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Christopher Michael 6b520fb445 Fix gc_id_new to return a unique id (based on instance count), so that more
than one cpufreq gadget can be added safely onto a shelf.

Fix formatting.

NB: This module could use more love...use EINA_LIST_FOREACH, remove
duplicated code, etc, etc...

SVN revision: 47894
2010-04-10 18:26:29 +00:00
toma 01de3b1ef3 Embryo formatting.
SVN revision: 47888
2010-04-10 01:17:18 +00:00
Christopher Michael ab0ca94a4e Revert new gadget config dialog due to issues with adding a gadget twice to a shelf.
SVN revision: 47886
2010-04-09 19:38:28 +00:00
Christopher Michael 536b1c6575 Center shelf config dialog.
SVN revision: 47884
2010-04-09 19:09:42 +00:00
Christopher Michael 8c7e0d1631 Better Shelf Config dialog. Works in smaller resolutions now :)
SVN revision: 47882
2010-04-09 17:58:23 +00:00
Christopher Michael 058ecbf486 Remove wasted whitespace.
SVN revision: 47879
2010-04-09 16:19:46 +00:00
Hannes Janetzek 1c91e02601 'everything' install plugins into ...modules/everything/plugins subdir now
SVN revision: 47876
2010-04-09 15:53:07 +00:00
Hannes Janetzek 83c17e9f4c 'everything' apps: use own history for sorting apps
SVN revision: 47873
2010-04-09 14:41:37 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana 68dbfe61e6 updating french and italian translations
SVN revision: 47870
2010-04-09 11:06:19 +00:00
Hannes Janetzek 5fc72aa5d8 'everything' update selector on show. fixes a problem with no selected item at start
SVN revision: 47867
2010-04-09 05:35:07 +00:00
Hannes Janetzek 04ded7c5db 'everything'
- open with..: find also text/plain apps for text/* files
- stricter matching of history items. no more 'Open Terminal' everywhere
- defer popup creation

SVN revision: 47865
2010-04-09 04:14:09 +00:00
Christopher Michael 358dbeb100 Add a slight timer delay for filling the ilist. This allows the window to
appear first before list gets filled and gives the "appearance" of a faster

SVN revision: 47862
2010-04-09 02:25:21 +00:00
Hannes Janetzek 5b59eebdbf 'everything' fix segv in border plugin after closing windows with ctrl+enter
SVN revision: 47861
2010-04-09 02:15:37 +00:00
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri d06c310be4 EAPI, as the dynamically loaded modules will use that symbol due DBG()
and friends.

SVN revision: 47860
2010-04-09 02:03:49 +00:00
Christopher Michael e79308394a New Shelf Contents dialog to work with small resolutions.
SVN revision: 47859
2010-04-09 01:07:40 +00:00
Christopher Michael b69c08a3ae Fix module description typo.
SVN revision: 47858
2010-04-09 01:06:51 +00:00
Christopher Michael 125ffd9112 Function to return the 'selected' items value.
SVN revision: 47857
2010-04-09 00:24:33 +00:00
Christopher Michael 6c858bb3b0 Another wrapper function to return an ilist items value using only the index
of selected item.

SVN revision: 47856
2010-04-09 00:08:38 +00:00
Hannes Janetzek 15dcb3c74e 'everything' fix reloading after unloading :p
SVN revision: 47855
2010-04-08 23:51:02 +00:00
Hannes Janetzek 8ef04a8744 'everything'
- trigger show_timer_cb on tab, when the list is not already shown
- whitespaces--

SVN revision: 47853
2010-04-08 23:41:53 +00:00
Hannes Janetzek fdcba0eec1 'everything' dont create view twice..
SVN revision: 47852
2010-04-08 23:36:15 +00:00
Hannes Janetzek 261903c589 'everything'
- slight delay for rolling out the list.
- no delay for actions - on enter actions are directly updated and executed

SVN revision: 47851
2010-04-08 23:29:35 +00:00
Hannes Janetzek 0ef941962b 'everything' fix unloading of module part 1.
SVN revision: 47849
2010-04-08 22:50:53 +00:00
Hannes Janetzek 1713dfa83c 'everything'
- fixed serious leak in thumb_view. 
 - cleanups

SVN revision: 47848
2010-04-08 22:37:50 +00:00
Christopher Michael c0bb6d2148 Wrapper functions for getting an items 'value'. To be used in new Shelf
Contents dialog.

SVN revision: 47844
2010-04-08 20:07:11 +00:00
Christopher Michael f08bdd1c4c Patch from Tom Hacohen to remove freeing of dbus message arguments...thanks :)
SVN revision: 47835
2010-04-08 15:09:25 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 83f8580fe1 fixx shadow - more correct. no overlap for argb bordered windows.
SVN revision: 47831
2010-04-08 13:02:55 +00:00
Hannes Janetzek b7d24f25cc check evry module api version
SVN revision: 47829
2010-04-08 11:55:15 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 0c3b9e3100 oops segv
SVN revision: 47827
2010-04-08 06:23:23 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 362b87516e comp -> EFFECTS! (yes.. using edje!)
SVN revision: 47826
2010-04-08 06:01:40 +00:00
Hannes Janetzek 90f261fc04 'everything'
- use item_changed event to update views and actions
- Evry_File: rename uri to path

SVN revision: 47807
2010-04-07 15:03:27 +00:00
Cedric BAIL f6820d53a6 * e: Config in E17 could take avantage off Eet mapped string, but right
now the API doesn't provide a way to let the Eet_File open. So don't
	hack around Eet API and use the proper API.

	TODO: Break E_Config API to hold a reference to the Eet_File as long as

SVN revision: 47805
2010-04-07 13:54:33 +00:00
Hannes Janetzek 91477b60c2 'everything' removed tracker plugin from core
SVN revision: 47803
2010-04-07 11:21:11 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana 21b0e27b24 updating french and italian translations
SVN revision: 47802
2010-04-07 10:38:30 +00:00
Christopher Michael 98dbcf9403 New Temperature config dialog.
- Works on small resolutions.
 - Fixes issues wrt radio widgets (in old dialog they would not always work

SVN revision: 47798
2010-04-07 01:31:09 +00:00
Christopher Michael 72a851477e Fix modules dialog to work w/ smaller resolutions (ilist was too tall).
Add some missing wrapper functions for slider widget (used in new temp
config dialog).

SVN revision: 47797
2010-04-07 01:30:03 +00:00
toma 9c377c1e93 More formatting of comments. Looking pretty damn nice now.
SVN revision: 47761
2010-04-05 09:11:59 +00:00
Christopher Michael 514791b05a Set resizable and centered for Apps dialog.
SVN revision: 47756
2010-04-05 00:43:12 +00:00
Christopher Michael b3b53cab19 Set min width/height for list widget.
SVN revision: 47755
2010-04-05 00:40:30 +00:00
Christopher Michael fbb94106c8 Set Apps dialog to be resizable.
SVN revision: 47754
2010-04-04 23:34:36 +00:00
Hannes Janetzek e67b77ac46 'everything'
- make upadte of action selector async
- added action selector as subjects plugin for actions without object like restart, shutdown, etc

SVN revision: 47748
2010-04-04 14:11:35 +00:00
Hannes Janetzek 66c8385ac1 'everything' fix segv in border plugin
SVN revision: 47747
2010-04-04 14:04:30 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana 819fb1b81d updating french and italian translations
SVN revision: 47746
2010-04-04 10:23:42 +00:00
toma 73e0916f8d MASSIVE code clean up. Process is listed at the top of the file for those wanting to see my workings. This was a major pain in the ass to do, and please please PLEASE if you add anything, make sure it follows the correct formatting. I have built and tested it and it works, but please test everything you possibly can. If you have formatting changes for scripts, go ahead and drop that in because Im not too sure about that. The file size has gone up by 100kb I think so it might be an idea to strip all spaces and new lines if youre worried about size. But as they say, its not the size that matters. It is now perfectly legible. Woohoo
SVN revision: 47745
2010-04-04 03:55:47 +00:00
Christopher Michael fc5ce5b535 Rework Apps dialog to work nicer on smaller screens. Uses the ilist
end toggles too :)
Rename Favorites Menu to Favorite Applications.
Move Favorites to be in the Apps category.

NB: Dialog works good, but efeet_util_path_to_file_id is returning
garbage so any saves wrt order files (ibar, startup, restart apps)
will produce garbage in the .order file hence peoples problems w/
missing IBar apps, etc, etc.

SVN revision: 47723
2010-04-03 15:37:24 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana e0d9afa23a updating french and italian translations
SVN revision: 47722
2010-04-03 08:32:36 +00:00
Christopher Michael 1436728f88 Formatting & Whitespace removal.
SVN revision: 47718
2010-04-03 01:03:40 +00:00
Christopher Michael f4be8d98e9 Some desktop cleanup.
SVN revision: 47717
2010-04-02 23:58:49 +00:00
Christopher Michael 7ac8ff9ec8 Fix copy/paste comment...doh :(
SVN revision: 47715
2010-04-02 17:27:42 +00:00
Christopher Michael 27d7880edc Reset indicator geometry for Conformant apps when we close indicator.
SVN revision: 47714
2010-04-02 17:25:20 +00:00