
When opening the screen setup dialogue, show the screen for the
current zone.
2021-01-26 12:19:57 +00:00
Alastair Poole 68d57986aa e_comp_object: Border mirror shading fix.
If the e client is shaded, ensure we send the correct signal to the
frame object used with our bordered preview.
2021-01-25 20:19:43 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler a9d0a74474 efm - fileman - listen to zone geom changes to redo fm view
2021-01-25 14:38:36 +00:00
Alastair Poole c3a2a7f818 ibox: Handle preview when shaded.
The user is minimizing a shaded window. We have the border pixel
data. For now, give the object a "sensible" shaded set of
2021-01-25 08:19:17 +00:00
Alastair Poole a05ac83a31 ibox: Delay ibox population on initial fill.
This fixes the issue with previews when either changing the
container theme, or restarting E.
2021-01-22 09:18:02 +00:00
Christopher Michael 21a7db9dac Revert "TODO--"
Reverting the removal of the pointer bugger from TODO as it still
seems to be occuring....

This reverts commit 6444fa73eb.
2021-01-21 13:26:27 -05:00
Christopher Michael 1eddc93943 e_pointer: Reset mouse pointer when we return from blanking or desklock
This should fix the issue of mouse pointer getting stuck in
move/resize mode if mouse over move/resize area when desklock or
blanking kicks in
2021-01-21 12:07:15 -05:00
Christopher Michael 6444fa73eb TODO-- 2021-01-21 12:07:07 -05:00
Christopher Michael 6f1d88128e e_actions: Minor formatting fix
NB: No functional changes
2021-01-21 10:31:30 -05:00
Christopher Michael b98c69924e TODO--; 2021-01-20 14:49:24 -05:00
Christopher Michael 361dc09285 e_int_config_profiles: When a profile gets deleted, also delete any
existing e_action for that profile.
2021-01-20 14:49:24 -05:00
Christopher Michael 3f2ddb4d1e e_actions: Add ability to switch Config Profiles via keybinding 2021-01-20 14:49:19 -05:00
Carsten Haitzler c0f9749906 todo - update 2021-01-20 19:02:47 +00:00
Christopher Michael 15c61b7ddb quickaccess: Add NULL parent param to call for e_entry_dialog_show 2021-01-20 12:39:17 -05:00
Christopher Michael ce4a7f5d8c ibar: Add NULL parent (for now) to call of e_entry_dialog_show function 2021-01-20 12:38:43 -05:00
Christopher Michael 89db85e4e7 e_int_config_shelf: Add parent param to e_shelf_new_dialog function call
This stops the ability to close the Shelf Settings dialog while the
Add New Shelf dialog is open
2021-01-20 12:37:50 -05:00
Christopher Michael b177afeb43 e_int_config_profiles: Add NULL parent param to e_entry_dialog_show call 2021-01-20 12:37:18 -05:00
Christopher Michael c8c9d0751f e_int_menus: Adjust call to e_shelf_new_dialog to provide NULL parent
(for now)
2021-01-20 12:36:23 -05:00
Christopher Michael 30b17779bd e_fm: Add NULL parent parameter to e_entry_dialog_show call
With the changes to e_entry_dialog now taking a parent param, we need
to adjust function call here
2021-01-20 12:35:20 -05:00
Christopher Michael 945b462135 e_shelf: Add parent parameter to e_shelf_new_dialog
This adds a parent param to e_shelf_new_dialog function so that the
Add Shelf window cannot be closed while Shelf Name dialog is open.
2021-01-20 12:33:56 -05:00
Christopher Michael efb062efe2 e_entry: Rework e_entry dialog to be more sane
This commit fixes an issue where e_entry_dialog would have a giant
entry widget and looked incredibly stupid.

This commit also fixes another issue where it was possible to close the
dialog behind the entry (ie: parent dialog) and the entry dialog would remain
open (eg: Add a shelf, the Shelf Name dialog shows up, and it was possible to
close the Shelf Settings dialog behind it)
2021-01-20 12:27:21 -05:00
Christopher Michael f4e0d7612e desks: Assign some default desktop names
By default, desktops should (realistically) be assigned some form of
name so that they are not blank. This Fixes the issue of no Desktop
labels in the Virtual Desktop menu, and also fixes the issue mentioned
in the below ticket where "Show on Specific Desktop" dialog would not
show any type of description for the desktops when trying to place a

NB: Uses the format of Desktop X,Y (ie: Desktop 0,1)

Fixes T8838

2021-01-19 15:51:12 -05:00
Christopher Michael e45170f27f e_about: Update copyright year
A new year, a new copyright update
2021-01-19 14:57:23 -05:00
Carsten Haitzler d11329c546 bz6 - ask for new flat icons to look decent 2021-01-18 21:06:49 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 050adfba71 TODO++ - add new weather gadget/module as forecasts will die next month
yahoo is shutting down its free weather http api in feb 2021. the
existing forecasts needed:

1. move to ecore_con_url to remove al the manual http and http proxy
handling to simplify code and make it more robust
2. needed to fix the location configuration to selecyt from a list of
places or on a map
3. needed fixes to popup handling so it worked likc clock and didnt
pop-down on mouse out of gadget

add to that now a rewriter of the whole http api to be different ...
may as well add a whole new module/gadget as thats actually less work
to start again.
2021-01-18 18:57:57 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 45efe06cda e - force fonts to render clearly with FREETYPE_PROPERTIES set by e
as per comments in commit. force this if you have set_xapp_dpi onwhich
is a sign u want everyone to agree on rendering fonts.
2021-01-18 12:56:24 +00:00
maxerba a933a7a28b Updating french translation 2021-01-17 08:22:14 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 2560bdfff2 scale - advance - conf - allow 0.01 increments for scale 2021-01-15 21:29:55 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 04a6194e48 watchdog - disable right now as something odd is happening 2021-01-15 12:58:41 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler e2577bffb9 todo++ 2021-01-15 12:58:35 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler e6861cae44 shot - make toolset scrollable to allow smaller window 2021-01-10 16:50:03 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler d150b7998d music control - enable preload on art 2021-01-09 12:32:45 +00:00